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    cocoperl, organic hudro
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    kush n cheese, og kush, chernobyl,
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    as many ways as possible

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  1. Kgrows

    Do you bud wash?

    always wash my buds, 1 bucket 0.3% h2o2, 1 bicarb & lemon & then 1 plain bucket. my buds are generally ready to smoke within a week of drying. worst result i had was a H2O2 wash with 3% solution which completely annihilated the terps, after 3 months of curing it became smokeable again but absolutely no mold lol
  2. i'm not a pro but have been playing around for a few years now & these are the tips i can give you: first trick is how you're uploading the pics, try linking a full size file via google drive etc rather than uploading at full size. when you upload to social media or here it automatically downgrades the size & loses quality. the other option is to reduce the size of the pic yourself, with something like photoshop, but this also sharpens the image which will give you a pixelated effect (jpeg artifacts). i would also suggest you get rid of any post processing ie filters or auto sharpen etc & rather do it via photoshop or similar, that way you can sharpen less, to accommodate the extra sharpening when downsizing the image. other general tips, dont zoom in, unless you have optical zoom - find out whats the max for optical for your phone. rather crop a larger image to create the 'zoom' which will help with image size as well. set autofocus to focus on the silhouette, you want clean lines. look at foreground & background as well as the subject & change your focal point when taking multiple images, so you can see the effect that the focus has on the end image ie tap the center of the flower, then the tips of the pistols on top etc. you need to compose each image. for example on the image above, the fan leaves that are somewhat in the foreground, drop your angle closer to them which will create whats known as a leading line, it will effectively pull the eye into the image & at the subject. focus on the centre of the flower & use something to break the background colour, to give you a crisper silhouette. either black cloth, white paper, or something with texture(or even the sky), but if its a board, cloth or paper, hold it as far away as possible from the cam that will still keep the edges out of frame & it 'the background' out of focus. All that being said, you'll never really be able to compete with a DSLR, so if you're serious about your photography, consider getting yourself one, you could pick them up second hand from like R1.5-2.5k. & then look into a better lense than the standard one. hit me up if you need advice on anything else. example of an upload issue: upload: Link:
  4. ya i agree with @Mambawana you need to look at your germination technique before blaming seedbanks, as most of them are stocking well known genetics. unless you're buying in bulk, then you should expect a few duds. that being said it very well could be that at any point in the distribution chain the storage/handling could fuck up the seeds, i'd strongly suggest you get in contact with the seedbank and talk to them about it, they'll probably end up giving you some freebies, but your info could help them identify where the problem is. this happened to me a few years ago, with a bad batch of seeds & i ended up getting looked after very nicely. I recently bought a whole bunch of single seeds from a well know local seedbank & so far i've had a very low germ/success rate, like 20% where i normally get bout 90%. half of them were badly packaged & the rest were in sealed breeder packs. So the issue must have been with the seedbank. I feel your pain though. My biggest issue at the moment is the way the online hydro-scammers are raping us on prices & delivery fees, they really pull the piss. You cant order everything you need from one place, you need to piece it together from multiple places who are all fucking partners anyways, but you end up having to pay double delivery at their ridiculous rates. My fuck i'm over spending so much money on growing, these owes are making millions while they exploit this emerging market & to top it off they have their little scams that they run to trick the unsuspecting consumers. an example: i was putting together an order for a bunch of things, approx R1500 in total, delivery fees at +R350 so total at R1850, then i wanted some batteries for my EC & PH pens, they're like R35 in total. So i asked them if they could make a plan, as one of their affiliates sell them, they got back to me & said this: we dont stock batts, but our bluelab instruments take those batteries, or something to that effect(trying to sell me new instruments). That fucked me off as i've already bought the fucking instruments from them at R1.5k+ each. To add insult to injury, i had a look at the other site, added stuff to my order, total at R200, then delivery at R350+ again???? so i looked into sending the courier guy to collect for me, ended up being like R200 for both collections instead of R700+! fuck them! i'm boycotting them, going full organic & producing my own nutrients etc from now & sticking to the main stream garden suppliers, as they're not as rapey as these "specialised" suppliers. I'm not going to put a single cent more into their bullshit anymore.
  5. @ all the members! we need to get more entries for this month otherwise we're going to lose this awesome compo! this is what i won last month in the mystery box: a sick little glow in the dark glass bong, a mini grinder, a sexy glass pipe all excellent quality! a bunch of rolling papers & a book of gerricks, some prerolled cones & some hemp blunt pre-rolls, humidity packs & 10 seeds(keen to check these), i believe they're part of an effort to work with SA landraces.
  6. I was on the edge of my seat yesterday! some stiff competition & congrats to the winners! very stoked that I won:) thanks @420SA and the sponsors @thehighco, @sacredseeds & @freedomfarms for this compo, its something i look forward to every month! @Dankdankie! sure thing, i had to google mik n druks, found nothing but i'll help where i can:) lol
  7. @Dank this is very cool, i looked into it briefly a while back but now i'm pumped. how long will that nepenthis take to form its first pitcher? where did you get it? pans carnivores?
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