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  1. Definitely a must, I usually pull out random weed plants I see growing a long the side of the veld or anywhere I find them a long my walks. Even if it's not a male, it could herm. Unfortunately the parks in my area have always been the local uhh crackheads hangout, fuck knows about the other drugs they use but I can tell you they smoke kak hermie skyf
  2. Thought someone would've grabbed it by now The Bio Tricho is also great for soil treatment
  3. I would've loved to but unfortunately not , my curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask regarding the testing.
  4. https://qure.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Qure-Proposed-Standards-website-2020-05-15.pdf
  5. As much as I love nature and growing under the sun it has plenty of draw backs unfortunately
  6. Will bud that is entered/accepted be tested for contaminants ?
  7. This was the best little guide I could find atm, hopefully it helps When is the Best Time to Harvest Marijuana Buds? | Grow Weed Easy
  8. Oooh okay, I'm really just taking a wild guess here but I'd say about 2-4 more weeks It's really tricky to give you an estimate, especially since its bagseed Usually a good indicator is once almost all the white hairs (pistils) have changed colour
  9. Sorry I forgot to ask, but what seeds did this plant come from ? was it like bagseed, some random gifted genetics, seeds you bought ?
  10. Seems like you still have some time to go .... Do you know more or less how many weeks she has been in flower ?
  11. Well cannabis isn't actually legal yet, just the other day at the SONA Cyril was talking about "We are going to fast-track policy and regulations for the use of cannabis for medicinal use, especially in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal" https://businesstech.co.za/news/trending/557190/south-africa-to-fast-track-regulations-for-the-local-cannabis-industry/
  12. I read this and I'm dying of laughter But yeah you should get rid of it before it starts dropping pollen
  13. I know B&B did a drop at one point last year but I missed out on that
  14. I'll defiantly make a note to start a diary when I pop these I'm not going to be growing it for smoke though, going to try continue the line as I've always dreamed of having some gear from Bodhi in my collection, might cross it with some of the other stuff I've picked up as well
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