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  1. Entry #1: Fruiting bodies of the mycillium in the pot of the Royal Banner...
  2. I decided to chop her and take what I could get. Another 2 weeks would've been awesome but atleast I have some bud now while I wait for the rest to finish. I lost quite a bit due to bud rot or some rot. So I'm cleaning out all the small undergrowth of the other plants
  3. I have downloaded many different apps to help me with the pictures I take but never get what I want. Sometimes it comes down to the angle / light / time of day etc, but I have found that my wife's phone take much better pics than mine. I have an Huawei and she has a Samsung. Her mother got the brand new Huawei phone and that thing take much better pictures than mine or my wife's. But at this point I also just take a pic or atleast 10 and then I just sift them out. I would love to get better pics up and with my upgrade due next week maybe I'll get better pics uploaded.
  4. Morning session out at Tygerberg Nature Reserve with a shroom microdose and homegrown Mendocino Skunk 👌👌👌 Forgetting my water in the car was not wise....... 😥😥😥
  5. So I took a few pics before heading to work. I moved her from her normal spot to an area that's less direct sun but more chill especially today with the heat. Tonight I'll flush again with 5.5 water. She is really close to harvest and I'm thinking of chopping her and sometime this weekend or next week. Trichomes is milky and just starting to turn and pistils is also changing color. But as always, opinion is welcome
  6. @Bospatrollie2 @Stinger96, thank you very much for the reply. I will be keeping an eye on her but the way the leafs are yellowing is crazy. I'll inspect her this morning when the sun comes up and then I'll be able to see if anymore issues has arisen. I flushed the medium with a ph of 5.7 and will check it out. Can this be a ph issue maybe aswell??? I checked out water this morning cause this had me awake again at 04:00 just to cover all the bases and found that out water has a pH of 9.3. The day before yesterday the ph was still 7. The water people is fucking with our water again it seems.
  7. HELP NEEDED She was fine and no problems. I 1st saw her yellowing and thought it's normal and I didn't bother with her. Then I noticed the leafs doing this. Again, she is almost done so it's normal (in my mind) but I kinda knew something was up The under growth started dying back and so did the fan leafs. The under growth was also dying back And then I saw this when I got home. Pretty sure it's not normal. Please, any advice.
  8. Greed and Dominance is the way forward. That's why I'm still staying very below the radar
  9. And this is the time where I start to wonder what kinda rules we are gonna get hit with next year. 600g is a good start yes but I'll still sit and check it out while sitting in the back
  10. Well my plan is to double or even triple up on the recipe so basically everything times 2 or 3 Hydroponic.co.za stocks 200g and 1kg packets. I want go for the 1kg but would also like to know what the correct quantities are.... But if the whole price price thing is an issue to make a huge batch then I'll 1st go for the single batch and just work up from there. I haven't gotten my dry goods yet cause I don't want to let it sit for to long without being used. That's just a callout for small creatures to come and scratch and nibble. Especially on that rabbit food. My plan is to get all the dry goods end of the month and mix it. Then I want to leave it until next seasons grow to mature and just become gold 😁
  11. Hey its me again, in the recipe you calm for a sachet of rock Phosphate. How big a sachet are you referring to???
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