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  1. @Khakibos, at 1st I sprayed until the ladybug population started getting bigger. Once I saw a permanent ladybug presence I stopped spraying anything. If I have to spray then I spray with Lactobacillus Serum which sorts out a lot of things. I had PM in the beginning but a couple treatments of water, peroxide and baking soda sorted it out very quickly Right now I'm focussing on getting them big as possible before they start to flower (switching lights off of 31 December) so that the harvest will be plenty.
  2. Almost feels that long but it has only been a month since last update. I was gonna post weekly but monthly seems just better in terms of seeing the difference in the plants. Jacky White ( Bud Seed) At 1st I was worried about planting one so late as to getting it all done and dusted as asual, but I am pleasantly surprised at how good she is doing. She really pulled through that long windy spell we had. Blue Kush Berry Also very surprised at how well she is growing. The seeds is about a 1/3 of a normal seed, but just look at how proud she is standing Pineapple Chunk I guess Mother Nature decided she was growing to tall and smacked her down. She took a beating with the wind and lost 1 branch. I had tondo a lot of cleaning with all the growth now laying on the floor. She recovered quickly turning herself into a shrub... Banner Biscuits Also smacked around and thrown to the ground. I decided just to tie her down in that position, clean out bottom growth and let her recover. I also did a deflation and she responded very well. Slurricane Cheese Braced her aswell after wind pulled and pushed her around, and it doesn't even seems to have bothered her a bit. She is just growing Bruce Banner #3 Looking forward to that puff after a 4 week cure..... Mmmmmmm🤤🤤
  3. Oooooh this is some useful information
  4. Thanx for the help. Wil contact them aswell. Another member dm'd me a contact in CT and I have used them so far. I have a few friends up in the Gauteng area that I will pass these onto aswell @Chris Jay
  5. Thanx. Compared to last season I have much more space thanx to the misses. LoL. Last season I had a 4 x 1.5m area that I managed 8 plants in and because of that sone strains didnt grow to their full potential. So I expanded my area to let each one have a proper grow area to grow uninterrupted. Got myself some Seagro yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price. I know prices need to be adjusted accordingly, but it is becoming more clear that I must turn to making my own FAA and just fully commit to making my own feeds But for now I will buy a bottle or 2.
  6. Ok boys, here we are again. Its that lovely UPDATE time. Things has been going very well. They seem to like the soil mix and the added Bloodmeal probably is to thank for that, because they have been fed once in total since planting out. Jacky White She is new to the garden. I still haven't sexed her but she did come from some decent Jacky White bud from last season so I kinda hoping for that female to show in a week or 2. Blue Kush Berry Still on the small side, but thats supposed to be like that I think. With the Shiskaberry gene in there and she should be a smaller tree than the others with a short flowering time. Pineapple Chunk She just loves the morning sun. Her side branches is starting to push out for that all to familiar christmas tree look Banner Biscuits Also another good looking plant. Strong and sturdy. Leaves are big and healthy Slurricane Cheese Really excited about this. Havent had a cheese strain in a while Bruce Banner#3 Short and sturdy. Loving the leaf structure. Also on the shorter side but starting to catch up
  7. @Khakibos that is a good point aswell. Haven't thought about it
  8. Just a question, but why test the EC of the soil when growing organic??? Or have I misses something along the thread??? Last season I played around with PH when I grew a plant with mineral feeding to compare harvest totals etc, but not EC cause I didnt have a EC meter. To this day, I have never used a PH or EC pen for my garden.
  9. CHOCOLATE GELATO UPDATE Pretty much the same feeling as this piggy.... LoL The Chocolate Gelato is looking really well. She is quite sturdy and growing at a good speed. I havent fed her this past week due to all the rain we had and this week being cold I still dont see myself feeding her. The soil is pretty drenched with all the water and I dont want to cause unnecessary problems. I presume that the no-till soil is really nice and healthy cause she is does look like she is in need of nothing. I will however give her some foliar feeding tomorrow. FRONT VIEW: She is standing over a meter tall. Cant find my measuring tape but will check again tomorrow and get correct length TOP VIEW: The dark green is due to the overcast weather. LEAF SIZE: I was cleaning the front yard and found/caught 15 ladybugs and 1 praying mantis. I released them all into the garden and still saw quite a few today. Also saw a yellow spider... Untill next time... Stay lit and keep the good vibes up
  10. Nice thread you have here my man. Plants are looking lush and green. Seems like your off to a good start. When you say "re-ammended", is it thr same soil from previous season, just adjusted with new soil and additives???
  11. No I have not seen those before. Looks really cool and the whole working station should come in handy. I need to go and find 1 myself and give it a go. Thanx for that share...
  12. I know I posted already but went and bought blades yesterday and got my OCB blades again that was out of stock ( my area). They are in a nice booklet keeping blades sorted and filters are always welcome. I know there are other blades etc but this works for me
  13. Hey guys In need of some help Im just asking for a point in a direction. Wife has a friend who needs oil asap. If any one can help with info it would GREATLY appreciated. I am in the Boland area but traveling is no problem, but preferably Cape Town area please... Thanx
  14. I wanted to do a lasagne bed for this season but was under the impression that we were going to move to another place. So I didnt do what I wanted to and when I heard we are not going yet it was past the time to start a bed. So I opted for the other option. I noticed 1 mole the other day so thats just another tick to why I plant in pots.
  15. @Weskush, I hope you are ready for a few pages from the Smelly Joe Archives.... LoL I used to be an indoor grower (small scale... Very Very small scale) and always dreamed about being able to grow with free energy, but always living in flats/complexes I never really had the chance. Always ran out of weed and had to buy every month costing quite a few bucks Then one day a house came across our path and everything fell into place the way it was supposed to be, I guess, and I had SPACE!!!!!!!! 1 st season came and I ordered seeds. Was super stressed cause seeds were taken by customs, but luckily I had seed insurance and new batch was shipped after providing them the evidence letter that the seeds were ceased. Got my seeds through speedmail and went forth and planted them. They grew SOOO well until mid summer. The sun just raped the pots. Temps were hitting 45 - 48C, no wind, just pure fucking SUN POWER. They took alot of damage and I lost 1 or 2. At that time I was on the local cannabis forum, and I saw a post from a grower that changed my way of thinking about growing. The OG forum guys will remember him... SIRSMOKEALOT Legend in the growing field at that time and Im sure he still grows decent quality wherever he is. He mentioned to drop the pots into the ground. That made so much sense and ever since then I dropped my pots into the ground. The other reasons for that is that it helps with stability, as you mentioned, when those wind storms come by and it also drops the height of the plant so that it can grow taller with getting to tall as to not tempt the neighbors to much. The bottoms is intact but the bottom area has been modified and exra bigger holes (20mm) were drilled to help with drainage and also when roots want to exit the pots. I also have a problem with cats pissing and shitting in the garden so i can cover the pots to keeps the cats out and the piss wontget to my roots. Almost got that cat situation sorted out. Just a few more that comes by.
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