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    Lemon Gorilla Og, DP, Mexican Airlines, Crystal Meth and Plain Skunk. Companion Plants
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    Soil - Freedom Farms
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    Pot of Gold - Bubblicious - Jamaican Pearl - Swazi
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    Indoor Mammoth 100, Net house. Greenhouse and Open Air..
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    Microbes, Seagro, Worm Castings, Kelp, MicroLife and Fire Juice
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joint, Dab, Edibles.

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  1. So the bitch hermied.. It's a bit disappointing but relieved it happened now and not later in flower..
  2. Welcome.. Enjoy bud. You wil be a master grower in no time..😁👌👍🌱
  3. Welcome.. Don't do rabbit.. But enjoy and all the success to you in your venture..👌👍🌱
  4. The plants love it.. i can not agree more..👌👍🌱
  5. Mornings out of a wet Cape Town.. The girl is doing well. She's not yet stinking up the place but is well into flower..👌👍🌱
  6. Good Sunday to all. Nice weather we been having the cuts are now a week old and been outside from the start. The girl is now in pre flower and I should know soon how legit this baby is..👌👍🌱
  7. The girl is getting back her colour and doing well. Took two cuttings of her that will be moved outside once this cold spell were having is over..👌👍🌱
  8. So I just could not leave this girl outside.. Put her indoors and will flower her. If I am happy she will be polinated with some Dream Queen Slurry pollin. A buddy of mine still have three girls and we made a few cuts. Hopefully she's the real deal. I got the beans from a trusted sourse so I am possitive..
  9. So I got my hands on some Cat Piss seeds from Lollipop Seeds in Finland if I'm correct. Well reading up on this strain, is major confusing as one review make it a sativa strong hybrid and some indica strong.. Highly popular in the early 90s with 3 types or phenos talked about.. Great uplifting long lasting vibe once you endured the apparent foul odour and some say taste, where others say nice tasting puff.. With so manny chancers out there one would only know when sampling for yourself and that is what I am planning to do. I handed the beans to a friend of mine and he managed to get 3 going and all three were female. Cuts are currently being made and I took one of the girls back and will now put her outside. She'll start to flower and I should be able to guage her authenticity before she reveges and I take clones or throw her in the compost heap.. She's a early July baby and had to endure harsh cold and inadequate light. According to some reviews the strain like moderate to cold conditions so having her outside now should not stress her to much I hope.. So here goes.. Lets see if this long lasting, uplifting daytime smoke strain lives up to her followings reviews.. Apparently not for the faint hearted..👌👍🌱🔥 Please, if anyone has any experience with growing the strain coment on traits and your opinion. Thnx.
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