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    Thanks guys. TerpLoc Bags are available here, but if you're going to order other things from Hydroponic.co.za then throw the TerpLoc bags in and spread the love. If your local grow shop doesn't have them, ask them to get in touch. 🀘
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    The first to come down is the Slurricane. The rest will follow in the week
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    1 week later she has stretched out abit more with the top reaching just over 30cm! Very impressed with the growth @Bay Seeds I can't wait to see how she flowers out!
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    Hey CreX, thank you for the welcome! We at Futurama have written a series of grow articles which we will be publishing in the subforums soon for everyone to check outπŸ˜€
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    It is day 52 now. She would look pretty similar still if I were to let her finish, but I'm after the mature seeds. There will be practically nothing left of the flowers to smoke so no point pushing until trichomes are ready.
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    Lekker man, you will be able to tell from the smoke when its dried and a bit cured. Virginia is your milder tobacco, the ones i grew almost taste like a cigar (possibly a burley variety) , Virginia should taste less cigar like and more a rolling tobacco. (Does depend a bit on cure, light toasting, etc)
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    Looks good, nicely done πŸ˜„
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    Well done and congrats buds. Sent from my DRA-LX5 using Tapatalk
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    No I'm not new to cannabis, been growing since I was 15, and have had four pretty decent consecutive harvests since, I'm a good grower, just not consistently
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    HOW DO I PLACE AN ORDER? Choose a product as well as the quantity, click the β€œADD TO CART” button, a pop up message will appear stating the product has been added to your cart, you can then either choose β€œVIEW CART or CHECKOUT, should you wish to continue shopping, just close the pop up message by clicking the cross in the top right-hand corner. In β€œcheckout” there are two address sections Billing Address – this is your postal address and Shipping Address – this is your physical address where the courier needs to deliver the parcel, please make sure you type in an address where there is someone from 8am-5pm on Mondays-Fridays. Your shipping method will be displayed whereby you can choose what shipping method you would like, please take note of our FAQ & Shipping Delivery policy. Lastly choose your payment method - Bank transfer payment (EFT), Debit or Credit Card (MyGate). PAYMENT METHODS WHICH PAYMENT METHODS ARE AVAILABLE? Bank transfer payment and Credit Card DO I NEED TO EMAIL MY PROOF OF PAYMENT WHEN PAYING VIA EFT? Yes, usually your bank gives you the option of entering the recipient's email address when you load up the beneficiaries banking details. If your bank doesn’t give you this option, you are welcome to email your proof of payment directly to info@futurama.co.za and state your order number as a reference. This will speed up the processing time of your order. BANKING DETAILS: Bank: First National Bank Bank: ABSA Bank Branch: Strand Branch: Somerset West Branch code: 200612 Branch code: 632005 (ABSA Global Branch Code) Account name: ULTRANEXUS (Pty) Ltd Account name: ULTRANEXUS (Pty) Ltd Account number: 62329776184 Account number: 4088551699 Account type: Cheque Account type: Cheque *Use your order number as a reference. e.g. #6356 STOCK AVAILABILITY Due to the variety of products that we sell we do not keep stock of all items on our premises and sometimes send products directly from our suppliers. Please confirm product availability before placing your order. Futurama will always do everything in our power to provide our clients with accurate stock information but sometimes our suppliers might provide us with the wrong information, or they might have an error on their systems. This could lead to us confirming stock for our clients but when we process the order, they, unfortunately, inform us of the mistake from their side, and then we will not be liable for this discrepancy. If there is any delay between when a stock check is done and the order is placed through our website it can also lead to stock being sold out by our suppliers and Futurama cannot be held liable for this discrepancy. We will offer our client an alternative or immediate refund on the products ordered which cannot be honored. Futurama reserves the right to cancel any order in the event that the product ordered is not in stock by us or our suppliers. If you have already paid and the product is out of stock, we will give you a full refund or a store credit. RETURNS & WARRANTIES RETURNS POLICY: Kindly note that if there are any damaged/missing items in your order, it must be reported within 7 days upon receiving your parcel. We will not be held liable for missing items after 7 days. Please check your parcel upon arrival to ensure everything is in order. As per the consumer protection act, unwanted items may be returned within 7 days of purchase, only if the product and its package and package content are complete and in a resalable condition. Unwanted and incorrectly ordered items