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  1. You will be able to get it from one of the leading grow shops. It contains 10+ years of experience refining the perfect mix for growing cannabis but to keep it short and sweet it contains 4 different soils , 6 composts , meals , worm castings , lots of other additives and an EM mix I have been working on for years .
  2. Would anyone be interested in buying my soil? Trying to find out if it would be worth putting time and money into
  3. Honestly it sounds like they knew there was an issue with the controller they sent you . I have received a few gavita controllers and the grow shops dont test them before they leave the shop so how would he know it had a faulty cable apparently. It sounds like it's a broken unit that's been returned and sent to you as a new one to keep you quiet . I would be extreamly pissed off and demand my money back . Growguru in PE has stock of the controllers , gthydro may have stock again as well. This is a unit was DOA so demand your money back or a new controller .
  4. Lol like I said full melt is normally under 120u for dry sift ... and that in this case on this strain I use a 220u. Looks full melt to me....
  5. I used my work bag which is a 220u screen but a screen is a screen . Just make sure it's the right micron . Go to a silkscreen place get a piece of screen and stretch it over a bowl . Dont force the product through the screen , just gently work the material on top of the screen . You may want to get a 120u and a 90u piece as well. I used a 220u on the cheese because the cheese has very large trichomes . If your strain had smaller trichomes you will want to use a smaller screen . Full melt is generally below 120u , so it all depends on what quality you looking for . If you dont mind some contaminate or if you want a clean full melt you will need different screen .
  6. Made this with a 220u screen , full melt
  7. It's not just about thc , terpines and other canabanoids play a large role in the high as well. There is a definate difference in highs between strains.
  8. 不不不不 wanted to see if it replied
  9. Hahahaha tolerance is all relative , changing strains will reset your tolerance to a degree
  10. Yip , my goal is to assimilate all the weed in the word 不
  11. Angielski mo髒e by dobrym pocztkiem ... nie polskim. Jakich informacji szukasz.
  12. Cant do anything about it now , just let it finish off and enjoy the smoke . Seeded smoke isnt the best but it's still good . That plant looks about 4-5 weeks off
  13. Dutch passion does a Charlettes Angel strain that very close to charlettes web . It is a pure cbd strain with under 1% thc
  14. Don't replant it just up the waterings and try protect the pot from direct sun. Otherwise she is looking good bud , well done on your first go
  15. Still got a while to go. you do also know it looks fully seeded right?thats why the pistols are more than likely going brown
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