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  1. These are a few of my latest pickups over the last couple months.
  2. That's quite a claim. With all due respect, being a respected grower means little when it comes to this topic. The guy who was growing and selling Hitler to the Cape and across country isn't some enigma, he is (was more so) well known in the Instagram community and was posting the flower long before and after the market hype reached peak. He is one of the biggest suppliers of high quality indoor to the Boland area, and responsible for a lot of the strains that took off here. If it were stolen flower, there would not have been 2-3 years of Hitler on the market, and I've had the flower at varying levels of freshness between 2019 and 2021. I am also not at all sold on that lineage, as I never got any expression of Exo in the flower. What's far more likely is that someone else started selling flower renamed as fake Hitler, which no doubt happened in some areas. Especially since I saw people buying clones of Hitler. I've heard every story in the book from people on Hitler, guys in Jozi have their own version, guys in Durban have their stories... But for locals, it's really not as mysterious - the lineage perhaps, but not the source. I don't think anyone will really know the whole truth outside of the collective that it came from, but claims that it was stolen flower is nonsense. Given that this same grower is very well known locally to those who move big numbers, and he has supplied a LOT more than just Hitler over the years. I also have evidence of this. Here's a screenshot of a video my buddy sent me last year of an old Hitler nug from his previous stock that he held onto (2019 - left) compared with some of the newer stock (2020 - right). You can see how much of the THC has converted to CBN already on the left nug, while the right is clearly fresh. There were dudes out there getting charged R250 a gram, when the local prices were R160. It just goes to show how many hands it went through, and how many false narratives probably got pushed in the process.
  3. Used to run autos extensively and have flowered them at all light cycles (12/12, 18/6, 20/4 and 24/0) An autoflower is an autoflower. Fast flowering photoperiod plants are not autoflowers. If you're buying an auto, assuming the breeder hasn't fucked up in the process of creating them. They will flower regardless of light cycle in 99% of times. I've heard of a few isolated cases where people found their auto wasn't flowering so they lowered the light cycle to induce it. This is often anecdotal though, as the grower may simply have triggered the flowering response in a photoperiod seed accidentally sold as an auto. PS: I've found 20/4 to be the best flowering cycle for autoflowers.
  4. Just wanted to give some input here, as there's a lot of misinformation about Hitler and a lot of it is still kept very close to the circle that it originated from. I want to share some information without pissing anybody off, because the reality is that the grower who supplied most of the country doesn't want the lineage out there, understandably so, sometimes these things are worth holding close. But the short of it, is that it's likely a clone-only pheno which is held by a couple of people at most. There's been a lot of fake Hitler cuts sold and some people are still convinced they have it when they don't. I've handled a fair bit of Hitler through friends who were getting supply directly from the grower for bulk resale, and it's quite a unique flower that is easy to identify, both visually and just by the taste profile. Having smoked a 20+ grams myself, I can't say there's anything in there to suggest Cheese. Structurally, the bud resembles a lot of OG cuts, and I'd venture to guess that it's an OG hybrid. The terpenes also seem to suggest it with earthy, lime, gassy notes mostly prevalent. Again, structurally it looks a lot like OG, or even perhaps an OG x Cookies cut as there is a resemblance to some Animal Cookies phenos, and the level of trichome coverage and smaller nug size is a little atypical for most OG cuts. A buddy moved several hundred Gs of it also seemed to think it was likely an OG dominant cut as well. Smoking some Hitler hash rosin from the grower, it also seemed to carry those same muted, earthy, lime notes. Again, I've heard at least 10 versions of what Hitler is. But I think there's probably only a handful of people that know the answer to that. This type of thing is common in America, where cuts are found from seed and then renamed for marketing purposes and also sometimes to conceal lineage. Once lineage is out there, others can try and refind the pheno and take a chunk of the market for themselves. So the way Hitler was handled, was definitely very smart from a business sense. But also incredibly frustrating for those of us who love digging into lines and seeing which traits come from where. Here's an image of one of the first batches of Hitler that hit the market here around Cape Town circa late 2018 / early 2019. Just to close, I'm no authority on the details of Hitler and I respect the desire for the lineage to remain hidden, but these are just my thoughts from smoking a fair bit of it.
  5. +1 on these. These are my go-to choice. I even stocked up on a few of them in case some break. Can't recommend them enough.
  6. How close is this plant to the fan? Looks a lot like what I get with mild windburn
  7. How didn't this make it to the voting?! Probably the most insane image I've seen through all these comps.
  8. Understanding Genetics/Breeders: Starting out I was under the impression GSC was GSC and Chemdawg was Chemdawg... I wish someone had explained the importance of breeder cuts used in the genetics. Having the same name, doesn't mean it's the same cut. I wish someone had told me that just because I see an awesome picture of a strain it doesn't mean that the breeder is good. The death of Dutch Genetics: I wish someone had told me earlier how so many of the popular Dutch seed banks that built up a reputation in the 90s, were fucked by government back in the mid 2000s, and that they lost most of their genetics in the process. I wish someone had told me that most of those breeders started selling Spanish bulk genetics as their own to replace the cup winning strains from the 90s. The US breeders are years ahead of EU genetics now days (sans 1 or 2 high end breeders), there's a reason why the stuff being sold now have completely different terp profiles to what that same strain carried a few decades ago. IPMs: I started out thinking that you treat a pest when it's there. Preventative IPMs are so important. Explaining Phenotypes: I long lived with this idea that a strain was what one is after, and once you have the strain you're good. I wish I knew that the strain is really only such a small part of the grow. Finding the pheno that you want from that lineage is far more important than the strain itself. Just because my buddy grew a fire Spumoni, doesn't mean I'll get a good one if I pop a pack.
