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  1. I can almost guarantee you if you got that tested it would still contain high amounts of butane . Just because it's hard doesnt mean its purged properly . Smoke it and enjoy it but dont fool yourself into thinking its purged properly . What I am trying to say it's probably fine for your personal smoke but it would never pass a test for a commercially safe product
  2. Just wanted to apologize for my absence . I have had a family member with medical issues that needed my time. Things have started to get better and I have time again. Thanks for everyone's patients
  3. If you want predatory mites get them from biobee.co.za , that's where living seeds gets them from I am sure
  4. Looks like a thrip to me , they a pain in the ass to get rid off. Regular pyrol sprays should sort them out in veg
  5. @CreX GSR haven't visited the forums since September last year ..... really doubt you going to get any answers out of them on here
  6. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/energy/312729-nasty-electricity-price-shock-for-joburg-residents.html Feel for you guys , shocking news 不不不不
  7. Think I must put it on my list 不 will save me loads of time
  8. Love the look of these things , been using my heated vacuum chamber to bind cbd to coconut oil at low temps. This looks like it may do the job easier
  9. My 2 cents .... you making your own problem worse . Leave it be for now , old damage will never recover . You need to check new growth and if new growth is looking good leave her be. To much love is a bad thing .
  10. If you an artist or graphic designer you may submit your own original work in this competition
  11. Hahaha yea I was going to say.... may as well stick your finger in the soil and guess , will be more accurate
  12. Is it one of those soil probes?
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