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  1. That was a good choice. I used iy many times and got back great results. And with that bio range you can't go wrong...
  2. You seem to be on your way to happy growing. Freedom Farm soils is a great way to grow.
  3. I thought it was gonna be a shriveled up lost case but, nah bruh. You good 😉
  4. Ok thanx for that anyway. I will take a couple of samples and drop it in one grow hole and see what happens...
  5. So here they are. The competitors for the 2021 Outdoor Grow. 3 x still needs to pop up from the soil. Their soil layer has risen so they will be out within a day. Even on this rainy day they are kept warm and snug with a lovely 23C 😉 The Slurrican Cheese is also starting to grow into a beautiful little plant. "She" will be big if all goes to plan I will also report back with the Lactobacillus Serum stage. Tomorrow is 7 days but hopefully i can start today...
  6. @GGG, thanks for the input. I think so aswell. I will take some of it and work it into my soil mix alongside Rock Phosphate...
  7. @PsyCLown, I hope you can help me or know somwone that can help or answer this question. This is a piece of pine that i placed in my garden to hopefully create an environment where I can get some free mycillium. Is this the type of mycillium we want or is it different???. I should start mixing my soil mix a f few weeks so I just want to make sure...
  8. So far, so good. It seems as if the succes rate is better than expected. I see all 5 x Pineapple Chunks is alive. Both Chocolate Gelato's alao came up which means their journey will start on a separate thread soon.. There is life with Bruce Banners ans I am super surprised about the Blue Kush Berry that is alive. I bred them myself a long time ago. Grew some out once and they were quite a yield.
  9. 17 out of the 22 seeds cracked and shot taproot. 3 x Bruce Banner 1 x GSC and 1 x BKB is still in the paper towel room. I will add 2 more Bruce Banner seeds to germinate if i dont see anything by Sunday. I finished digging the 40L holes for each plant. Still need to get stakes to brace them for that heavy winds
  10. Thanx. Saw a recipe that looks stupid easy. Gonna try and fly
  11. I want to test making choco puff edibles, but it seems so damn easy. I never tried making it before and seeing that I was blessed with a good harvest I really want to try it out. The misses dont like smoking but edibles she will do. So my question is: Do i decard my weed Make cannanbutter Add it to the recipe Do the rest of making choco puffs Eat and watch the misses drift into our world???
  12. Im listening to the Tomorrowland set of Boris Brejcha....
  13. @SAgrower, thanx for that tip, BUT I always go shopping with my card, because I don't like to carry cash on me. Sooooooo.......it might be a good or bad thing. I checked my seeds this morning and same as last year the Pineapple Chunk doesn't waste any time. 5 /5 popped within 24 hours after they sank. Not only are they in a hurry to grow, but the nugs on them is mindblowing. Big and toight... LoL. So i planted them into those plastic 6 pack pots you get from buying 6 pack Marigolds, which i cut out to make handling and labeling easier... I used a 50/50 Coco Perlite Seedling starter mix. I had left over from last season. @SAgrower, I only needed starter soil for 3 seeds. And I walked away with a 15L seedling starter bag I labeled them and put them into the germination station to await there beautiful green smiles...
  14. Thanks man. That info is really appreciated. I will pop in there over the weekend because yesterday was shopping and today is work. But thanx again for the help
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