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  1. Great to see the airtime being used so well and not a single piece of propaganda that has been the norm.
  2. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    Im still gonna figure this one out. Might be better to find a grow shop in each province or the like to distribute. It will be fresh seeds from this years run so will be in time for a winter indoor run since next years outdoor is so far off....
  3. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    I would donate a span of beans for next years outdoor. Gives me a chance to see my beans in others care.
  4. I totally agree. The Canna industry is exploding and already plenty Cannabis is good but not great. The craft breeders started this revolution and will continue to play a vital roll in the foundations of canna culture.
  5. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    15 Jan is basically the start of flowering time outdoors....I do understand that time is past but earlier in spring would be great. Make the Outdoor growoff a 18/9 yearly kickoff date. That means seeds break ground at the Spring equinox.
  6. Totemic

    How Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game | Golf Digest

    It has affected my golf game. Never played and when gerook I dont give it a single thought. If its got balls I dont like it. But give an engine and tyres.
  7. Totemic


    The best way I can explain the hermie phenomonon in cannabis. All cannabis plants can "hermie" as they fall into the category of dioecious plants. This simply means that male and female flowers are usually on two different plants. What's interesting to note with almost all plants in this category is their ability to also produce the opposing flowers to ensure the survival of the species. At the very core of it, that is what all living organisms are hardwired for. So this really is less of a trait and more genetic hardwiring, a common foundation for the species. The trigger is stress and this is where the traits come in. The trait is finding the genetic expression that can tollerate the highest amount of stress and not hermie. Some genetic expressions have a low stress threshhold and hermie just by looking at them wrong, while others can withstand massive fussing. Also it is interesting that "hermie" is actually a wrong term but so widely used that it is accepted. All your "perfect" flowers are true hermie flowers and defined as having both male and female reproductive parts on a single flowers structure. Cannabis keeps its flower structures distinctly seperate. So back to the point... stresses can be so subtle that you as a person may never know what the stress was. Regardless, once you have identified a plant "hermies" then you can assume its a stress so yes that genetic expression may not like your indoor environment and need outdoors to feel they arent being threatened. So the key is finding those plants that can tollerate the most everyday stresses without the survival response kicking in. All hermies should be discarded to try and eliminate the low stress tollerance trait as it carries over and offspring and genetically even less stress tollerant thus going hermie even easier.
  8. Totemic


    Make no mistake. Plenty of the genetics around are off shoots from dutch. What makes strains mediochre is all the chucking. The Fem industry is also to blame. Finding a good female and then just feminizing seeds is really damaging the gene pool. In the long run its the guys who are building strains and line breeding, picking out the gold from the normal that brings out the best in cannabis. I dont work on much but have been culling off hundreds of plants in my persuits. Persuits that have made me smile as I see the results year after year.
  9. Totemic


    Jup. Just watch us oakes who have been working a thing for everyone over the last few years.
  10. Totemic

    First time grow

    You guys really shade your plants? I have never had to shade plants. If they have enough water and enough nutrients available those plants pray to the sun in 46 degree heatwaves and grow so strong...
  11. Totemic

    Ethanol Suppliers

    The thing with food grade ethenol is that you can drink it. It becomes an issue then that full government taxes and duties need to be levied. Prices I have gotten for 96% from Protea chemicals was just about R7k for a 25l. Works out to the same amount of actual ethenol if you purchased 70l of vodka and distilled the proof up. That price doesnt sound right 420. That sounds like the price for denatured ethenol. You dont want the denatured stuff. Poison to your organs.
  12. Totemic

    We're back!

    Loving the new look and feel admin.👍
  13. As if you need any validation Reaf.
  14. As a non drinker im repulsed by the idea, and seeing cannabis and alcohol in the same advert just ruins it for me personally. On the flipside of the coin, this is now a runaway train, and one that we've all been begging for at that. The cannabis revolution will replace our dying industrial revolution.
  15. Totemic

    Strainhunters: Swaziland

    Watched all of the strainhunters vids on youtube. I so wish I could have been on a few of those expiditions. But hey there is no reason we cant pull off trips like that. In fact an april or may trip to swaziland sounds like a blast.