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  1. Hey guys, Selling my QB130 and QB75 for R3k. I'll sell them individually for 2k and 1k respectively. I've purchased them in 2020 from Growopz. QB75 was purchased in June and the QB130 purchased in September. I've had 3 grows with the QB75 and 2 with the QB130. I've just upgraded to a 300watt light and no longer need these. Pictures are from the most recent grow. A single Liberty Haze and yielded around 60g.
  2. A very happy girl. Day 22 of flower
  3. It's a 30cm pot. I don't know exact volume but I intend to get the others growing outdoor soon and just have her in there. I'll start her scrog soon and probably flip in a 2 or 3 weeks. I'll see what I can do about checking the EC. Should probably invest in an EC pen soon
  4. This girl is resilient. Thanks again for the help, guys.
  5. Hi guys, Thanks all for the valuable input. I went with the amendments my buddy suggested and just thought I'd try it out. I did the repot in plain Orgasoilux yesterday, gave plain water at pH 6.3 after calibrating my pH pen and this evening she is looking much happier.
  6. Hey bro, Stems are green and looks healthy. Just very stocky. I don't want to give up on her because I struggled through an ice cold winter with her and she pulled through so letting her go would be very sad. I didn't add any cal mag to my soil mix. I don't know how and why I forgot and I think that could be the issue. Do you think that it would have taken this long to show? She's been in the amended soil for atleast a month now.
  7. To be honest, I forgot to add cal mag to my mix. That was my bad. The worm castings I usually buy from hydroponic.co.za in brackenfel. I'm hoping after the flush she got yesterday that she's recovering but I'll be repotting into just plain Jamie's soil and I think that should help. Thanks for the advice bro. Much appreciated. I'll post an update in a week or so. Below was what she looked like last week.
  8. I think the issue may be in the medium. I have a younger plant where I'm using less coco and worm castings. Just Jamie's soil with humigro. Different training techniques also applied to this one. High stress training. But she's pretty much on the same schedule as the wonky one. Both the same strain as well
  9. So I don't have an EC or PPM pen. Just a pH pen. I bubble the tap water, then add nutes and allow it to adjust then I adjust the pH and leave it for a few minutes to makes sure it doesn't change. In terms of the quantities of nutes, I'm using up to 2ml per litre of each besides the bloom. Just 1ml per litre of the bloom.
  10. Thanks for the response bro. I used 1:1:4 ratio coco:worm castings:living soil The coco was in brick form which I soaked and added a teaspoon of espom salt. Mixed it together and left it to stand for about 2 weeks before potting. This was however like a month ago and I haven't had any other issues until now. I've tried to follow the freedom farms biobizz feeding chart. A buddy of mine did, and I was impressed with his results. I use pH up and pH down solution to adjust and I use a pH pen to check. I use tap water that I aerate with a pump and airstream for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. I'll pull back on the foliar spray. I noticed roots popping through the fabric pot and the topsoil as well so I'm considering a repot to a 30litre. But I do have some scope to just increase the volume of the 20 litre pot because, as you can see, I've folded the top over twice to help hold the ties. But I no longer need the fold so I can increase the volume to give it the full 20 litre.
  11. Hey growmies, Been quiet for a while working on improving my setup and craft. I started some Liberty Haze seeds from Barney's Farm 3 July and it's been a struggle from the start due to very low Temps. So excuse the stunted growth. I've ran into a bit of an issue this week and thought perhaps some of the experienced growers in this forum could advise. My medium pH seems to be high. I'm thinking it could be nute lock out and/or a build up in the soil because of the high pH. I'm using Jamie's living soil but I've amended it using coco, worm castings, humigrow and a bit of molasses. Been watering with aerated tap water pH 6.2 to 6.5 and feeding weekly using biobizz bloom, heaven, grow, top max and every second feed I add a bit of worm tea as well. I've also just been spraying foliage with plain aerated tap water daily. Lights - 130watt 3500k growopz + 75watt 3500k growopz. I'm also struggling with height so I'm considering adding some blue and red spectrum that I think may help with this.
  12. My first attempt with a clone was with one of these (the last picture). Don't waste your time bro. I received the plant as it was flipped and I had my plant flower for about 9 weeks or so under what was said to be a 300watt full spectrum LED and I ended up with 10g of airy bud. @growopz is the way to go.
  13. @StickyD420 I'm using enormous bud living soil. And you are correct in assuming that I'm using biobizz nutes. I have the grow and bloom. Most recently used the bloom to feed. Just as per the directions on the bottle. I generally water or feed very slowly. Just a few 100ml at a time and I wait until it kinda works it's way though the soil and when I see some moisture escaping out the bottom, I stop. I'll then start checking the soil after about 3 days for when it needs again. Just by carefully pushing a finger into the soil until the 2nd knuckle. So far I haven't had issues with these autos and hoping that it stays that way. Thanks for the tips and advice, bro. I'm keen to learn more
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