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  1. CG420za

    Do you bud wash?

    I've washed my buds a few times. You'd be surprised how much shit actually lands on your plants. I grow in a tent in my spare room and my plants had dust and one or two stray hairs. Also a tiny fly or two. I does however change the flavours. I reckon its personal preference.
  2. I bought 2 oscillating fans from futurama not too long ago, they stopped "looking around" after a week, but i had already changed the plugs. I reckon the those fans from clicks are good. Considering i paid R350 a fan
  3. We are all going through lock down together. ALL business owners are shitting whole bricks. I have a business as well and it's a one man show. I get my stock from China and it's been a shit storm to say the least. At the end of the day, happy clients pay your bills. Comms is key. Personally i feel that keeping your clients in the loop is more important than the actual problem, whatever that may be. If everyone is on the same page, tempers subside and you can move forward. @BurlyI understand the frustrations as i would be super pissed as well. But at the same time. Patience is a virtue. They already have your money. @Cannabist take some time to get your clients on your side again mate. This will cause more harm than good for you in the future.
  4. Hello and welcome @KaktusBoer. Your plants are looking befuck bru. I dig your system. Do you have any more details on it?
  5. Awe homie! Long time yeah. Same here hey, just pop in now and then. Been busy with life. Where's the pic of the other side of your panel? what are you running?
  6. the driver is just the power supply. Meanwell is just the brand. Most cobs need to be driven. Some have built in drivers.
  7. I agree with @Bospatrollie2. Organic soil and salts can sometimes have adverse effects. I use biobizz with my soil and the nutes ALWAYS end up at 5.4 - 5.6 with dechlorinated water. My pH out the tap is around 9.5, drops to around 7.5 after the bubbling. Also, it's worth mentioning, my runoff was always higher than what i put in, around 6.5. When i do run into issues like the one you have, it's mostly a lack of CalMag. I noticed one or two of your leaves look slightly twisty. That's also pointing to magnesium. I'd say flush at 6.0 and once she's ready for a watering, give the base feed and add some CalMag. On the topic of organic soil with synth nutes, would promoting microbes do anything positive for a salt based diet? Will they still be effective considering organic nutes feed the microbes and not the plant so much. As far as my undestanding goes, synth nutes feed the plant, not the critters.
  8. Ahoy. Thanks man. It's been a while yeah. I've been off the scene for a bit. We'll see how it goes.
  9. Howzit guys? We all knew that the extension would happen and there'll most likely be another and another. But one thing is certain, we are unraveling here at home. We find that if we stay out of each others way, there's calm. Hahaha. Personally I think the lock down was timed well. And I'm glad that most people are doing their bit to flatten the curve. I do however have an issue with the stuff that's not being sold. At least allow us to buy hardware supplies at the stores who ALREADY carry them, like Pnp. I have some home maintenance to do, but simple things like silicone sealer is right there, on the shelf, but you can't buy it. Now is the time to get your place in order, but my hands are tied. I suppose i shoulda ran to the shops in the week leading up to lock down, but i was weary of the crowds. Then there's theory's on WTF is actually going on? Are they using COVID-19 as a blanket name for every other cold/flu circulating the world and that's what making the numbers look the way they do? Social media and fake news is a problem. Are there major things happening in the back ground? Effectively this is changing the way the world operates and sets the tone going forward. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
  10. lol, the dealers will jump at this idea hey
  11. CG420za


    So a canapax opened in Strand. Anyone hear about it?
  12. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/two-elderly-women-jailed-running-dagga-empire-gauteng/ "While the government is still in a transitional period with regards to the legislation of dagga in South Africa, people found in possession of more than 115 grams of the plant are prosecuted under the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act of 1992."
  13. Mine took 3 days from china to jozie, jozie to cpt 7 days. At the time i purchased your offering was priced at 8K, i paid R4500 for mine.
  14. Awe, I'm with Greenkush, I got my QB288v2 from Meiju. Couldn't be happier! And you won't find QB's here in SA for cheaper. Not unless they look really kak
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