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  1. Cant say it any better than that
  2. Then I shouldn't worry. Flush her out and chop when ready. Thats me and my opinion
  3. Ok Ok, let all just relax and breath..... I understand what you mean when you said you just started cutting off fan leaves and then stopped and realized, it happend and sometimes happens to me to. How long is the flowering period on this strain???
  4. We went for a drive and puff and ended pulling over by a nearby stream nearby farms. We lit our joints and about halfway through buddy went for a pee. Minutes later came running yelling: "DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE THEY ARE SHOOTING AT US!!!" Next second I see a HUGE signal flare going up and lighting the heavens. We sped away from there laughing/stressing/panicking, all the emotions with people, probably farmers or farm watchers yelling. We never went back there to puff...
  5. After about 2 days of walking around pondering about harvesting, checking through the jewelers loop countless times, I have decided to start chopping her... The trichomes is milky throughout the plant and I have noticed amber trichs forming on the bud. Sugar leaves also started turning but it changes faster than the trichomes on the bud so I dont pay to much attention to that. Also noticed droppings on the buds which indicate an uninvited "friend". I cant find the fucker but I think it him chowing the bud causing it to break off and die. I have clones from her which I'll plant out in August to flower out and push a bit futher if i notice anything. I havent grown this strain before and like I said in earlier posts, I don't think this is a legit Slurricane Cheese. Anyone grown Slurricane Cheese before??? The other reason is that the Blue Kush Berry is not to far away. Buds is ROCK HARD. Most hairs ia brown,milky trichomes but no amner trichome change,....yet
  6. I have heard & read good things about that wedding cake strain. So i guess im gonna be here to see her finish... Rest of the grow is looking super. Oh hell yeah. Gonna be a good one
  7. Im out by my plants on an hourly schedule just checking. It has a bit of more fattening up to do so I'm pushing it. If i see anything again then its chop chop. The Slurricane Cheese is a new strain which I haven't grown before. Maybe she's just a bit finicky outdoor
  8. Im waiting fornthe amber trichomes to start developing. So i dont really want to chop yet. Just dont want to lose bud. Took out most of the problem but will keep an eye on it. If it worsens then I'll harvest. Thanx
  9. Last season I made an apricot ffj and gave it to a flowering plant. It did really good.... Want to make some again
  10. These are random buds from the Slurricane Cheese to show in more detail how far she is. The reason is that there is something wrong on the plant and I just want ro check with the community what their thoughts was on harvesting the lady this weekend : Now the problem is that part of the bud just.....dies. Its not budrot, i think, cause its hard and dry. I have spotted some stink bugs in there and a few Robins taking them out. I havent noticed it on the other plants yet... Issue: Best pic I could find
  11. Thats some love for those plants. Been fiddling with FPJ for a few seasons now and I enjoy their company in the garden. The garden sure loves it and its sooooo easy. Definitely following along this test
  12. Apart from the few budrot here and there things is looking good. Harvesting is starting this weekend, just keeping an eye on the trichs
  13. Its good to have cuttings ready for any situation. I also noticed a new issue on a plant that I have grown 3 years in a row. Sometimes new issues come up but as you said :
  14. Sho that looks like its hard and sticky and what a cola
  15. That blueberry hashplant looks like its gonna go ape shit with trichome production later on.... Deluxe Sugarcane and Frosted Apricots sounds amazing. Have you grown them before??? That stretch is making things a bit tight
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