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  1. And so we meet again....😊 welcome
  2. I want to make my own thc e-juice. I have researched it to death. Such conflicting advice. My conclusions so far: VG is not great dissolving thc extract. It separates easily. PEG400 in combination with PG seems to have best results. Im going to use QWET on my dry bud to create extract I am thinking of doing a mixture ratio of: 5:4:1 - PEG400:PG:VG Any recommendations are welcome. Any Tried and trusted recipes you feel like sharing? I also want to add some flavoring like Wicks bubblegum or Fruity? Many Thanks!
  3. We Everywhere I look I see silicone...(not boobs but pipes!). So i got myself a silicone pipe. Must say I’m not a fan of it. Not a great smoking device. But it looks cool 😎
  4. This little pipe is my Go-To pipe. I love it - simple and effective. Its made from some kinda spring
  5. @PsyCLown still finding my way around here. I am starting to think that vape is a much better option - much cleaner and healthy I am a non-smoker(cigarettes that is). So once I find the best recipe for DIY Thc vape juice - I will join you!!!
  6. I have now been to 3 of the branches myself and I must say the quantity was not great. The Terps are faint and the buds where all compressed. The one branch had the stock in a Plastic Big Jim container...not even glass. Without a body regulating this market - you will get sub standard product.
  7. Are we there yet??? Seems so far before the outdoor season grow off starts 😎
  8. I have been to 2 of them. Brits and Hennopspark. They both had very poorly cured buds lacking in flavor and quality. The one had the names of strain written of on a chalk board... I wish they would have than a more professional approach
  9. We I have become a bit addicted to buy new pipes. I prefer pipe smoking to joints. So I will be posting some my NOVELTY PIPE COLLECTION pictures in this Topic. Please share what your pipes look like. First one up is my little Hookah pipe. Not a bad smoke for such a little pipe. It’s pretty plastic except where the herb goes is metal. So this one is more for show than a daily smoking device.
  10. I have this little “go-to” pipe that I’m fond of. But recently my one hitter bat is getting more and airtime. It’s actually a multi hitter. I get about 3 drags of mine loaded
  11. Cool. I will remember and go check them out
  12. I am Blouberg or Durbanville side - (work/home) so which would be best location? Thanks!!
  13. I am a Creative Capetopian- hobbyist at growing my own. I love the satisfaction of growing your own medicine.

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