will be returned to our premises or our suppliers’ premises at your expense. You will receive a credit/refund for the items once we receive them and are satisfied, they are in good order. A 10 percent handling fee will be charged on unwanted returns. Should you wish we can have the package collected from you with our courier service and the cost will be deducted from your credit/refund. You will not be credited/refunded for the original delivery fee. Returning incorrectly ordered items will follow the same procedures. Products that have been used and cannot be resold are not returnable. After 7 days items can only be returned for warranty related issues. WARRANTIES: All our products are subject to the warranty provided by the South African distributors of the products. In the case that there is not a distributor then the warranty will be serviced by the manufacturer. Should a product become faulty within the warranty period, you may return the product so that we can send it to the manufacturer or its official distributors for assessment. The manufacturer or official distributor of the product will determine if the product will be repaired or replaced under the terms & conditions of the warranty. The decision they make is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Before returning any products, you must first contact us so that we may give you instructions on how to return the product. If the product you ordered is found to be faulty within 7 days of receiving your order, we will cover the cost of both the return and re-delivery of the product. If the manufacturer or official distributor of the product determines that the fault is not covered under the terms & conditions of the warranty, then the cost of return and delivery will be transferred to you. If the product you ordered is found to be or becomes faulty after 7 days of receiving your order and it falls within the warranty period you will bear the cost of returning the product to and from us. PROBLEMS AFTER DELIVERY: Please contact us as soon as possible or within 7 days of receiving your order if there are any problems or issues with your items. By emailing us at: info@futurama.co.za Or calling us at: 0218513284 We advise opening your package as soon as your delivery is received to check that your order is satisfactory, so that we can help within 7 days of purchase. If there is any pre-existing damage to your items (incurred before the package was delivered), please capture images of the damage on delivery and send them through to us as soon as possible. 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    Great news. Have a feeling traffic to that site just went up a little lol. Keen for my first purchase. What a kiff store!
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    Hi guys. The harvest on my autoflower was good, but the drying is making me worry...its suppose to be about 10 days for drying. Its currently day 8....but stil feels wet. Not even a crunch on the outside yet....its in my garage dark with no fan.... Any tips? Below my update on one of my untested seeds i bought that actually looks pretty dam good at the moment! Hopefully the yields will be as good as the frosting
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    Have you ever made your own DIY bong? Well now is your chance to get those creative juices flowing and show us your best homemade bong! We have partnered with Cosmic Sun Creations to give you the chance to win a 50% off voucher on your choice of custom themed bong. How to enter: - Join our Cannabis Growers Club of South Africa - Upload a picture on to the group of the most creative DIY bong you've made - Tag Cosmic Sun Creations Pictures need to be uploaded to the Cannabis Growers Club of South Africa group by 13 November 2020 A poll will be created on 16 November for voting on the most creative bong. The picture with the most votes will win a 50% off voucher on your choice of custom themed bong from Cosmic Sun Creations website. Voting ends 20 November and the winner will be announced on the 23 November 2020 We can't wait to see your DIY bongs!
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    Definitely not normal, what your seeds look like? Only time I've had midgets like this was from immature seed not getting light. I'd second what they guys are saying scrap it and start over - I actually spotted my runts in the backyard and still the same size 5 months later - looks exactly like yours Also maybe other forum members can comment but I personally never use bark in my medium unless I use a piece to prop a seedling up but otherwise i steer clear - bark is quite acidic and just like having stones n rocks in your medium your roots will have to work to get around it and will definitely stunt a plant if the roots aren't strong enough to displace whatever is in its way
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    17 days from the time you soaked your seed, or 17 days since you planted it? Either way, that plant is way tiny... Comparison would be a seed about a week from germination. What meduim do you have it in? Looks barky.... Also a smidge wet, but I have seen better plants with worse watering so I don't think it's that. Likely root damage and it's trying to recover. Do you have any other plants on the grow? I would plant more
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    Jack Berry is looking good. πŸ˜„
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    The fuck you on about?
