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    Lemon Gorilla Og, DP, Mexican Airlines, Crystal Meth and Plain Skunk. Companion Plants
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    Soil - Freedom Farms
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    Pot of Gold - Bubblicious - Jamaican Pearl - Swazi
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    Indoor Mammoth 100, Net house. Greenhouse and Open Air..
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    Microbes, Seagro, Worm Castings, Kelp, MicroLife and Fire Juice
  • Indoor or Outdoor
    Indoors and Outdoors
  • Preferred Medicating Methods
    Joint, Dab, Edibles.

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  1. Nice.. Good Luck..👍🌱
  2. Evening Growmies.. Covid forced me to move to CPT but I still service customers in the Garden Route area. Plet to Bot River.. If any of you guys or girls are in need of anny FF Products, Jiffies or some selected beans, give me a shout.. My next trip will be end of May.. All FF products are sold delivered, at the price they have it on their Website.. I believe in providing a quality product at the correct price and is not in the busines for the money.. Its a passion with appreciation for home growers with the same passion for their hobby.. Good luck to all for the Indoor Grow Off
  3. Congrats..👌 What medium you using?🌱
  4. Well spotted for a stoner..😁👍 I missed it completely..
  5. O ja.. welcome.. Do you.grow at all..?👌👍🌱
  6. Trading goods for goods... Money in a sense, is a scarse commodity in the Times we are living in.. I would like to see an open Trade Market.. You have what I need and I have what you need.. Let's trade..?
  7. Found this little one today while watering the plants.. And this one on the Mustard yesterday.. Glad they back..
  8. https://instagram.com/420atinterlude?igshid=ndkq6lpiw1d4 I know there is several 420 stuff going on, but for the guys close to Interlude Hydro tomorrow, maybe pop in there for some coffee..👌👍🌱
  9. Contact me for Freedom Farm product specials for the Garden Route Area..👌🌱
  10. Try Tent Buddy.. Gives me a close enough guideline.. Plants below the optimal or avized height does well too so I'm happy.. But I agree with the guys that if you want the correct guide, "pay da money.."🤣👌👍🌱
  11. Welcome and enjoy..👌🌱 If I may I would like to add my 2c on soil choice.. I would go with a good craft soil like Freedom Farms or one of the other craft soils available.. Strugling with soil during a grow really sucks..👍
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