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  1. If she looks fine and doesn't tell you she has problems then go on as if nothing is wrong. I agree with @SkunkPharm, your plants look good, leafs are praying to the sun and just good to look at. Well done...
  2. She is very compact. One of the other chocolope plants has a deep dark green while her siblings is a more lighter green. Suspected nitrogen Toxicity but that wasnt it. Maybe it's just one if those things....
  3. Smelly Joe

    Rock & Metal for me

    Offspring Smash was the CD that took me from electronic to punk and then it just got crazier and crazier. But yeah dude I'm that kinda driver. LokL. 👊
  4. Smelly Joe

    Rock & Metal for me

    Suicide Silence Motionless in White Of Mice and Men In Flames Slipknot 36 Crazyfists All Shall Perish Marilyn Manson Lamb of God Jinjer (only female I listen to) 😐 ...... This is what you will find playing in the car.... Always....alongside a strong black coffee, a pipe, ginder and some lekker bud...
  5. Better get to planting soon dude. It's December already.....
  6. I have to move that Bonsai Forsest to get the plant more training space. But THAT is easier said than done cause there is a structure in front of it that's kinda not going anywhere soon....... So I need to be careful when moving it
  7. Wow they have grown quite a bit. Well done so far man. I presume your waiting on the others to sex before choosing your comp plant???
  8. I was 1st checking what the plant will look like more opened up. Then I saw that my Acasia Bonsai Forest is in the way of pulling her more down at the back. The other reason is because I ran out of twine, which is good cause I went searching for something better and found small wood beams that'll suit it better in terms of training. I will remove the twine and screws today and redo the training. I will also try to use the bonsaias part of the training. I have found in the past that if you pull branches down with twine and let it grow up, it tends to tip over once buds are heavy and then you need to tie the branches up. With the wooden dowls (?) it's more firm and steady. And besides, that training doesn't seem like something that'll win the " best trained plant " award.... 😐😐😐. Just busy drinking another cup of Joe, smoking a wake n bake pipe and then Im getting ready to head up the mountain. The BIM mission needs to wait until next weekend cause I don't have rice and not in the mood for people and shops today.......
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