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    I have a request for some help. Posting pics from my phone can potentially give away my location. I don't wish to drop a pin, on my grow show. How do i remove the exif file with the gps co-ordinates? Any help or ideas will be appreciated.
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    Lmfao 20x 1/2 footers fullly flowering!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ƒ oh lord lets hope they not auto's otherwise our friend is going to spend the season to yield a whole 30g....πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜³ Scrap the plant count rule as its exceptionally illogical and limits growers in many different ways & fields - average grower is unable to grow a variety of different strains, breeders or anyone interested in breeding will also be set back trying to isolate a phenotype or create a strain with only 8 plants when males will also count towards plant tally...nooit Its just as retarded as goverment saying we only allowed 2 different types of hard liqour with quantity limited to a case per household (they'll close bottlestore over weekend during covid but will never restrict qty, so wtf is going on here) But yeah the bill as it stands misses the mark for entrepreneurship too as its just way too ambiguious as to when & how cops can litigate a case against you let unless you've given them permission to enter premesis but again on what grounds would they be at your place in the first place - even if your neighbour complains they can't perform a search on private residence without a warrant which will never be issued as its based on hearsay I would like to say the quantity limit is a better solutuon, 1.2kg at any given time is sufficient for most but again how exactly do they plan on regulating this? Theres no license so there's no registry of growers...this is what I mean by too much ambiguity one thing Is for sure; ambiguity in litigation never ends well for the guy with the least power especially when you have a bill which in its current form could be interpreted entirely differently from person to person/cop to cop and if cops were allowed to randomly inspect a premesis, prosecution becomes your last concern as this opens up the potential for cops to exploit & extort with threats of long jail time It seems RSA has copy/pasted a large % of the bills content from the Canadians - they also list heavy sentences for dealing to minors (up to 14yrs) smoking in presence of minors or balcony of flat where neighbour objects etc (fine or up to 2years) - I'm certain 99% of cases result in a fine with the most blatant being prosecuted - at least there if u run a scam like Canapax & get a 14 year sentence you can opt for "weekend jail"....rotflmao (Yes weekemnd jail is actually a real thing there, no bullshit lol!!!)
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    So whats happening now? πŸ˜„ How they looking now that they're in flower? @1000Hills Nursery
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    Just remembered I sent out some pics of last years harvest, this was some of my best
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    Couldn't agree more, commercial stuff ussualy sucks, thats why I only use small amounts, just for the sake of diversity and to save on my own
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    No smell at all. Completely discreet.
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    They do regulate both ways, but if you're in an extremely dry area this will be limited and a humidipak will help. Below is another nice picture showing the benefits.
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    Legends. sounds sick and i will def be checking it out!
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    I can not believe I only got one CV! πŸ€” I have appointed a very capable person to handle all the admin and QMS, SOP's etc. But I am still looking for a grower...
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    Welcome @Excolaber! Quite the loaded question you have here. Are you new to growing cannabis in general? How have you grown before and why have you changed? Im just here to welcome you to the forum! Soil isn't my specialty, but there are a few gurus in the site that will be able to make sense of your ammendments and guide you on a well balanced mix. From my experience, it's all in the ratios at the end of the day. Put too much of one thing and it could lock out another amendment. @Dank @SkunkPharm @Prom @oldsandals
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    If you still have the items, would you consider selling the tent separately?
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    Looking tops bro πŸ‘Œ
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    The bacillus strain bacteria is effective at fending off PM how effective each strain is compared to that of another bacillus strain, well thats another set of trials in its own but Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is pretty good I think. Can be used thoroughly There are trials available for controlled testing on their page. Can definitely agree with its effectiveness https://vuna-agri-shop.com/amylo-x/ Same as Disease-Pro
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    That is the stuff 😁 i check for a seller in the US and ship to my planet express address. Pool with other parcels and ship further to SA over DHL.
