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  1. Awesome planted same day but straight into jiffies wonder how long till pop since yours already have tap roots. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  2. https://biodyne-usa.com/products/farm-365-products/environoc-401/
  3. I was waiting for someone to ask 😊 401 microbes Worm Tea Molasses
  4. 🌒🌑 Blessings to you all. 4 will be grown in super soil fully organic other 2 coco/perlite ghe jazz. Also a test to finally see for myself which of the 2 methods shows the best results.
  5. Sooo can we have a link to the supplier pretty please ^^ Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Ask someone you know that owns a press if you can borrow it 😅
  7. link to supplier please ?
  8. Month delivery time not too shabby.
  9. BnB ? Ummm if your close to Paarl I can hook you up...
  10. PUBG PUBG MOBILE FORZA 7 Seriously need some fellow sa players? Apex Gta V online Cod MW1 super old but people still jam ^^
  11. https://www.futurama.co.za/catalog/product/view/id/28905/s/rigid-neutral-white-4-led-combo-24v-8a/ Best bang for buck.
  12. I have yet to find someone who does not like growing their own stash 😅 Cfls are okay.... but you can get so much more with led's at the same wattage...
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