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    Telling somebody over a picture to harvest or not.. isn't the easiest. But I also understand that it is a rather confusing step.. and a very important one too. This is my personal opinion and nothing written in stone 😁 As long as the pistils are out, I do not even think into harvest... is my sign for: don't worry.. you still have some time to wait... not even unpacking the pocket microscope Then comes the time the pistils are dried up.. this is when I make my first check.. and decide what kind of weed I want to get.. depending on the weather, you might have to get harvest started.. otherwise.. waiting for taste and couch effect And this is the latest I harvest, you see the amber by just looking at it. In my book that is ~50% (little bit more on the plus side) Hope that helped a little to decide what you do 😊
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    Baseline info. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I'll agree with@Prom on those steps. It is very difficult to tell from just a picture, you need some form of magnification to check several spots on the buds to get an overall idea of where they are at. As a grower you need to aquire certain basic but valuable tools....a handheld loupe or magnifying glass being one of them. At least x40-x100 magnification.(x10 not enough) Pls don't only check the sugar leaves...focus more on the calyxes on the body of the bud.(Sugar leaves tend to go amber faster than the rest of the bud). I check the top, middle and bottom of the large buds/colas. But also spot check all over the plant. When the pistils start browning(peak pollination time), I check once or twice a week. With repetitive checking you will begin to see clear trichs going milky. As pistils brown completely, I'll start checking every day. If I am happy with the colours, I'll still wait a day or so. Then we harvest. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Took the Gelatos down today.. close to week 9. 😁 proper amber. Drying now, lets see how much I got from that square meter harboring 9 plants .
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    ENTRIES CLOSED Hi all! Hope you're staying sane during this lockdown. Fortunately we have mary jane to keep us lifted. The nominees will be announced this evening or tomorrow morning
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    Gelato OG , she gave me endless nightmares ...but very proud of myself second plant successfully harvested .❀
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    https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponic/plant-lighting/ If you don't care to waste some extra bugs on electricity.. go full spectrum LED.. rest, you find at hydroponics. The Mars 144 is the most energy efficient version.. but I personal only use them in Eskom emergency veg mode 😁 But also grew full plants before.. the light works well.
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    @SkunkPharm Thanks....Im in Durbs. Have been moving the plants indoors at night, so that they dont get damp?
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    @Prom Yup, wanted to use this grow to understand the basics etc. Next grow will be auto flowers. Any recommendations on strains/seedbanks for outdoor growing at this time of the year? BTW...I have a 2nd plant thst I grew from the same bag. This one seems to be doing a lot better and forming some nice buds. Probably spent aroun R1,000 on alk the pots, soil and nutes etcπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ Thx:/MH
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    You think is time to harvest.. wait 2 more weeks! 😁
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    Looks normal. Just let it grow.
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    Hi @southern26, order #2929 was cancelled due to "Unpaid order cancelled – time limit reached. Order status changed from Pending payment to Cancelled." I have checked our bank account and there is no payment with a ref for #2929. If you did make a payment - please forward the proof of payment to sales@buyseeds.co.za We are just prioritizing orders in progress and imports as trying to sort them out - have been flooded with questions around Covid 19 and expected delivery dates. We are experiencing delays with international imports of 1-2 weeks however buyseeds.co.za is within the delivery time limits. I did get back to your DM on 420SA in thursday, see you sent a question asking if we received payment. Will get in touch asap
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    Thanks a lot for the input. Very useful information. I do have a x40 loupe but It really only enables me to see the trichs. Will never be able to make out clear or milky with it. After lockdown I will just get a microscope to be able to get better info. Thanks a lot guys. Looking forward to my first harvest!πŸ‘Š
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    Hi guys My plants are in two different locations with lockdown! So I just want to plan my harvests. Can some of the experienced guys hazard a guess? What will be my best bet for Boveda packs in the Gauteng area? Greenthumb Hydro is closed and I don’t think I will be able to courier anything. Hopefully lockdown does not get extended and I can harvest after that. First two pics- Mango. On flowering times I reckon this one will be first. Next two- Sour Cheese. Last one- Swazi Gold. Going to be a while!
