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  1. lol, the dealers will jump at this idea hey
  2. CG420za


    So a canapax opened in Strand. Anyone hear about it?
  3. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/two-elderly-women-jailed-running-dagga-empire-gauteng/ "While the government is still in a transitional period with regards to the legislation of dagga in South Africa, people found in possession of more than 115 grams of the plant are prosecuted under the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act of 1992."
  4. Mine took 3 days from china to jozie, jozie to cpt 7 days. At the time i purchased your offering was priced at 8K, i paid R4500 for mine.
  5. Awe, I'm with Greenkush, I got my QB288v2 from Meiju. Couldn't be happier! And you won't find QB's here in SA for cheaper. Not unless they look really kak
  6. Aaaaaah i see. Thanks for that. Coz i actually bought a big airstone to assist with a better spread.
  7. I thought you needed losta small bubbles to oxygenate the water properly
  8. this may be a noob question, but why do you leave the airstones off?
  9. Never looked at it that way @420sa, that's an interesting take.
  10. I know bruv, lol! Did you manage to get those mites? Hit me up on Signal
  11. Interesting thing, he gave us two buds. At the time we didn't know what it was, we were just told to puff a small section of each and write our findings down, only after we compared notes did he tell us what it was. So as for the placebo effect, that's a no from me Sir
  12. LOL! Mind you, even if i didn't, i woulda still won by one vote I won't do it again, PROMISE! #kakpraat
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