  9. This definitely appears to just be a marketing ploy for a product that in all likelihood is not very accurate. The real cost of mass spectrometers is painfully high - I don't trust anything in this products price range. There are products after products offering claims like these. I'd like to see these kinds of tools being marketed by having them have their tests put up against a large industry spectrometer and see how similar they are on a variety of samples.
  10. Orange Kush Cake after 4 months of curing Another girl in late flower Bubblegum Extra autoflower by Bulk Seed Bank Trichomes of a Ripper Tropicana Cookies cross Tangie (Capetownloud cut)
  11. You can use Amblyseius swirskii mites which feed on the young stages of Thrips. I've got some on the way from Livingseeds.co.za, but they do take a while to get here once ordered, about 15 business days. So if you're in late flower it's probably going to be too late. Otherwise you can also find some Stinkwoods and try bring in some Lady Bugs from it. I sometimes steal a few of the young ladybugs to help control a bit, but other than that - yellow sticky traps can help as we as BioInsek (Beauveria Bassiana) which can be used in flower (it's a biological insecticide). Thrips are pissing me off at the moment too...
  12. The problem is a lot of people don't seem to know what makes a good breeder. They think that throwing together good looking cuts and doing some S1 is what makes a good breeder, "Looks fire so it must be a great breeder" on the other side there is the "Oh, this guy is running classic heirlooms, he must know what he is doing". The real good old school breeders are actually typically the guys in the US who were trading cuts in the underground long before any of the dispensaries started showing up. There are a lot of good podcasts out now by highly respected breeders, and just listening to them discuss the source of their cuts will get you in tune with who is really doing good work out there - and give some insight into the breeders which are publicly praised but were shady fucks in the industry who screwed over other breeders. People see hype more than they do anything else. There's also unfortunately a lot of people still stuck in the 90s, thinking that breeders who were putting out hype strains back then must still be doing good in the game. And because South Africa was quite limited in its exposure to the US underground breeding scene, not a lot of growers here are actually aware of the 'real OGs'. The problem here is that we see European genetics as superior, thanks mostly to the fact that they were the ones who controlled the foreign genetics market here for decades. Look at SkunkVa from Lucky Dog Seeds, that dude was part of the group of travelling 'dead heads' who basically just followed The Grateful Dead around America, and in that community you had some of the best growers of that time sharing cuts between each other, and creating fucking legendary strains. SkunkVA is known for his Chem '91 cut ( worth listening to how it came to be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zizcd3O92ps ) - but there is very little interest locally in these guys who originated classic cuts. If you're looking for quality breeders that have a good balance of old school but without being stuck in the past look at: - Riot Seeds - Archive - Lucky Dog (he almost exclusively works with his Chem cut though, so not much variety) - Bodhi - Duke Diamond etc There's a lot of other guys doing really good work and still actually breeding with males and females and not just seed making (silvering fems), but the above are some of the more respected guys who typically have the best connections to original cuts. With the Chem '91 mentioned above, SkunkVA himself has said majority of people claiming to be working with the cut don't actually have it (and its his cut). So one can't simply just look at a lineage or cut and take it at face value. To find the best breeders, listen to the originators of legendary cuts and see who they vouch for. You'd be surprised by how small the list really is. Granted my list is a little US leaning, but that's honestly where I see most of the quality coming from - and it makes sense given that the new legal infrastructure there offers such a good platform for breeding development Locally, I do like the work that Jay does. He has an interest in heirlooms, but isn't afraid to throw in some killer genetics from more 'hyped' breeders like OG Rascals (a personal favourite if you're into OG lines). As for which strains I've grown that I liked the most... My favourite strains haven't typically come from the "best breeders" and in some cases were even from dudes whose breeding practices are hated by 'real breeders' - Colin from Ethos has what is considered some terrible breeding methods, but the flower (assuming it doesn't herm) can still be really satisfying to grow if you're doing it for bag appeal or flavour. It's been difficult to get high quality breeders genetics here, so most of the strains I'm looking forward to running have only just made their way into my collection, but I'm definitely looking forward to my: Archive, Dungeon's Vault, Cannarado, Swamp Boys, Thug Pug Just give this a watch before you buy more Dutch genetics (addresses both Reeferman and Sensi mentioned by Chris above):
  13. I'm not too fussy on sativa/indica these days. I mean in reality how many strains are we really smoking these days that aren't just polyhyrids? Green Crack is often considered one of the most uplifting and energizing strains and yet it's still just a 60/40 hybrid. There's also too much phenotype variation to be able to straight up say sativa or indica (Unless one is smoking on full indicas / sativas or landraces). Personally though, I'll smoke whatever when ever. But I prefer growing Indicas for their fast flowering times and bud structure (not so much their WPM proneness though)
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