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    I've finally decided to open up the Grow Reports area. It's not 100% complete but its ready to start taking reports. A little explanation of what grow reports are: Grow Reports are not the same as grow diaries. It's a record submitted of a grow you have completed with a specific cultivar. Basically a summary of the grow and how that specific strain responded in your growing conditions. As you'll see when you add a new grow report, there's a bunch of criteria for you to submit. It's all self explanatory and it'll all make sense once you see it. You guys will essentially be beta testers so please let me know if you encounter any errors. Also please lemme know if you think there is more we can add to the grow reports. Always open to suggestions Here's the link to the grow reports page https://www.420sa.co.za/grow-reports/ You can also find the link in the main menu under the browse tab. You can also find an option to create a grow report under the "Create" or "+" button NOTE: GROW REPORTS AREN'T AND WON'T BE AVAILABLE ON TAPATALK
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    Here are the 10 nominees in order of submission Due to the current lockdown, prizes can only be sent out post lockdown. We'll therefore run this poll till the 15th of April and announce the winners on that same day. @@_deanzo_ #1 @@_deanzo_ #2 @Prom #1 @Prom #2 @Smeegol @Garushk @Wolfsbane @Bospatrollie2 @SunShine Coast Farms #1 @SunShine Coast Farms #2
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    Haha lol, my wife thinks I'm smoking crack, she does not care about my growing, never wants to see things to do with my plants but, when harvest comes she asks where her jars ? I can spend hours just staring , she says I look like a serial killer , it is by far one of my favorite hobby I have partaken in , the reward with a successful harvest, knowing that you can nurture and nourish a plant of this earth to its full potential is amazing, this lockdown in my grow room is going better, only thing keeping me sane lol.
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    I knew I wasnt alone! I also spend way too much time in the grow room. When I started off I kept on dialing things in and I thought that in time as things get sorted I would spend less time there, but I must be honest it increases. Oh yeah and then I got a greenhouse, I am surprised my wife is still here πŸ˜›
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    Lekker. Enjoy. Have a look around and ask questions. Learnt a lot on the forum. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Evening people, A couple of pics from my grows. Stay safe and stay indoors.
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    Some growers have an emergency light that switches on automatically when the power goes. It's not very bright, but enough to trick the plants its day time and cloud passed by
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    Best news Ive had this year! Will be ordering today, I missed the lockdown cut off and my tents are empty 😞
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    Too much time spent with the ladies πŸ˜„ Got everything locked in now so don't need to pay much attention at the moment. Just letting them do their thing. Which leaves me with even less to do. I am beginning to ponder how I personally could enter an industry of generating income at home. All of a sudden people are doing it in industries otherwise thought not possible. I want in. Are courier services even operating?
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    I don't think anyone can make a proper call without the details. I'd take a container of the latest and greatest for R1k a month, but for R40k nope - I'd rather invest in my own equipment. I'd also not want to use a name brand lights, would rather go for some quality QB's which are generally sourced from China and offer way better value compared to Fluence lights for example. I think what I am trying to get at is that it really needs to offer value for money but at the same time may be a bit tricky to get people to buy in as I assume the monthly rental price is not all that cheap and when compared to buying your own equipment outright multiplied over 6 months for your first grow - how much are you saving? Is it not worth just buying equipment as opposed to hiring? Also everyone is different and has a different idea as to what would work best for them and the type of equipment and setup they would like. A big concern of mine regarding the container is heat - if you were to provide us with more detail then we could give you a bit more feedback.
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    So how is everyone finding the lockdown so far? I feel as time goes on, it's going to be more difficult for people to stay couped up inside and there is always the possibility that the lockdown may be extended as well. Right now for some it is a paid holiday, they're scoring some time off. Others are having their leave days deducted and some are not being paid whilst for other it is business as usual, or perhaps just working from home. Regardless it is a bit of an iffy and delicate situation and if it continues it can start affecting more and more people in a negative manner. This is not something which will just blow over once after the lockdown is lifted - although given the amount of time people are spending at home I suspect the forum activity will increase over this period and certainly the amount of cannabis being consumed! On the plus side, I am at least able to continue with my current grow and I think most of us will be able to continue with our grow and perhaps even offer us the opportunity to spend a bit more time with our ladies.
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    Was haveing a blank moment while admiring my lady's that have started flowering πŸ€”πŸ€€
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    #1 Weather issues #2 Gelato week 6 #3 Offspring #4 Girl Scout up skirt shot #5 GSC going Durban
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    The best fertiliser in the world, is the farmer's shadow.
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    Don't grow shitty bagseed. Yes you might find a great plant... But nothing... And I mean nothing compares to decent genetics from the start. Get quality seeds!!!
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    I literally stand and stare... A whole hour can pass without me even moving... Occasionally I'll swoop in real close and inspect a leaf and then swoop out and resume my stare... Personally, I think they like the attention and or my presence πŸ˜†
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