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  1. Good Day Sir I would recommend growing Swazi Gold. It was the first strain that I started growing outdoors and it took really well in our conditions. Green Smokers Room sells them at a good price. Some info: https://www.leafly.com/sativa/swazi-gold
  2. @Green Leaf Organics Thanks, I am planning to take it slow, just wanted to make sure I get as much equipment and seeds as I could now before the whole family found out I had some money lol. Want to find my strains I am able to grow successfully and enjoy using.
  3. @stinky My whole life I have been waiting to start something that I am interested enough in to actually put all of myself into. My dad had a motto, Do what you love, Love what you do and always deliver more than you promised. Took me 45 years to understand it lol
  4. @Hochymama I got myself fully kitted Grow tents 1 80x80, 1 3Mx3M and a 120x270. Got the equipment to do DWCS, a set up to try NFT and of course I will be trying out soil. I could not find any equipment to do Airoponics but will definitely give that a try once my skills allow me to do so. I am gonna go full crazy scientist and find the best method for myself and then build around that.
  5. Good day All My name is Richard and I am from Richards Bay (but I am not that Richard). So yeah, after 45 years I am for the first time excited about starting something. To date I have not even grown a Cactus but when it was announced that we can now legally grow Cannabis my world changed. I was saving to buy a Ski Boat but that was just so I could go smoke without having to be paranoid so I took the money and bought a lot of growing equipment and 18 strains of seeds. I have a lot to learn and cannot wait to start my Diary on this site and share my frustrations and Joy and to share the lessons I learn. I am very scientific in my approach and the Big Dream is to become known as a specialist in the field so any knowledge that you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated.
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