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    So, giving the stage to the ladies. I done some defoliation, very selective. Basically just snapped off the big fan leaves that where blocking bud sights and any leaves that where overlapping eachother. Some more info: 1. Today is day 107 in total and day 51 of flower. 2. Planted in FF premium mix in 20L FF material pots. 3. Added trichoderma and mycorrizhea and diatomaceous earth. 4. Feeding with salt based A, B, MKP nutrient mix from local hydroshop and alternating Vermipure liquid compost and started adding molasses during 3rd week of flower. 5. Did weekly treatments with Neem oil during veg. That's about that! Any tips, questions or remarks are highly encouraged!!
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    Unfortunately the internet is so slow today. I see the last pic I took was just after New Years. I bought the following strains from Biltong & Buds, the breeder is Bulk Seedbank or something like that. I suspect they just made their own crosses judging from the names. Can't really complain, most of the plants look healthy except the Guerilla Glue. Dubai Poison Green Scout Cookies OG Kush Sensi Star Special Skunk White Prussian Guerilla Glue Psychedelic CBD Good Wild Shark CBD Nepal Gold I also have a Kush line that I plant every year together with some Swazi and also seeds from last year's grow. All and all I have 35 plants.
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    Natal Green bush snake came for a visit. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Brother, I've checked your cupboard build and I take my hat out for your effort. I think having the cupboard on the balcony is a bad idea. I'm an indoor durban grower and it's difficult keeping temps down inside the house leave alone the balcony. The plants are going to be stressed out in there and produce poor results. It's also going to be an eyeball opening the grow cupboard at night amongst other issues. You better off leaving the structure of that cupboard there as a grow shelf and grow the plants in it with the sun. You could put a sun net on all the open sides to increase privacy and give the plants the greenhouse feel. I've grown many plants outdoor that the buds look indoor. Don't be down and think we not having faith. You should try convince your wife to give you a small space inside, use bribery, blackmail, whatever... from there you can slowly start taking over till half your house is dedicated to growing
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    What medium are you using? Coco? Hydro? Soil? If coco or soil, I feed nutes when required. With coco I quite like fertigation (constant watering, before the coco is allowed to dry out too much... generally multiple times per day). Soil it will vary, but I find I tend to water a flowering plant every 2 to 3 days in a 20L fabric pot. For hydro, well, only when needed. I also dislike using ml for nutes, rather look at getting an EC pen and start measuring and mixing nutes according to the EC or PPM. You will have better control over what your plants are getting.
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    I agree with what @greenkush has said. Another thing to keep in mind, if you want to compare LED lights between one another is whether the manufacturer provides the average efficiency or just the peak efficiency. Majority provide the peak figures, I feel the average is more accurate as majority of people do not grow a single plant directly under the light and often have multiple lights to cover a certian area. Having the individual QB288 boards will provide you with more flexibility in terms of controlling your spread, you can move the lights around as needed to try and maintain an even PPFD throughout your grow area. It also provides you with the flexibility to increase the height on an individual board if you have a part (or few) which are growing much taller than the rest. Heatsinks are often an issue due to their weight, makes the shipping crazy expensive but you can get creative and find DIY ways to cool them cheaply without issues. In fact cool them better than the original heatsinks the manufacturers provide (active though, but still... can always add some redundancy if you'd like).
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    What exactly is going to go wrong ? Mount strips, hook up wires, connect driver, plug into power outlet.
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    I will take some pictures today of each tree and start a journal of some sorts. The internet is very intermittent the last day or say. I have created an entire thread only for it not to be posted as the internet went off in the time of hitting the send button. Here are just some pictures I recently took. These are 3 I flipped recently. Wedding gelato, lemon haze and a sour grape. These 3 were forced into flower on 10 January 2020 The purple one was a Elixer cbd auto which was harvested in December and is busy curing.
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    Hi everyone, New member year. Have been lurking and reading as much as I can on this forum. Thanks for all the valuable input you guys are giving, especially to first time growers such as myself. I have 10 plants currently, 3 were forced into early flower and they are doing pretty well. Thanks for having me here
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    I water multiple times a day without issues and without perlite, and also you should never let your coco dry out its actually a pretty bad practice due to the very nature of coco.
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    I've stopped using perlite, really not required with coco there is ample oxygen in the coco itself, even when saturated.
