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  1. Meh, that's a bust. I was just thinking that it would take up some head room also. Good luck with the sale Prom.
  2. Lets hear what @Promsays. If it can be wired to the lowest setting and it's not too loud, I'll grab one.
  3. Fuck me @Ill_Evan, I figured it would be strong, but that thing might suck up my tent. Currently i'm using a metal 80mm (90cfm)fan to vent my tent and it's working ok, but I want to get the real McCoy. I have a small tent man, 165x170x70, probably have to get a smaller fan.
  4. I follow them on insta. I reckon it's a good idea. The local breeders are bringing fire. The upside to local genes is that it's tried and tested in a relevant climate. I've found alot of my imported beans are PM magnets, even though they are rated as mold resistant #supportlocal
  5. Awe bru, howzit? How noisy are these fans? Will most likely be overkill for my tent. I have a 2x4. What you reckon?
  6. Ooooh I'm excited to pop these beans, but it's gotta wait until April. Nice work @Totemic
  7. I grew fastbuds auto zkittles. Yield was good, buds were dank, smoke was fantastic. Bought the beans from trophy seeds. Was the easiest grow i've ever done.
  8. I saw my gat a few weeks back. Tried germinating in tea bags. Read somewhere that it's great. After 2 weeks my plants still hadn't grown their second set of leaves. Thank goodness i managed to save them. TEA BAG'S ARE A NO GO! DON'T TRY IT!!! They are now 5 weeks in and loving life. As for straight up planting, FF and organics matter living soil is the tits.
  9. I've found that my seedlings seem are stronger and more vigorous when I plant directly into the medium.
  10. Awe bru, PM has been a problem in Cape Town hey. I had it, I'm in the south. My mate had it who lives in the northern suburbs. TBH, all the mates who grow had it this year and last. This is both indoors and outdoors. I sprayed my ladies with milk, H202, and some recipe i found online. Eventually ended up tossing all my plants and resetting. Goodluck man!
  11. CG420za

    Sickly lady

    I haven't tossed the plants yet @PsyCLown, my mate says he'll take a chance trying to mend them. He's hellbent on saving the genetics, coz they are good ones to keep. I'm doing a proper clean over the weekend. Full tear down of everything. I have one of those hand pump sprayers, so i was checking i could mist the entire tent then zip up and hold the mister at the intake vent with the fans on to get the H202 everywhere. Wipe down and repeat. Just worried about the H202 potentially eating on my LED's. I could remove the lights and spray that down with ISO... Also, my tent vents directly ou
  12. CG420za

    Sickly lady

    5 years of growing and this is the 1st time i got PM. And from my friends clone, the mother fucker! Hahaha! Will defs get some copper soap. I have most of the other goodies already.
  13. CG420za

    Sickly lady

    While i have your attention, PM has spores right, so does this mean i have to disassemble my fans and clean EVERYWHERE?
  14. CG420za

    Sickly lady

    I'm going to focus all my energies on my new grow man. Also, can i use H202 to clean my tent?
  15. CG420za

    Sickly lady

    Morning Guys and Girls. The PM is back. Decided to scrap all plants. Thanks for the input everyone.
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