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  1. Well the wife went to the mall and it was time to water and feed. So with the misses out of the house I fetched this monsterous plant and brought her inside and placed a fan near her to get rid of any wetness from the rain we got. After 6 hours of drying her out I continued to the next step. Instead of feeding her today I opted for a good dose of Epsom Salt and gave her a flush. From today onwards I want to keep to the 3 day cycle of watering and feeding. The buds is starting to fill out more and I can start to feel the buds getting some body and firmness The leafs at the top started to cup after that heat wave we had. I thought that was the reason, but it hasn't recovered yet. None of the other leafs lower down is doing it so I'm not to worried. At first I thought that my pH was off cause I just watered with tap water a few times before feeding due to running out of nutes......in January. And the tap water pH is 7.8 The buds themselves is super sticky and I only managed to do a very light defoliation because she is very bushy and getting in there is rather crap, but I'm keeping my eye on the plant to make sure every bud site gets as much direct sun as possible...
  2. Thanx @420SA for sorting it out. I felt quite out there with everyone seeing what we do. Much appreciated and a pleasure.
  3. Fuck that. I will let that plant flower and not touch it. Is that normal???!!!
  4. It didn't make sense to have people check out the grows without being members.....
  5. I found this issue 2 weeks ago when I was at a friend's house. I had no photos of my plants and no data. Without me saying anything he whipped he's phone out and went onto the forum. He showed me my pictures and the rest of the growers diaries. I was quite shocked cause he isn't registered at all.... Not sure how that happened but he continues to show me updates of all grows on the forum. If I didn't see it with my own eyes I would never have believed it.
  6. Reading a lot makes all the words kinda blurry and I might have misread something somewhere, but I just want to understand something. Rule #1 it says...... With that said, is that the reason why un-registured users can have access to all the grow journal's??? In the past I had to logg in to see certain content and if I wasn't registered then I could NOT see the grow journal's, but now it's possible to view it without being a member. I sound paranoid and shit but I don't like it that much and for me personally it's a security risk...
  7. Hey all Wind was a mother fucker today and yesterday. I am really surprised that the plant haven't snapped or taken any damage. She were bent in ways that made my stomach turn. But before the rain came I went and placed her inside. The reason for that is that she is so much more bushier and I don't want her to get wet. She is super sticky and smells to high heaven. The thought of bud rot just pops into my mind so she gets a little bit more love than the others... Here is a top view of her. Her canopy was measured and it is 850 x 750. Not bad at all for something that was unplanned....... 😐😐😐...... This is where the pics start to get interesting. I switched on the flash and that turned my excitement up a couple of notches. I have spotted 2 or 3 whiteflies but couldn't find any more after moving the plant inside for maintenance. I did however find an adult and baby stink bug. Killed it straight away.... Any of you suffered stink bug damage.... If not, they are destructive. They suck on the grow tips and then the tip starts wilting and dies and goes black and crispy. All within a day. So I kill them when I see them 🙊🙊🙊 A view from the top and one of the buds with flash on, cause without the flash it just looks boring. Some of the tips is cupping but that due to the heat and all the wind didn't help either, but apart from that she has so much trichomes it's not even funny. I can't touch her and touch anything else. And last, but not the least, two photos of the lady with and without a flash just to give you an idea of bushy and full of buds she is. End of the day I love the idea of doing a coco grow outdoors. With that being said I have to say that a 45L pot just does not cut it. Next season I will go with a 60L and maby a little bit better training for next year's gusts of wind... Have a good Sunday and may the week be blessed with good vibes and good weather......
  8. My bag was beautiful decomposed material. A stick here and there but pure black gold. I've read that mushroom compost doesn't have as much nutrient value as compost.
  9. I get compost from my local nursery. I live out of town. It's a brand called RED tractor and it's somewhere in Joostenbergvlakte area. I used to get from from the guy opposite the Joostenbergvlakte nursery. He charged me R30 for a 30L of compost. Really good quality and it's made on their premises. Usually I make my own...
  10. Found quite a few just now. The closest I can get so far is a Southern Green Stink bug. It looks quite similar but would love the opinion of other growers
  11. Hey guys Anyone know what this is. It's still small but I guess they will turn into something bigger later. They clump under the leafs of new growth. No damage signs yet. Found them on some beans and one of the ladies. I will start googling but any help will be appreciated
  12. Smelly Joe

    Nute Burn?

    Well done man. They are looking good
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