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  • Current strains growing
    Sweet Tooth and Amnezia Haze
  • Preferred growing medium or system
    Soil , currently using Freedom Farms Premium
  • Preferred Lighting
    CFL (Meh i know, need to get me LED)
  • Favourite Strains
    Sour Diesel
  • Grow Room Setup
    1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 Mar Hydro tent, 3 x fans, 2 x 85w CFL and 1 x 30w LED
  • Preferred Nutrients
    Biobizz and bat guano
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Preferred Medicating Methods

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  1. Yo Guys. does anyone know where i can buy mesh to DIY a Dry sift screen? looking to build my own. holla back
  2. @Pat999 i dont have the space to cool a HPS hence me wanting to go the LED route.
  3. Yo Guys has anyone ever bought LED grow lights from Ali Express or any of those fong kong places? are they legit when it comes to true wattage and full spectrum? REALLY wanna move to LED"s
  4. @CG420za will take some updated pics tonight bru
  5. @Pat999 I came home lastnight and my AH started it's 1st signs of flowering. Pistols starting to come out It's small though but i think it's because it's a autoflower.
  6. Sup peeps.. been a reader of this forum for a while but thought id registered and contribute lol Grow Room 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 Light: 2 x CFL's 85w (dont judge lol) and one fong kong 30w LED Currently growing: Sweet Tooth Auto and Amnesia Haze auto Pots: Freedom Farms Fabric pots Substrate: Freedom farms premium Nutes: Biowizz and Bat Guano my 1st time im trying out Auto's so wish me luck. will post pics sometime.
  7. Awe bra! Welcome!

    1. SKAM CPT

      SKAM CPT


      been meaning to registered here lol 

      always reading up here but thought id register today lol

    2. CG420za


      it's a step in the right direction man

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