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  1. @SpaceMuis Welcome ! 😁
  2. @sunwestgenetics @SonomaSeeds @cropkingseeds @rocketseeds
  3. Siege is epic ! but yeah it's like no one is playing it these days, which sucks because it is one of the only games with South African servers on Xbox ! If you got that game pass subscription thing I'd highly recommend any of the Bethesda games if you're into campaign games. I own a few of them, the Wolfenstien games and the new Doom games are good if you into hardcore shooters, if you like something where you can just sit down and explore the game I'd suggest looking into Skyrim or Fallout (very different styles, but basically the same concept. They both are RPG's with like endless possibilities)
  4. Titanfall 2 is one of my personal favorites. I played mostly due to the campaign, but the multiplayer & co-op modes were also good when I got it back in the day. edit: I see it still has a extremely good player count on all platforms
  5. Good day all ! So I've been digging through my saved videos for this stuff and I must warm that these are quit long and it's in 2 parts. But I think these videos contain the most diverse panel in terms of breeders. It is extremely long, but I'm sure you could take a lot away from these 2 videos in terms of how diverse the breeding game is. Kevin Jodrey - Meet the Breeders 01 - YouTube Kevin Jodrey - Meet the Breeders 02 - YouTube
  6. @Weskush I thought you'd find this one interesting, he mentions how he's spent cleaning up and working specific strains. Cannabis Breeding & Genetics - YouTube
  7. There's a lot of people who honestly have no interest in the plant, or helping the community, they just want to make some quick $$$. And unfortunately this is something that is going to happen.
  8. I prefer to get straight from the source, cut out the middle man πŸ˜† much cheaper and if you supporting a decent breeder cash will go straight to them ! edit: cheaper for local genetics
  9. I thought B&B pulled all the stuff from Motherland after the drama ?? Wouldn't be supporting Motherland at the moment anyway dude... I've seen a lot of bad things about this guy the past few days on Instagram, I even saw Totemic said they are not longer a distributor for his seeds.
  10. I’d suggest you start building a SCROG stand if you don’t already have one πŸ˜†
  11. Hopefully it will bounce back by then
  12. Did you harden it off ? or did you plant it out as soon as you got it ?
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