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  1. owes are pumped! me too! soil prep is underway for beginning of november germination✌️
  2. @Smeegol same, just spoke to gthydro & they'll keep it aside👍 will do an order with them next week, wherabouts are u? (pm me) if ur close i could maybe get yours for you with my delivery.
  3. cool! @ExploGrow you reckon one sample would be good for 2-3 plants, is that all the way through flowering too?
  4. yeah i'd also like to get my hands on some! any way that we can reserve ours with the suppliers?
  5. Kgrows

    Assassin Bug?

    LOL No one seems to be interested in this, but for reference sake it is a cotton stainer, not good for plants. if it were a assassin bug it would be beneficial, as they hunt most pests, especially leaf hoppers & thrips. you see the shape of the cotton stainer's head & the red eyes? those are the indicators, whereas if it were an assassin bug it's head would be more similar shaped to below, & note its proboscis- moveable nose(poisonous & will bite humans):
  6. systemic is never a good idea. you need to look at the causes: high humudity - what can you do to drop this below 45%? are you spraying your plants at night? stop, try keep the leaves dry, watch for where they sweat & trim to avoid. Are you growing in a tent? if so & you have had pm continuously, then the spores are more likely all over the tent, so you'd need to sterilise everything, filters, fans, pots, watering systems, every surface, all tools etc & replace all ducting. same thing for an indoor room. outdoors, look at your other plants in the garden, treat them the same way as your cannabis plants. also look for PM resistant strains etc. Once you've done everything you can to kill existing spores then IPM, prevention is better than cure
  7. @PsyCLown i also thought u were a female cos of the nails😂 story of my indoor growoff
  8. @Totemic shot! i'll most likely germ beginning Nov. just wanted to double check that i read those rules correct✌️
  9. GOT MY SEEDS TODAY! @420SA just double checking, do we have to germinate on the germination date? or can i delay mine by a few weeks?
  10. @Totemic cool, i flipped them as soon as i saw the pistils. no sign of reveg yet though. i'll start them on a new topic under your testers✌️ Good luck to everyone thats left in the compo! i'll be keeping my eye on your grows, may the green be with you
  11. @Totemic they were a week into flower when i started giving them extra light
  12. @highjinx @CreX Yebo! i'm outta the male compo! i think it may have been from training them a week into flower, because of the short flowering cycle, it may have been a bit too much. @Totemic had a much closer look & defs pistils! if nothing else my grow is a stress test for you lol. what are the chances of my small females going hermie while i'm revegging them?
  13. fuuuuccckkkk..... so i think my males are hermies..... @Totemic what do you think? i was so pumped to cross the choco's with the moby dick & call it chocolate dick😂😂😂 what a shitload of bad luck
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