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  1. Haha. They are super fresh with the blocking enzymes only clearing up now. As said before. Morphed phyllotaxy, specifically whorled phyllotaxy, as well as twins are common with this cross and have been around since the F1s. You are growing out F4s. The male was responsible for this but there are no negatives with the expressions.
  2. That's what the first leaves do. They almost all have that kink. Another visual. Determining sex should also be easy without a flip. Not shy to show pistils from 5 weeks.
  3. Just remember that them plants are solid Sativas and stretch a full double
  4. I think @420SA can extend the deadline to end October.
  5. And @Trailblazer420 . Beans being sent tomorrow.
  6. Then precisely the same equation is due on the females, giving you a 75% of at least a male.... so its 50/50...all symantics put aside.
  7. Jip. Xx (FEM) cross xY (MALE) Can only equal Xx xx XY xY With 2 plants planted you can only have a 50% chance, 0% chance, or 100% chance. To work with a 75% as you are requires an additional 2 plants to make up the quarters you are snipping. Your percentages are based on plant numbers not genetics. Genetics is the limiter. Ie. Everything relative to a factor of 4. The ratio also only really holds true the larger your sample.
  8. Grow them out man. That's the whole point. And please do still take part.
  9. The lineage has origins from the DNA line. I have bred this cut but I'm not the type to claim genetics as my own. It belongs to all off us.
  10. I like to keep my fat cells as full of cannabinoids as possible..... smoke more if you have too much flowers!?!?!! Honestly that piss test will spring apart and break. But yeah storage as mentioned above is a must.
  11. Busy with the commissioner...Well of he OKs it, it will be another Jackie Selebi mission.....
  12. Twins and morphed phyllotaxy are quite common in this cross, and has been prevelant since the F1s. I expect to see a bit more of that in everyone's grow.
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