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  1. Most from DSLR. Mostly shot with a Canon 100mm F2.8 macro in conjunction with off camera flash or photographic lightbox.
  2. Got a few favorites from the past year. Devil Cream Auto by Sweet Seeds Selected for uniqueness. Terps are an unusual floral citrus. The colouration of sugar leaves and calyxes are so dark it almost borders on black. Bud structure not very dense though. OGKZ (pheno #1) from Humboldt Seeds Selected for trichome production, strength and plant expressions. Trichome-laden bud with leaves that fade into blacks near the end of flower. Terps are earthy flavored cookie dough. Apollo's Poison Auto by Green Smoke Room High yielding beast this. One of the nicest autos I've run. Very sativa leaning hybrid, mostly from the Durban Poison lineage. Terps were spicy and berry. Pulled 132g dry off her in less than 3 months from seed. Strawberry Glue by TH-Seeds Another keeper pheno. Excellent lateral branching on this girl and unbelievable trichome production. Very WPM resistant too. Greasy, gassy and earthy terp profile. Knocks HARD.
  3. They don't still have the Apollo's Poison autos I take it? They sent me 2 as freebies last year and they were unbelievable - pulled over 130g dry from the one auto (pictured below). Unfortunately my experience with some of their other beans haven't been as good, Supa Gorilla Cookies was a runt and yielded under 15g indoors.
  4. I only saw the post yesterday, hence my response now. I felt the need to comment because you posted negative feedback that gave the impression that B&B somehow faulted you. I'd like to set the record straight for the dozens of people who still stumble across this thread and just see falsehoods stated in your initial post without reading the rest of the thread. We try and ensure our service is tops, there's people working very hard behind the scenes to ensure that orders get out timely and resolutions are met. So when their work ethic is brought into question by unfounded complaints, I feel like I should give official feedback to the situation. And if you ever feel like your service isn't what you expected, you can always contact us and we can provide more insight or help resolve the problem. The fact is you made an order on a Friday, we gave our office hours clearly stated on the site (Monday to Friday), you then came here on the Tuesday (1 business day since your order) and spoke as though we gave you bad service in delivery, when that wasn't the case - it is certainly frustrating. There's no kind of animosity from my end, like I mentioned - I merely wanted to make some facts clear that the average reader may not have known.
  5. Hey there, I know this was last month, but having direct involvement with B&B I just wanted to respond to provide clarity. You made your payment on a Friday - so the earliest it could possibly ship was on the 16th - the day before your post. It would take more than 24 hours for a courier... I can tell you that we've never had a 24 hour delivery option, not even sure how one would achieve that - even Takealot and Raru have a 2-3 business days window with their budgets. The goal is to process and pack within 24 hours of payment clearing. There are office hours on the site as well stating that it's Monday to Friday. Of course a purchase made on Friday is going to ship only the following week.
  6. FPOG is around from quite a few breeders, but the 'real' cut was by a breeder called Obsol33t who worked with Alien Genetics to create it, so the story goes. Obsol33t genetics should be in S.A soon, there are some which Biltong and Budz ordered, and include some FPOG crosses. Definitely want to grab one of the FPOG x AlienDawg.
  7. I'm actually associated with Biltong and Budz, and while I'm glad the guys sorted you out. I'll also find out exactly what happened with these seed packs, it's possible that it was also just crossed lines between the team who uploads and the stock team. @greenkushWith regards to that Slurricane x Juggernaut cross - those seeds are gold, and even rarer than the WSS. They are bred by Pat Keller who I believe is one of the breeders for WSS, they are his unreleased genetics. Even at B&B, those seeds (Pat's unreleased crosses) are only given to a hand full of people, none were available for sale. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
  8. I'm thinking about moving away from my current camping gas torch and getting a more compact torch for dabbing. What torches you guys using for concentrates?
  9. Looking at this, it looks like it has to be a case of pH or the soil being too hot. I run Freedom Farms from seedling and have never had these issues... But I'm not sure about that soil you're using. What pH meter are you using? Digital? Liquid? One of those sticks that you poke in the soil (aka those things that don't work)
  10. I'm looking into potentially picking up a press, but want to ask if anyone has any local suggestions that they can vouch for. Rosinpress.co.za has some really nice presses at a good price, but I've heard from someone who has been waiting months for his parts to arrive as they shipped him an incomplete unit. Would definitely need to be under R10k I also remember @Stinger96 had a post up with some presses, but can't find that post - drop me a DM if they're still available.
  11. Thanks 🙂 With a DSLR + 10mm Wide Angle + Reversing Ring + Extension Tubes + External Slave Flash + Lots and lots and lots of failed shots. The magnification ends up being to a point where even a tripod isn't sturdy enough because even the shutter and air movement is enough to move it fractions of a cm and move the subject out of focus.
  12. Realized that I had attached the wrong image for my entry. Here's my submissions for this month:
  13. I'm stuck in a bit of a predicament and I'm hoping for some advice from you fellow growers. I know that "personal use" is now mostly just a term to avoid arrest, but I grow purely for personal use and don't have the biggest disposable income to spend on my grow. With that said, I'm currently running the following which I've accrued over time: - 4x4ft Tent running a 315W CMH and 200W LED alongside. - 80x80cm Tent running a 100W COB and 150W LED alongside. My veg tent (80x80) is mostly running at decent temperatures. But my flowering tent is suffering with temps ranging on a cold day from 27'C to 33'C on a hot day. The ambient room temperature is generally around 23'C - 28'C - so I'm seeing on average a 5'C temperature increase in the tent. With lights off the temperatures are generally in the 25'C - 27'C range. I don't have the ability to run an air-conditioner, nor can I afford the cost to run COBs for a 4x4 space. So I'm currently looking at ways to reduce heat, while also not downgrading at all on the lighting. CMH tends to put out less heat than HPS, but I'm not sure if perhaps a 600W HPS in a cooltube or air cooled hood would reduce the temps at all - may still make them rise from what they are currently... But I have 2x 6" 400CFM fans that can be used in the setup. The lights would be running at night and I would use an extractor to pull air from outside, through the light and then exhaust outside again. Thoughts or recommendations? I'm also trying to see if I can find a friend to lend me a 600W air-cooled setup from to see what kind of temperatures I end up getting with it. Anyone's experience with air cooled hoods/cool tubes and the most effective way to reduce temps on a running cost budget?
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