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  1. nice mutation! useless but looks cool
  2. Update Week 13: Timelapse below: Final week of veg's growth. all the plants seem to be doing well, still no definitive sex. switched to flower yesterday, a bit late I know but i wanted to maximise veg time considering that i'm not going for full amber trichs, i still have just under 10 weeks of flower. Seem to have gotten the PH & feeding in order. choco 2 below going well choco 2 side view choco 1 also hit its stride, thinking this may be my female choco 1 side view 2 minis, ph issue resolved as well Only confirmed male, really doing well, beast like! its about dbl the size of any of the other chocos will keep pollen for some seeding. choco 3 seemed to have gotten the worst of the PH issue, but resolved now Have done some IPM over the last week, which i kept putting off due to the various issues. DE to top of medium & perlite on top of that - for fungus gnat prevention. sticky traps all over & pyrol just before the flip. only signs of pests as below, leaf hopper damage, not much, maybe 1-2 leaves per plant as below. i previously showed similar damage & thought it may have been a chemical burn but it was this. Peace for now! also thanks to all the peeps that have been helping me along the way! much appreciated!
  3. @highjinx well done on pulling them through! plants are looking good! what did you end up doing with the nutes?
  4. @PsyCLown nice! will give this a go too!
  5. is yours the kush pheno? yeah the spectrum causes the stretch, i'm going to try a MH alongside hps during the stretch to try reduce it a bit
  6. What about a short day cycle? Like 6/2 for veg & 6/12 for flower on/off. Has anyone tried that?
  7. ya they went back down almost immediately, defs not on the plants. they only came up because I completely saturated the pot with water
  8. @Dank shot bru! I thought it may have been a part of the web, was more concerned that they were root aphids or something similar.
  9. ya that makes more sense. I haven't tried that tbh, my main issue would be having dark period during the day. Having to manually adjust your timer every day will be a pain in the ass
  10. @SkunkPharm you cant really give more than 24hrs of light, 24hrs means its on all the time
  11. @PsyCLown Thanks! the white ones look like woodlice but i'm worried about the grey ones. I dont use neem, look up azadirachtin poisoning. Especially in the root zone. I do use pyrethrum though, although i'm not a fan of using pesticides on the roots, cannabis is a phytoremediator, so it sucks everything up thats in the medium. i'm thinking i might hydrogen peroxide wash through then repot into new medium
  12. Sup peeps! while flushing to correct ph, a few things came out of my medium. these pots have a layer of compost in them, which i'm guessing is where they came from, good or bad sign? good or bad insect? if bad, could they have spread to my other plants & how do i get rid of them if i need to?
  13. Update Week 12: Last few days of veg. seeing P defs on all of the plants, some worse then others but they're still growing & developing nicely. here's my female (i hope) growth over 5 days. 2 minis below, showing the same PH issues as the other plants were, these two were put into layered pots. I'm thinking that my compost may be way too alkaline to work with coir, i need the other amendments too, which is probably my main issue with this grow. With these two, I havent adjusted any ph levels for feeds etc at all with these & they're suffering, so i'll flush them to correct ph asap & see what happens. males looking sad, was drying out the medium, but this owe drinks & sweats a lot, raised the lights again, canopy temp sits at about 25C & this is what i found hiding away due to stress i'm sure but at least i know he's a male. this is the only developed flower, the balance are nowhere near as developed.
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