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  1. ya i agree with @Mambawana you need to look at your germination technique before blaming seedbanks, as most of them are stocking well known genetics. unless you're buying in bulk, then you should expect a few duds. that being said it very well could be that at any point in the distribution chain the storage/handling could fuck up the seeds, i'd strongly suggest you get in contact with the seedbank and talk to them about it, they'll probably end up giving you some freebies, but your info could help them identify where the problem is. this happened to me a few years ago, with a bad batch of seeds & i ended up getting looked after very nicely. I recently bought a whole bunch of single seeds from a well know local seedbank & so far i've had a very low germ/success rate, like 20% where i normally get bout 90%. half of them were badly packaged & the rest were in sealed breeder packs. So the issue must have been with the seedbank. I feel your pain though. My biggest issue at the moment is the way the online hydro-scammers are raping us on prices & delivery fees, they really pull the piss. You cant order everything you need from one place, you need to piece it together from multiple places who are all fucking partners anyways, but you end up having to pay double delivery at their ridiculous rates. My fuck i'm over spending so much money on growing, these owes are making millions while they exploit this emerging market & to top it off they have their little scams that they run to trick the unsuspecting consumers. an example: i was putting together an order for a bunch of things, approx R1500 in total, delivery fees at +R350 so total at R1850, then i wanted some batteries for my EC & PH pens, they're like R35 in total. So i asked them if they could make a plan, as one of their affiliates sell them, they got back to me & said this: we dont stock batts, but our bluelab instruments take those batteries, or something to that effect(trying to sell me new instruments). That fucked me off as i've already bought the fucking instruments from them at R1.5k+ each. To add insult to injury, i had a look at the other site, added stuff to my order, total at R200, then delivery at R350+ again???? so i looked into sending the courier guy to collect for me, ended up being like R200 for both collections instead of R700+! fuck them! i'm boycotting them, going full organic & producing my own nutrients etc from now & sticking to the main stream garden suppliers, as they're not as rapey as these "specialised" suppliers. I'm not going to put a single cent more into their bullshit anymore.
  2. Update Week 1: 5-6 days out of the medium Took this pic last night before bed. At 4am this morning i was woken up by my cat making a noise, i found her with one of the above sticky traps stuck to her fur, like really stuck in there, with a huge gecko stuck to it too😂 Funny but i knew i'd be getting up to a mess. Not that bad, no choco's were harmed TF. The knocked over pot had 2 tomato seedlings(recovered) & the pot to the right of that, the seedling is MIA, found the tap root though. then these holes? i highly doubt it was caused by what could only be described as an epic battle. 2 perfect, slightly smaller than a golf ball sized 1/2 sphere holes, didnt affect the roots or the seedlings. i've got several theories & if someone can help me identify the culprit, by all means please assist. 1st theory: geckos are neat diggers(not sure on reasoning ) & was in the process of doing so when it got stuck in the sticky trap, made a noise, cat investigated & found what she thought would be an easy meal, little did she know... 2nd theory: something else was digging/eating there, gecko had his last supper... 3rd: cat was standing in there on 2 legs, like a ninja, waiting for its prey... 4th: something else was born below the surface, grew up, then cruised out, the gecko chowed both as they emerged... Not sure what happened. On another note: do the seedlings seem stunted? their growth seems to have slowed down, the weird weather we've been having & the cold at night may have slowed them a bit. or i could be being a bit impatient, a watched pot never boils.
  3. Quick Germ Update: 1 seed didnt make it, something in the medium chowed it, i think, found a bunch of flying ants in the medium & no taproot😱 Remaining 5 are all germinated & growing nicely.
  4. Im struggling to keep the climate in the sweet spot for seedlings. I don't keep the domes on for long, as soon as I see the true leaves I start removing the domes, typically 2-3 days from when they break out from the medium they're completely off. I also exchange the air twice a day. I'll start acclimating the chocos tomorrow though, as of now 4/6 are out the ground.
  5. Germination! So I officially got going on the 2nd of November, seeds scuffed, placed into paper towels, accidently skipped the pre-soak, but have not seen any negative impact. Added a bit of h2o2 to the water that I wet the paper towels with. Germinated along side some cbd strains, jalepeno’s, tomatoes, chillis & cucumbers. Cbd’s were first to pop, then the cucumbers then the choco’s. All choco’s have been planted into my seedling mix which consists of cocoperl @ 50/50, some dolomite lime, worm castings & compost then watered with plain RO & a bit of kelpak. 2 of the choco’s have broken ground now. All germinated indoors & under 24hr CFL lighting to get them going nicely. All under DIY humi-domes for the first few days, once I see the first true leaves I start acclimating them, by removing the dome for a few hours at a time & within a day or two the domes come off completely -this is where I have struggled in the past but I’ve been working on my germination method & I think I have it under control now. 4 days into their paper towel soak, gave them another 12 hours after this pic, added a bit of heat to get things going a bit quicker. then into my germ mix & have 2 poking their cotyledons out as of this morning! Peace for now!
  6. @ all the members! we need to get more entries for this month otherwise we're going to lose this awesome compo! this is what i won last month in the mystery box: a sick little glow in the dark glass bong, a mini grinder, a sexy glass pipe all excellent quality! a bunch of rolling papers & a book of gerricks, some prerolled cones & some hemp blunt pre-rolls, humidity packs & 10 seeds(keen to check these), i believe they're part of an effort to work with SA landraces.
  7. I was on the edge of my seat yesterday! some stiff competition & congrats to the winners! very stoked that I won:) thanks @420SA and the sponsors @thehighco, @sacredseeds & @freedomfarms for this compo, its something i look forward to every month! @Dankdankie! sure thing, i had to google mik n druks, found nothing but i'll help where i can:) lol
  8. pyrol wont burn if you use the correct amount, i've been using it for years & i've never burnt my plants.
  9. With pyrol i normally start at half strength for the first spray. then 3/4 for the second & full for the 3rd spray. the lights will defs burn them at full strength, the little drops act as magnifying lenses. could have been either. i also would not mix the two as they may react with each other, even if they dont either neem or pyrol are strong enough on their own to eliminates pests when needed. its all schoolfees✌️
  10. @Craig this is @Totemic's chocolope, read his grow diarys👍 only tip is to keep defoliating for air circulation, but ask again closer to flowering or when u start. you need to be very very careful while changing the medium, you dont want to damage the tap roots or even disturb them really. i'd suggest using a t spoon, scoop it out then gently rinse off the medium by submerging them in clean RO water Ph'd, & then re-plant using tweezers into a seedling soil - DONT USE CULTERRA!
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