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  1. Mornings my fellow stoners.. Hope you all have a great day..
  2. Whats happening? Anything to share..
  3. Grounds keeper / Caretaker / Maintenance sup.
  4. If he is a real man, he will. If he is a wimp he probably won't @Hydro Herb Africa
  5. Welcome. Enjoy.
  6. Mornings. Will be in Cape town (Kuilsrivier) end of the month. Would like to arrange to collect. Thnx
  7. Mornings.. Hows about a step by step on the chocolate truffles..
  8. Stinger96


    Don't let the senior guys put you off... Just do your thing..😎
  9. Good for you. Next time leave a bud or two and see what happens to them then you will have a good idea if your decision was the correct one.
  10. I thougt as much. Luckily not as cold here some frost but not much. I'll try and se how it goes. Thnx though.
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