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    Thanks @CreX. I'll check how close to flowering I am again. If its more than a week I will try the CO2 route. I still have a CO2 bottle from my aquarium plant days Thanks @Mambawana. I've increased airflow and I'm heavily misting with water for now to increase humidity. Hopefully I can limp through to harvest time and then nuke the grow room.
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    As @PsyCLown if you have relatively large surface area to cover then you'll need a few boards, the ones from alibaba specifically meiju are very good, I currently run two boards per side in my 2.4x1.2, effectively 600 watts per side. I have now recently purchase an extra 240 watt per side bringing it up to 840watts (true wall watts). The reason for my expansion was due to form factor of my boards not covering the edges are they are rectangular. Don't get me wrong these boards have done an amazing job at producing solid hard nuggets, but the hanging is a pain and as you can see in the corner and the center there are dark spots, however that is nobodies fault but my own. So I recently purchase two sets of the following boards These boards are the LM301B spec didoes and the previous are LM 561 C . I will be looking at upgrading my LM 561 C boards to LM 301B/H when funds and time permits. The nice thing with these types of boards (I am more specifically referring to samsung diodes) is that you can run them cooler and softer and still get amazing results due to their efficiency per watt. You've got to stop thinking in terms of wattage and just because you have 10,000 watts you're better off, because that is nowhere near the case, it boils down as to how effective your fixture is at converting watts to usable light and that is where the umol/J factor comes in, a standard HPS is 1.4-1.8 umol/J, HLG 550 v2 Rspec is 2.6 umol/J. So immediately you can see that the HLG will outperform the HPS. The only draw back of LED is it does not have the same canopy penetration as HPS, but if you scrogg or whatever you'll be fine, even so you will still get huge colas if you don't scrogg.
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    They are predatory mites @Oolong83
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    The HLG 550 is a nice light, although for a 1.5 x 1.5 I'd want more than 4x QB288's I don't feel it's worth buying the original HLG either. I'd consider importing. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    @Oolong83Can you see the webbing from the mites? That looks like thrips to me, trust me, I am the master of thrip infestations you can ask @PsyCLown and @CreX
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    You're late in flower now so any spray isn't a good idea at all. If only 1 branch is affected I suggest cutting your losses and cutting that branch. If more than 1 branch is affected you basically have 2 options: You manually attempt to remove as many mites as possible with your hands. I suggest wiping all the affected leaves with a small piece of cloth dipped in h202 solution (30ml of h202 per 1 litre (3% H202) but you'll need to keep doing this every few days now as the chances of getting rid of all of them is pretty low when removing by hand. Get your plant into a small sealed container and fill the container with CO2. Not really possible for most people to do but it is an option...
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    Check out KIS organics pod cast on YouTube. Start at the beginning. There is a lot of info on organic growing. Also books like teaming with microbes, teaming with nutrients and teaming with fungi by Jeff Lowenfels. There are allot of different views on these podcasts. And there are many different ways of enriching soils. But it is good to here views from people who have been growing for 40 plus years. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Your plants look happy, although the cupping of the leaves on that auto is not ideal but that has been harvested anyways.
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    Plus it looks like you in the good books with her bullie, maybe he's a smoker too... You have to use whatever advantage you can. Soon you'll be growing 1 2 plants by his house too. And when you upgrade to growing photos, don't buy seeds. Hit me with a PM. I'll hook you up with some fire cuts.
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    Lol shot for the advice, will have to try to take it inside.... Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
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    No matter what "they" say, i see there is ample evidence from many cancer patients that Strawberry Ferminized has helped them recover from the disease. The studies need to catch up with the results so more people have access.
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    Will design the slots so that there isnt any light leakage Sent from my SM-N970F using Tapatalk
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    And just having them out in the open isn't possible? I really feel that you will have issues with heat. Also, the plastic covering... Is is completely light proof?
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    I don't have a vacuum chamber unfortunately, so I use heat to try and purge the butane.Probably isn't 100% clean but I hope it at least removed majority of the butane. Rosin would be far better in this regard as its solvent-less, unfortunately majority of the pressed are not cheap and a press can directly affect the quality of rosin you get and the yields too. You can blast trim with butane, although I don't see it working as well if you were to try and press trim (fan leaves with some frost etc). Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    There should be a Pratley store in every major city. Sent from my VTR-L09 using Tapatalk
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    A very reasonable fear in this regard 😄
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    I agree, coco let's so much water through that it really isn't necessary for the perlite. I actually feel that coco perlite drains way to fast.
