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  1. LoL. I was just waiting for that..... Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  2. Smelly Joe


    Holy Shit this topic just got so technical all of a sudden.[emoji432][emoji432][emoji432] That is THE reason I don't go with hydro, ec and all that stuff. I'll just stick to my Organic ways and keep reading on this and keep wondering..... [emoji848] But if my 2c made any change ([emoji52])...... I also like the praying leaves Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  3. Google is great for that I agree. I have a 200L tub sitting at home at this moment that I'm using to make a mycorrhizae "mother tub" experiment. Hopefully it all works out and I can post success later. Sent from my FIG-LX1 using Tapatalk
  4. Mendicino Skunk: Just some of the main buds. Was thinking of harvesting this weekend but I decided to wait another week. The weather is playing along nicely. Chemdawg x Candyland : She still had bit longer to go. I'm guessing another 3 - 4 weeks Unknown#1 and unknown #2: Both has a lot longer to go I found another 2 mealy bugs and noticed some whitefly activity. Prepped my Ludwig spray and will spray tomorrow morning..... Full coverage..... Not from here or there Not from now or then
  5. Few seasons back I sprayed my outdoor with a insecticide and it stripped off all my trichomes. Basically puffed clean weed. That's when I knew I should not fuck around during flowering to much. Thanx for the advice man. Will do my research Not from here or there Not from now or then
  6. That stuff is great. I used it before and it works good. I'll get some neem this weekend to spray for prevention as well. Will be harvesting one lady partially over the weekend but the other ones is still open for attacks Not from here or there Not from now or then
  7. Hey guys Just a quick question regarding flowering and pests.... Seeing that we are in flower I was wondering what can be done to prevent pests from attacking the plants. I have removed 5 mealy bugs from my plants without them having caused any problems. I am scanning my ladies on a daily basis now. 1 plant is being harvested this weekend but 3 still has to to stay a bit longer. I am currently using Ludwig's pest control but what else can be done to keep nature from naturally taking my meds.... Not from here or there Not from now or then
  8. Mendicino Skunk: Chemdawg x Candyland : Unknown #1: Unknown #2: Not from here or there Not from now or then
  9. OK so I will be placing a cutting in every week for the 8 weeks cycle and check how it works out. Super excited to start this up Not from here or there Not from now or then
  10. OK so flip day is day 1 and the pistils themselves is just as per normal showing of sex??? Not from here or there Not from now or then
  11. I started with only the bio bloom and later started adding the Molasses. Actually started last week but the signs w as even before I started adding the Molasses to the feeding regime. I will bubble out water and flush her tomorrow and keep an eye on her. Not from here or there Not from now or then
  12. I've been feeding with mostly every watering. Can this be from to much feeding. The tips started browning a week back and though nothing of it cause I schemed it's a sign of just a slight over feed. It seems to get worse. I lost track of when she started flowering. I think she entering week 6. Not from here or there Not from now or then
  13. Update pics of that bud or harvested already??? Not from here or there Not from now or then
  14. Hey Guys Just a quick few question I have regarding perpetual harvesting. I was blessed in a great way that allows me to eventually attempt a perpetual run. Main reason for perpetual runs is to always have ganja available and that's also my reason. The weed I buy from my local dealer is good but I don't want to pay for it anymore. I can rather invest that money into my grows and get top notch organic weed at my own convenience. The strain I'm gonna start with to test it all is Mendicino Skunk and it's a 8 week strain. Now my 1st question is, when does the day 1 start for flowering. I know its a question that's been asked but it would be nice to have an answer as well for my my grow diary. It should be straightforward system of putting a cutting in each week and rotate as needed. Not from here or there Not from now or then
  15. True. I've had same issues years back and just left it to flower out. Don't want to chance it stalling Not from here or there Not from now or then
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