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  1. @Slartibarfast @SAgrower you rock! Slowly my faith in humankind is being restored! One love
  2. Photos of the confiscated stock in Brits where Canapax HQ were raided.
  3. Thank you! Its an honor to win - there were some stiff competition - great photos. My personal favorites were @Kgrows and @lokinc
  4. I drove past another Cannapax this week - the main road past Diepsloot! I had no time to stop. Wonder how busy they are and what their prices would be compared to street prices.
  5. Entry #2 This is something I created - Cannart. Simplicity = draw a picture and put cured cannabis as part of the feature ...the problem is I end up smoking my own art!
  6. Entry #1 The Miracle that is inside of this tiny little seed.... “Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant—a seed—this plant the giant miracle, inside such a small seed .” This is a seed soaking in water before germination
  7. And so we meet again....😊 welcome
  8. I want to make my own thc e-juice. I have researched it to death. Such conflicting advice. My conclusions so far: VG is not great dissolving thc extract. It separates easily. PEG400 in combination with PG seems to have best results. Im going to use QWET on my dry bud to create extract I am thinking of doing a mixture ratio of: 5:4:1 - PEG400:PG:VG Any recommendations are welcome. Any Tried and trusted recipes you feel like sharing? I also want to add some flavoring like Wicks bubblegum or Fruity? Many Thanks!
  9. We Everywhere I look I see silicone...(not boobs but pipes!). So i got myself a silicone pipe. Must say I’m not a fan of it. Not a great smoking device. But it looks cool 😎
  10. This little pipe is my Go-To pipe. I love it - simple and effective. Its made from some kinda spring
  11. @PsyCLown still finding my way around here. I am starting to think that vape is a much better option - much cleaner and healthy I am a non-smoker(cigarettes that is). So once I find the best recipe for DIY Thc vape juice - I will join you!!!
  12. I have now been to 3 of the branches myself and I must say the quantity was not great. The Terps are faint and the buds where all compressed. The one branch had the stock in a Plastic Big Jim container...not even glass. Without a body regulating this market - you will get sub standard product.
  13. I have been to 2 of them. Brits and Hennopspark. They both had very poorly cured buds lacking in flavor and quality. The one had the names of strain written of on a chalk board... I wish they would have than a more professional approach
  14. We I have become a bit addicted to buy new pipes. I prefer pipe smoking to joints. So I will be posting some my NOVELTY PIPE COLLECTION pictures in this Topic. Please share what your pipes look like. First one up is my little Hookah pipe. Not a bad smoke for such a little pipe. It’s pretty plastic except where the herb goes is metal. So this one is more for show than a daily smoking device.
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