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  1. Green Leaf Organics

    African Smoke Headshop

    Just wanted to make a quick post about African smoke . They are a new headship so I decided to place a test order this week to see what there service was like before I placed bigger orders. I am happy to report the service is excellent and there products are really well priced . If anyone is on the fence with them I can say you wont be disappointed. I can highly reccomend them . Well done guys. Cheers
  2. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    That's because you haven't had proper edibles I use to be like you but have been converted , there some skilled bakers out there
  3. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    She is bud , shot If you guys looking for world class glassware have a look at mothership glassware . I am looking to get one there bangers for this bong
  4. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    Yea I love it but it's more a piece of art , wont be smoked very much but looks awesome on the shelf 🤣
  5. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    Got this beauty a little while ago. Still need to get a quartz banger for it . Custom done by chaos graphics
  6. Green Leaf Organics

    My first grow.

    It's not about sticking it anywhere it's about light reflection . You will loose a good portion of light due to it going through the blanket and being absorbed by the cardboard . Rather just paint the cardboard white. Btw cardboard is not a great material to build a cab out of , you going to have mould issues
  7. Green Leaf Organics

    My first grow.

    No. Hold an emergency blanket up to a light source and you can see through them
  8. Green Leaf Organics

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Nah bud it's only a few plants
  9. Green Leaf Organics

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Yea I got to paranoid lol it's not time yet and I didn't want to take the chance so close to legalization
  10. Green Leaf Organics

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Got a few packs that need to be grown out Cali orange The ultimate Ethos Glue Ethos mandarin sunset Lemon zkittles . So many bean so little time
  11. Green Leaf Organics

    420SA GrowOff's

    If you really want to make it fair the only choice is to all work with the same cut. There is to much genetic variation from seed to make it fair .
  12. Green Leaf Organics

    So, what games do you play?

    Just finished God of War , amazing game . Now to work through the black Friday specials I bought lol
  13. Green Leaf Organics


    Those are revegging already.plant them into nice big pots and you will have some monsters on your hands at the end of the season
  14. Green Leaf Organics

    Help Identify

    Magnesium sulphate will only hurt you microbes in large doses . At the doses me use it's actually beneficial to use it . A lot of soil recipes actually put a cup of magnesium sulphate into the mix. yes that plant is suffering from MG def so magnesium sulphate would be better to use over calmag+ as you dont look like you need the extra calsium or nitrogen
  15. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you dry and cure your harvest?

    Requires more than aircon it requires you to controll the RH as well , run the ac to long and the air drys to much. Look I know this out of reach for most people but you want it to be as close to that as you can get . This will give you 11% moisture content in the flowers which is what we all aiming for and the best way to get there is as slow as you can .