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  1. Looking good , loving the side by side between organic and hydro . That organic plant is looking extremely happy. The organic one has better bud development but smaller , Looks like you have a nice indica dominant baby there . How's the watering style change working out for you ?
  2. Try this product as it's amazing for fungus Nats and won't hurt your medium at all , that's where i would start
  3. Currently going for an average of $10 a seed for High CBG low thc . CBG will overtake CBD in anxiety treatment in the next few years
  4. CBG is going to be the next big thing , in my opinion it's better than cbd in certain areas and is extreamly under utilized. I was lucky enought to be given 150 cherry haze cbg seeds from am overseas contact , 14% cbg . Unfortunately I have not seen any locally available atm. I am planning to fraction off the cbg in a SPD setup and start processing cbg oils for anxiety disorders Are you wanting for personal or commercial use?
  5. I would just like to give a shout out to an artist that I think is currently creating the best cannabis strain art in south Africa. I have had the privilege to have 4 strains commissioned so far and plan to do a lot more . Here some examples of his work and you can find him on Facebook and IG under Rheecemoonjava.art Let's so some support for local amazing talent. NB please note these images where commissioned for varies cultivators and the imagines remain the property of the cultivators , I have permission so share them as long as it's not for commercial use
  6. Special order done for a client 400mg each lindt chocolate and cashew with grape diamond terpenes added for flavor NB , all cannabis used is the client's cannabis and I only process it as a service and no THC is paid for or sold .
  7. Monster cropped with no training
  8. Once again very strain dependent, flower time I found is generally shorter and stretch is minimal with nice dense fat nugs. For me the perfect size nugs are between 1-3g anything more and they just not as good . This is where monster cropping comes in , very little training needed so many hours of labour saved and many bud sites which in turn makes the buds smaller and not just a few fat colas.
  9. I am not very good at getting my head explained in text and I appreciate and welcome the conversation and corrections where I think I am saying one thing but people read it as something else . I love stimulating conversations I can see how how the library comment could be taken badly , in my head I was just trying to put across the importance of keeping records
  10. Sorry bud don't mean to come across defensive at all , I apologize if it came across like that . You are quite right as there are tons of variables , I ment it to be a guideline and an average.
  11. Main issue I have if clones taken at harvest is keeping the plants alive long enough to reveg , they will naturally die before reveg happens . I am not saying it can't be done but it's a long process. That's why the lower underdeveloped buds are the ones left for reveg as they will be a few weeks behind I take my clones on day 14 of flower , no later and no earlier . Then by the time the room has finished flowering the clones have revegged and ready to go into the veg room and the veg room is ready to go into the flower room and the cycle continues
  12. It all depends on genetic age of the strain . I have a original cheese cut that was brought into south africa in 1994 , this strain will not reveg under 18/6 as with many of my stains that are very old genetically. For best reveg results I always go 24 hours light , 18/6 will slow down reveg or as I say on old genetics it won't even reveg . I have strain that you can put outdoors in the middle of summer and they will flower even. As for my library I have decades of journals , I fill out a page every day on my observations of rhe day and my plans and goals . They one of my most important tools
  13. I found it out by keeping written diaries and reveging over 2000+ plants . my preferred method of growing is monster cropping which involves letting the plants go info flower before taking clones and reveging the clones
  14. Just a little bit of info. For every day a plant is in 12/12 flower mode you need 4 days for reveg , so 1 week flower would be a 4 week reveg (roughly) you can boost nitrogen to speed it up a little
  15. I just use 2 drops of sunlight dishsoap per litre.....
  16. You need to saturate the entire medium ,roots won't like spreading to dry soil and dry soil micro life will almost completely stop producing nutrients for your plant. It's also good to bare in mind that soil can become hydrophobic if let to dry out to much. This means that when you water you may get runoff but are you actually not saturating the medium and water is just running through your soil. What you need to do wet the medium across the entire pot not just around the root ball , only apply enough water to wet the entire top. Then wait 10 min and apply the same amount of water again , wait 5 minutes and you should get runoff . If at this stage you not getting runoff repeat and take not how much water your medium can optimly hold. If you find your plant then wilts its a sign of an underdeveloped root system and the plant is not utilizing the entire pot . The wilting is caused by the water cutting off oxygen supply . In Organics your entire medium needs to stay damp for soil health , dry medium is a dead medium I have gone weeks between watering in bigger pots and small plants. This is why the correct ratio of perlite is also required in your soil because perlite is a key to prevent overwatering. This is also why I hate vermiculite as its the number one cause of beginners killing plants with overwatering
  17. Hi bud looking good . One slight thing I have noticed in your soil pot is that you never seem so saturate the medium . I may be wrong about this but it always seems like you just watering around the base of the plant . By doing this you are limiting root growth . You need to saturate the entire pot and then let the medium cycle through a wet dry cycle. As I said I may be wrong and I an just going off the pics shared . If you refine your watering in the soil you will have a largely increased yield as the tlroot ball will be much bigger . Just my 2 cents
  18. Autos have nothing to do with light cycle , its a genetic code . Once the plants reaches a certain genetic age it will flower . No plant likes 24/7. plants need to sleep , so even though they will flower under 24/7 light there's no way they plant will ever be able to utilize all that light and go into sleep mode so you really just wasting money running lights for 24/7 . This will invariably induce a small amount of stress , I have always had best results with autos under 18/6 Just my 2 cents
  19. Don't stress bud , yes they a bit worse for ware but those are not even close to not making it . They will recover fast . Never spray in direct light be it under growlights or sun , you want the plant to fully dry before being exposed to light again
  20. A few last pics , huge rains coming Monday night so the plants coming down Monday before it starts
  21. Unfortunately you can't press hemp seeds in a rosin press for oil. On the bright side it can be bought easily . There 3 main oils I use to to create cbd oils . One is coconut mct oil , this is the most common oil used as a carrier agent. Unfortunately it could cause issues with people with a nut allergy , my wife has a slight nut allergy and prolonged use causes severe stomach cramps. Hemp seed oil is used as another carrier agent and works incredibly well and my preferred carrier Final one I use is black seed oil as its got great health benefits and I use it in tropicals a lot but is the most expensive.
  22. Btw I have had no hermie issues with your genetics so far outdoors . I have selected clones for an indoor run and that's where I would expect the hermie trait to show if there any. I push my indoor hard with Co2 and following the VPD scale
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