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  1. Green Leaf Organics

    Dry sift hash

    Look for a 160-190 micron silkscreen and use dry ice to help break the trichomes off or get yourself a set of bubble bags . If you get the bags its a once off expense and you can process all your trim.
  2. Green Leaf Organics

    Attention regulars - Moderators wanted

    With all the load shedding as well it would help to split the load 😂😂😂🤣🤣
  3. Green Leaf Organics

    Bud rot or light burn?

    Sorry bud fell asleep last night lol yea I would worry that doesnt look lime anything serious
  4. Green Leaf Organics

    Bud rot or light burn?

    Doesnt look like rot to me
  5. Green Leaf Organics

    Bud rot or light burn?

    Bud rot starts inside the bud and yellow sugar leaves are one the first indicators . Check inside the bud, if theres rot you will notice immediately
  6. Green Leaf Organics

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    What stuns me is how people think they can do bussiness like this . He might have had a good light and a point but all that is lost to the attitude . Try treating the people that stuck around here through the times with a bit more respect and you will find the respect is repaid . You dont know us here and you dont know our history just like we dont know yours . Grow up bud and change your attitude , you will find people a lot more willing to hear you out
  7. Green Leaf Organics

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Wow all this hate , just buy a proper light like gavita or lux . Your attitude will be your downfall bud , this is not how bussiness is conducted
  8. Green Leaf Organics


    They only have one range and it's for coco or soil. You may be thinking of greenhouse feeding
  9. Green Leaf Organics

    Mothership Bongs

    Nope it's not , it's actually a good price for a mothership rig. I want to import one of the bangers for my art bong
  10. Green Leaf Organics

    Mothership Bongs

    I wonder if the bank gives loans for dab rigs....
  11. Green Leaf Organics


    That is not nute burn... that plant is starving. It's in an inert medium being given extreamly low dosages of nutes... that's what happens to a starving plant . Biobizz recommends 2-5ml per L , you giving it 1ml per L in an inert medium . Give you poor girl some food , start at 3ml per L.
  12. Green Leaf Organics


    Looking good bud
  13. Green Leaf Organics

    African Smoke Headshop

    Just wanted to make a quick post about African smoke . They are a new headship so I decided to place a test order this week to see what there service was like before I placed bigger orders. I am happy to report the service is excellent and there products are really well priced . If anyone is on the fence with them I can say you wont be disappointed. I can highly reccomend them . Well done guys. Cheers
  14. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    That's because you haven't had proper edibles I use to be like you but have been converted , there some skilled bakers out there
  15. Green Leaf Organics

    How do you smoke ?

    She is bud , shot If you guys looking for world class glassware have a look at mothership glassware . I am looking to get one there bangers for this bong