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  1. @Puffing Llama please update your diary , at least one update needs to be done every 7 days
  2. @Longee Hi bud We need an update here , its 2 days overdue
  3. Soaking seeds isnt always a good thing especially with these nice fresh genetics from @Totemic. i personally never soak seeds unless I know they are old and have been stored badly
  4. @Totemicbrings up a point to remember though , these are sativa dominant so beware the stretch
  5. Hi bud I think your seeds have damped off , seeds and seedlings do not like to much moisture . So I think them being in the bubbler and coco pucks kept then to wet and they got a fungal infection.
  6. Not all females are created equally... you playing the odds here 😀. Good luck for the growoffs bud 👍
  7. Thanks guys , will do my best and glad to help
  8. Get an enail , you will never look back. I went over to an enail a while ago and will never go back to a torch , a torch is so inaccurate.
  9. You getting ahead of yourself , its living soil . What are you using to ph down? A lot of ph liquids will destroy for soil
  10. Is there something wrong with your plants?
  11. I am with @Totemic on this one , put some effort in 🤣
  12. Extract it , you can store a clean extract in the fridge for years and the extract can be used for all types of things
  13. Sorry I really dont understand the question..... to much flower , what is this myth you speak off.... 🤣
  14. I have been cloning the same plant for about 8 years and I have a plant that's been cloned for 15 years no degradation
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