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    Time to make yourself heard on the proposed bill guys. https://dearsouthafrica.co.za/cannabis/ Actual link to comment to parliament below https://pmg.org.za/call-for-comment/968/
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    One of the ladies in my stable. Beans were gifted by a local indoor grower. Pineapple Express pollinated by a Purple Haze male. Pheno hunted a bit through the selection and this lady and her fruity boyfriend caught the eye. Smoke report is good-(my new favorite). Very smooth and tasty smoke with a funky 'chemberry' tang. Clear, strong and energetic with typical sativa cerebral effect.
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    Hey guys, Just wanted to let those interested know that we've just restocked our Jinxproof stock. The 9lb Hammer is definitely a favourite from a lot of growers/smokers and our supplier finally restocked (first time this year I believe), so we grabbed a bunch. They are up on the site now, there's also a few new Bodhi strains added.
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    Day 40 in flower under the @Liontree 320 supernova! Girls are super healthy and doing well. Some are running to the finish line and others are a bit behind but happy days all round it seems. Oh yes, let me not forget, distinct smell of sour sweets here, AMAZING! can almost taste them!
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    Ok, I brewed my first AACT just to dial things in before I start my outdoor grow. I kept the recipe simple: 125ml home made compost, 125ml home made worm castings and 30 ml molasses in 15 liter rain water. After 36 hours of brewing it seemed ready.
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    Made a call, and got a direct email address for submissions vramaano@parliament.gov.za
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    Coming together slowly. I'm now stuck on the ventilation component, but I have time this afternoon to do some reading. If any of you have a good link or two to share, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks for all the assistance and advice so far! This community is very different to the 'various FB pages I look at.
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    They did say you could use any language 😜
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    Wonder if it will make any difference, we can hope.
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    I bought 2 clip fans from futurama earlier this year. They stopped oscillating after 4 days. But i couldn't return it as i cut the plugs off. I wouldn't recommend anything other than a "real" desk fan. You can always mod it to take up less space
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    Dammm sexy bro. 🔥🔥
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    Thanks man, in the longrun I'm going to make it look neater but for now it does the job. It actually smelled quite good. I am very curious about what it will do to the plants.
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    Good stuff, it looks lekker. AACT has many beneficial uses for your plants. Just use your nose.... if it smells fresh ,musty, mushroomy or earthy you're good. Any off, sour, rotten, putrid smells proceed with caution or dump it to be safe.
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    Thanks @Bos Im keen to get some FruityPuke crosses out for testers this season, gotta do a "Spring 2020 Drop" thread soon!
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    Here is the actual link for direct comment https://pmg.org.za/call-for-comment/968/ Comments can be sent to Mr V Ramaano at cannabisbill@parliament.gov.za by no later than 16:00 on 30 September 2020.
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    https://www.growweedeasy.com/exhaust Lots of good info there 👍
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    I have 3 of these fans and my oldest 1 is over a year old and still working fine running 24 hours a day, only the "grip things" to make it face and stay in a different direction are worn out abit but no complaints.
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    Made my say 🤓 remove the limits to the amount of plants and cannabis allowed on one's property. Limits should only be for public spaces. There are no limits to the amount of alcohol or amount of bottles of alcohol one may have at home, or even a limit to how much moonshine one may produce, yet the commercial alcohol industry thrives without competition from the public, think 'craft beers'. They know that the cannabis market is solely in the black market at the moment so this bill is to prevent this thriving market from being a competition to the forthcoming legal cannabis industry.
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    I wrote my suggestion.. follow California.. treat it same as alcohol and tobacco.. generate tax and jobs instead of more police work load. but not sure what difference that page does ^^
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    She looks gooood!!! @Dank Proverbial Kid in a candy store....😀
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    I also have a bright star one, got from Takealot a while back. One died, then takealot swapped it out. The other is quite noisy but still working. I got another one from I cannot remember where and that died within 3 months. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Clip fans can be convenient, although price and lifespan is what has put me off. The clip fans I have had, have not lasted long. How old are your clip fans, I assume they also run 24/7 ? I see Hydroponic have a RAM clip fan, wonder if that may not last longer. Its like R600 though.
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    Thanks a lot @Bakstein420 She does have those desert qualities, the sweetness you get from candies or sodapop.
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    so gorgeous 😍 for some reason I imagine ice cream flavours when looking st those pics. Hats off to you sir 👏 🙌 @Dank
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    To me it has to do with the moons gravitational effects on water. Full moon draws water up to the surface, and surely affects water in plants too. I plant by the moon, and have found that germination is quicker, seedlings stronger when I plant at full moon compared to any other time of the month. All anecdotal of course. Just part of my seasonal routine. The next full moon is 1 October, and I'll be dropping my first outdoor beans then.
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    Some of you guys might remember the daddy I chose last year, nicknamed "FruityPuke". This girl was selected from about 15 beans that got mixed up, mystery mom, FruityPuke male. The terps of this plant is a dirty berry, like diesel berry chem funk. She got the nickname FruityPoopz, a new potential mom in my stable, definitely going to make beans with her at the very least
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    Those smaller clip on type of fans generally do not last all that long. I also prefer the larger box fans or oscillating fans, lots of options available with those - just need to become creative with how to mount them.
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    Thanks man! I'll check if its safe to go to Clicks this afternoon, lol!
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    Expressing herself nicely this time of year. Aroma is full on Blueberry with this cut.
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    Interesting read. Being on the other side of the audience as a breeder and reading this, I still find myself in complete disagreement with the prices some breeders are expecting for their seeds. Our exchange rate betrays us big time. I do suppose a certain amount of culture is influential, as well as the core motivation behind the breeding. Passion vs. Profit. The amount of sacrifice, time, dedication that goes into breeding a strain is worth something yes, but I cant bring myself to charging even R100 a seed. Even for a seed I know will grow into a world class plant.
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    Soooo I got my airpump and fiddled around a bit. Couldn't find 35mm pvc pipes anywhere, so I tried 25mm and it works like a charm. This is how it looks like. Now I got a question what you guys use as a 'teabag'?
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    Here is the star of my small early sift from last season's breeding. Smellz as good as she looks, new mom in the stable i think.
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