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    Gonna look into this, just nervous about blowing myself up.
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    Hi where is the Pratley store that sells 100ltr Perlite at 204. That's tops and is half the price I'm paying atm. On a side not... a 5kg block of coco hydrates into 50litre.
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    I'd definitely never recommend it to any soil growers as it has citric acid, but if you're doing DWC or soilless it's simply a bloom booster for when you do your initial switch to flower.
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    We'll give it to you at R3 780. You'll be saving a lot in the long run.
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    Thanks man! All 4 different strains: 1) Front Left - Blue Cheese 2) Right - Super Silver Haze 3) Back Left - Black Raspberry 4) Right - Elvis They smelling just as lekke!! Will do close ups of each soon.
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    Lets see what Starsign loves da Herb more..
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    Sars would benefit if growing cannabis is legalised, says Tito Mboweni I like the fact that this story is getting airtime. The only thing that would worry me is this 'territory' /mafia style control that is still running - how will they view legalisation on their watch? The people will have to be the barometer. https://www.iol.co.za/ios/news/sars-would-benefit-if-growing-cannabis-is-legalised-says-tito-mboweni-40773730
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    @Oolong83 Sorry to hear about your issues. On the onset I would like to say if you seeing webs on buds already then the chances of a fight is quite impossible. I've had spidermites in flower and I did manage to keep them at 'BAY' till the finish line. First step would be to remove any leaves that has feeding marks on it. Then remove all branches below the top of the canopy and yes that's all the branches that has medium sized buds and larfies. Last step of defence is to drop the temperature in the grow room with an aircon light ON and OFF. Spidermites thrive in warm dry conditions and by changing that you are increasing the amount of time spidermites require to lay eggs and the time it takes eggs to hatch. Hope this reaches you in time before you try nuking them with CO2 and then throwing them on a skottel with some chilli beef aromat...
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    Here are some very good guides which provide theory and such : https://ledgardener.com/diy-guides/
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    So an LED build generally consists of the LED's (in this case, strips or quantum boards.... I vote quantum boards), heatsinks / cooling and a driver. Then wires to wire it all up and that's really it. When it comes to LED's, they're not all the same. The actual LED diode itself makes all the difference. In terms of costs if a diodes die, pretty cheap. You'll probably pay more on shipping. I haven't actually tried to source the individual diodes locally but I'm sure one could get then without too much fuss. In terms of replacing the actual diode, if you can solder and you're comfortable with SMD then it won't be difficult at all. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    I bought my QB320's from growopz and I'm supper happy, I avg 1,2g/watt and can do much better, like someone mentioned its all up to the grower. 2 X QB320's will be more than enough for 1,5x1,5 but I think they have a QB440 that should cover that also. I don't know where to start looking to DIY so decides to safe up and buy. Sent from my F5321 using Tapatalk
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    I literally posted it in my first reply to your thread 😉
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    Spidex then will be your best bet
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    I made the mistake of spraying my buds with neemoil in early flower, moerse mistake. The pistils were all dried out by next morning. I did move 2 WWidows outside due to infestation few weeks back, but the back to vegging now, which ina way is a good thing cause they were on the edge of death basically. Lost almost all their leaves, but happy that they nice and green again. However that being said, its not an option with the newly infected ones. They infestation isnt too hectic yet. Just noticed a few of the buds were covered with webs. I may go the “cutting my losses” route and just remove the infected branches.
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    @Oolong83 I just saw this, I've also suddenly gotten spiter mites. I guess they must be traveling around our area at the moment 😞
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    First Tent grow. Upgraded from a space bucket 😁. New LED hopefully tomorrow!! (locally made) oh and BAG SEED😎 oh and the new LED I got today
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    I wonder what other "ausome" items they had available?
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    I didn't know they sell Kraaifontein outdoor online Sent from my G3312 using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, I've not been active here lately, also it seems I've not been paying enough attention to my plants. I'm in late flower with a four plants and I think I have about 2 - 4 weeks before harvest, I have amber pistils but not too many amber trichomes yet. Yesterday I noticed that one of the flowers was covered in web, so spider mites are having a ball 😞. What are my options in late flower? Pyrol? I think thats a bad idea in late flower right? H2O2? What percentage to how much water if so? Anything else? For now I've increased the airflow and sprayed the undersides of as many leaves as a can. I'll get a bigger spray bottle today and keep doing that. Thanks for any help
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