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  1. Like 1k worth in seeds gone plus water/nutrients/soil mix .... I've installed motion sensors so next time i'm gonna F#$K them up.
  2. I'm like in the center of town man everyone that walks by can smell the good good plus there's a college and a few clubs in my proximity. Caught the bunch on camera but have no idea who they are.
  3. If only my babies wasn't stolen last weekend....Had a huge selection of different strains outdoors. Most bought from Expo / Gsr
  4. Sooo can we have a link to the supplier pretty please ^^ Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  5. Ask someone you know that owns a press if you can borrow it
  6. link to supplier please ?
  7. Month delivery time not too shabby.
  8. PUBG PUBG MOBILE FORZA 7 Seriously need some fellow sa players? Apex Gta V online Cod MW1 super old but people still jam ^^
  9. https://www.futurama.co.za/catalog/product/view/id/28905/s/rigid-neutral-white-4-led-combo-24v-8a/ Best bang for buck.
  10. I have yet to find someone who does not like growing their own stash Cfls are okay.... but you can get so much more with led's at the same wattage...
  11. 220v cheapy Cobs would do the job better imo...
  12. As @PsyCLown mentioned they are under driven to increase lifespan and less heat to deal with. I doubt its 10w leds mots probably the dual 5w leds. dono the efficiency and all that jazz though. check if your leds look like these
  13. I've used one of these in a few closet grows way back got like 60g per plant. those were the 3w chips though... but also rated at 100w.
  14. 100 x 10W LED DIODES 5900 Lumens IP33 Power Output 100W Light cover area 15m2 Size 34.5 x 23 x10.7 cm 1.5kg Warm Light 3500k Yellow Light 600nm Blue light 450 nm Red light 660 nm Infrared 720 nm Uv 400nm
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