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  1. ...Planting got delayed by few hours... Day 4 : Pre-soaked 3x Jiffies in solution of EM1, Kelpak (stocked up with new bottle after photos. lol) & pinch of Dynaroot 2 for the 'Control Plants' Pre-soaked other 3 Jiffies in the same solution, but including Explogrow., which of course will be our 'Explogrow Plants' Dechlorinated tap water. pH-adjusted to 6.4-6.5 One seedling already popped out it shell and another sprouted twins!
  2. Day 3 : All 6x seeds germinated with only one not showing its taproot here yet. Curious about the green stains, makes me think of copper oxidation. But they seem unaffected.
  3. Day 1 : I didn't want to risk anything and mess around with germination, so used my tried-and-tested method; straight to paper towel & dechlorinated tap water
  4. Haha. Thanks @Breadinator ! Going to need all the note-taking I can get
  5. Delta9Jack reporting for duty! I want to give a big thank you to the admin & Totemic for the beans and for the motivation to get going again actually. Procrastinated too much after recently moving to in a new apartment, mixed with a bit of rough times. But now perfectly coinciding with having my first real garden space, the grow-off was the perfect excuse to get my but off the couch and get my first outdoor grow underway. Indoor grower now facing the sun, let's do this! Received them the 30th September and sommer grabbed myself a t-shirt while I was at it. Gotta represent. Again, a massive thank you to those involved in the competition! I'm moerse excited to participate and learn to grow in a new environment with genetics from local talent. Haven't actually got a game plan yet, but we'll figure it out. Lol Cheers and happy growing, everyone!
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