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  1. Howzit okes, apologies for the absence and everything else that went along with it. Long story short, I've been going through alot of personal kak on my side and disconnected from the world. As for the growoff, I accept fully if I'm disqualified. I will still update so @Totemic will have his pheno data. @420SA, thanks for the DM mate. I only saw it this evening.
  2. lol, the dealers will jump at this idea hey
  3. Love the Tee @420SA! If possible, a sizing chart would be a great help.
  4. CG420za


    So a canapax opened in Strand. Anyone hear about it?
  5. Awe, I did the same with my pots. Makes life alot easier
  6. Update 8, did some maintenance on Sunday (14th) and found 1 female, moved her into her final pot. I'd say the transplant went well. Then tonight I found another female. So this weekend I'll be doing another transplant. Hopefully there'll be another lady in the mix? As you can see, they've grown a bit in the last 4 days, even with the cold temps. I haven't hit 21 degrees in ages, so I think we'll be getting losta small buds, but only time will tell yeah. Pot prep, fresh soil, added some bokashi bran and turbogrow in the mix. Lined the base with myco and some more b bran. Not bad for 14 days in this pot Sunday after the transplant, lady training and watering. 30 mins ago @PsyCLown, my phase 2 pot is 17.5cm. Picked them up at the hydroponic.co.za @420SA, it was coming maatie 😉 Just had alot of kak to deal with today. When are you guys flipping BTW???
  7. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/two-elderly-women-jailed-running-dagga-empire-gauteng/ "While the government is still in a transitional period with regards to the legislation of dagga in South Africa, people found in possession of more than 115 grams of the plant are prosecuted under the Drug and Drug Trafficking Act of 1992."
  8. Oh I see. I just checked the seed pack for the outdoor growoff, also kushies. No complaints from me though Tote. I've always wanted to grow your beans man
  9. Thanks man! I was hoping to have at least one haze baby, pity...
  10. Thanks GLO. Bruh, unfortunately fiber isn't available in our area yet. I'm on a 10mb adsl line, now these fucking twats are hiking the price on adsl lines and dropping rates on fiber. You NEVER win with hellkom. They also can't tell if fiber will be coming to our area either!
  11. Mine took 3 days from china to jozie, jozie to cpt 7 days. At the time i purchased your offering was priced at 8K, i paid R4500 for mine.
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