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    @zolrooker plant it you won't be dissapointed, I was also under the impression for many years that good skuif is all about THC and didn't pay attention to anything else but I learned my lesson the hard way why CBD content is so important even if its a small amount - one day I smoked a double bladder of some bud (forgot what it was) with a really high THC but only .02+/- CBD content (according to dispensary) so I roll it up and the first half of the joint was loving it, super nice flavour, decent strength, no complaints & puffing away nicely, but on the second half of the joint 5 minutes in the stone is coming on nicely but something started feeling off i got this overwehelming wave of nausiating warmth with an urgent need to sit cause it felt my knees couldn't support my weight, forehead covered im sweat, was litterally vibrating from feeling super tingly & super anxious lol I was like WTF cause I constantly smoked strains with 20%+ and it never made me anxious or anything like that so the dude at dispensary highlighted the fact that that strain has almost no CBD in it to counteract the THC & I wasn't the first to complain That's when I learnt every cannabinoid has its place
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    4/5 have sprouted and I've got seedlings Gelato is on Day 4 and is our forerunner! I'm still waiting on Kalis Mistery. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    For awesome grow results. Try a very diluted seagrow foliar feeding but only between 7 to 10 am and then after 5 pm. As the receptors underneath the leaves are then open to take in nutrients And try burning a small candle near your plants . The candle produces Co2 which the plants love. But please dont put the candle too near the plants. The heat may scorche them. I had a 7 cm grow for a week. Where i normally avriaged on a 3 cm grow. Try and see the improvement Sent from my SM-A700F using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to the family bro and good luck on your upcoming grow.
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    Hi guys just an update on my plants. I had an additional led light....but seem to burn my leaves and then i switched it off. My autoflower(northen lights) flowering looks good. Think about 2.5weeks in
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    Did I read that right? Your mate is growing new strains with the man DJ Short himself?? Get out of hereπŸ˜‚βœŒοΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜ that's so sick!
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    Thanks guys for the assistance. Will keep you guys updated as time goes
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    Not even 'ultimate' grow, just 'a' grow. Let's get the basics down first. Look for cannabis specific soils such as Freedom Farms Classic, Just Cannabis and Living Organics. Or when you notice the price of organic nutrients, you may decide to go coco and use hydroponic nutrients. If I had to make a guess the Swazi is probably photo. I am not aware of an auto swazi.
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    Your soil looks like it contains lot's of bark etc which cannabis doesn't like so much in my experience. What soil are you using?
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    Are they auto strains or photo?... Also, I would suggest to mix in some Perlite if you plan on using the same type of medium for your next grow Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    How about putting up some pictures of your plants man, it would help us see where they're at and give us a look at your soil... And yeah, MH for veg, HPS for flower. Also, what's you RH at and do you mean by regular watering?... Seedlings don't need that much water I feel. My seedlings spend the first week in a really small container and get watered every 2nd day. I ensure the top 2-3cm of the soil is dry before I water it again as the roots need a healthy wet and dry cycle. I transplant into the veg container at day 7 or 8 and saturate the medium that's around the transplanted medium so the roots search out for water. From my experience, plants that are 9 days old have been properly watered a maximum of 4 times. I use a spritz bottle to mist the seedlings on the days in between if need be. This of course is for soil. A hydro setup would be different. Anyway, if you could share some more info on your grow, that would help a lot... Those pictures also [emoji1362] Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
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    Eish post me which internet tuned you that. MH is veg, HPS is flower. Like I say ching chong, I think you should raise your temps at night, and a method of doing that with bulbs is to keep the lights on 24hrs. Ain't no problem. 18-6 is good to help with temp management when things are too hot. It is also the gold standard of light timing in veg. However, 24hrs is also just as fine. I like it when you talk foreign to me.
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    Its about 1m high to 1.2m high. The temp ranges from 17 at night when light is off to 25 when loght is runnig full day. Currently i have swazi gold ( 3 seeds) and 1 Elixir CBD Auto.....
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    Come on trolls, where you boys, you learnt to bite your lips? Thats good. You dont wish cannabis warriors jail time, or you not disgusted in what others are doing.
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