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  1. Looks like a full blown hermie, pollen will come soon enough.
  2. Could be a light leak or a change in the light cycle.
  3. Home made compost is one of the best methods to improve soil , the commercial stuff is not so great.
  4. Welcome to the forum @Excolaber That mix could be a hot out of the gates with mentioned ammendments, i would let things sit for a month a two (after mixing) before planting. Biggest issue with supersoils is growmies not waiting for their mix to cool down. Using stuff that is not yet decomposed properly could rob your soil of certain nutrients temporarily. I would compost them well before using. Do you make your own compost?
  5. Dank


    Lekker man, you will be able to tell from the smoke when its dried and a bit cured. Virginia is your milder tobacco, the ones i grew almost taste like a cigar (possibly a burley variety) , Virginia should taste less cigar like and more a rolling tobacco. (Does depend a bit on cure, light toasting, etc)
  6. Dank


    Very nice @Stinger96, do u know what strain they are, virginia or burley? @Totemic is spot on with the conditions they need. When tobacco is cured it can also be slightly roasted, or soaked in Rum, then dried and roasted slightly. First time i just used the dried leaves until somebody gave me some pointers about roasting leaves slightly. Soaked in some Alchohol and its possible to make homemade blunt wraps, trick is to let em dry out a bit but not all the way after soaking.
  7. Yo @SmokeyZero , no i haven't seen it, will be sure to check it out. Cool title, is it on Youtube or a Netflix fliek?
  8. Very nice selection, these lines are going to be totally beasting ekse Loving the early nug structure on all those gals, super healthy stock, looking foward to seeing their progeny.
  9. Dank


    Welcome to the fam @DJR
  10. @PapaSpliff overwatering plants do cause leaves to droop, but usually you can feel the stems (of the leaf) are firm and full of water. With underwatering the leaves will also droop, but stems will be dried out and leaves without much moisture. Glad she is doing better, happy growing, @CreX ftw ekse 🤙
  11. Im with @Ill_Evan and @PsyCLown on the dry herb vaporizer. New users can adjust temperatures to avoid getting super baked. A person very dear to me has Glaucoma, started on the dry herb vape about a year ago , sets temps aroumd 180 to 190 these days, seems like a sweetspot. Cant remember the exact temps for what effects, worth a search online when starting. They are doing well and only uses the dry herb vape as treatment. About edibles, when using rosin between 60% - 90% thc, assuming the calculations are done correct - 1mg = microdosing, 10mg = new users that want to feel euphoria, 30mg = more experienced users to feel euphoria / also treating various medical conditions. Over 30mg can get a bit gutwrenching for new users, where 100mg and 150mg is seriously high flying. There are online edible calculators that will help calculate doses "gummy dose calculator". Serious medical conditions can require the latter high doses, where cbd can be used to counteract the strong high. I would advise new users to get some cbd as a go too if they feel overconsumed, also lemon rinds with lemonjuice, a pinch of salt mixed in water will help a lot. Dont quote me on all the above, do the research, i just jotted down what i could remember, some facts might not ne 100% anymore.
  12. @GGG i used to tuck the taller growth back under the screen (when i gooied scrog indoors), a day or two they regain their positions, while the other growth catches up. Your scrog looks A OK!
  13. Hi @GGG , im afraid cutting just the one cola at the back will direct the energy to the whole plant. The rest of the screen will dwarf that corner. You can also trim whats below the screen to push the energy into the main buds. Plants have a way of filling up the space in flower, a big consideration with scrog is the headspace + anticipated stretch.
  14. 😁 Thanks a lot @afternoon blazer , years of pollen chucking, selection and dumb luck! The final say will be in the smoke though, in about a month or so should be dried and a bit cured to sample. Will gauge the flavor over 3 runs or so.
  15. She's about ready to come down, stellar plant, looking foward to run her this season outdoors as well as indoor. The smoke will have to be hella dissapointing not to keep her around as a clonenonly cut. Still smelling like diesel berries with that chem funk 🍇⛽
  16. This is very true, in my opinion if you want something close to the old Swazi and Durban poison genetics, Sensi Seeds probably still have em around u know. Perhaps deep in Swaziland somewhere are some Madalas cultivating something oldschool. Not sure jow accurate this is, but Greenshouse seeds goes searching for Swazi Gold. Depending on where you live, cross pollination from neighbors has become a real concern for breeding the last 2 years.
  17. Hi @Bos , please feel free to start your own "lineup" thread in the "Whats in your stable " section to showcase your girls. Here is the link https://www.420sa.co.za/forum/120-whats-in-your-stable/
  18. Thanks @Bos Im keen to get some FruityPuke crosses out for testers this season, gotta do a "Spring 2020 Drop" thread soon!
  19. Thanks a lot @Bakstein420 She does have those desert qualities, the sweetness you get from candies or sodapop.
  20. Some of you guys might remember the daddy I chose last year, nicknamed "FruityPuke". This girl was selected from about 15 beans that got mixed up, mystery mom, FruityPuke male. The terps of this plant is a dirty berry, like diesel berry chem funk. She got the nickname FruityPoopz, a new potential mom in my stable, definitely going to make beans with her at the very least
  21. Welcome to the fam @felix2000 enjoy the stay
  22. Expressing herself nicely this time of year. Aroma is full on Blueberry with this cut.
  23. Yo @TheUltimateNoob , does your friends aunt know the origins of where she originally found the beans. Do you have any information about the male that pollinated the bud? Is it a pure inbred line, any chance of hybridization. Pure DP should already be a bit more stable in my opinion and would probably require less work than imagined, if it is actuallt DP. The thread you mentioned is on the breeders group, here is the link
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