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  1. Totemic


    So....after my previous post, 30 minutes of digging and get the following: Paxley.co.za is driving this. They are a local to their area multimedia and design house. http://paxley.co.za/contact-us-2/ Russel de beer is the name. Below taken from co.za They also own the Cybernet internet cafe and probably do all the website design too... https://platinumcybernet.wordpress.com So....Its a very serious question to ask....What exactly do these guys know about our cannabis industry? As the dust settles, all the snowflakes will melt. Guys. Its time to shake the trees. Lets see what all falls out with the monkeys. So I call out Canapax or Russell, whichever he prefers...to come and convince me and the rest of the community here. Convince me. Edit: I invited Russel myself. This is really a conversation that needs driving.
  2. Totemic


    A load of bull if you ask me. They lost me on the african haze page referring to rooibaard which I have had the pleasure of consuming some 25 years ago. This is an original swazi, but the story they spilling on the site is so NOT. Rooibaard is nowhere near a haze. 🙈 I have always been a supporter of decriminalisation. Everyone has the right to grow their own. The industry will do well considering that seeds are what is needed. The Cannabis genome needs the space to expand. Its needs to continue the momentum it has built over the last 30 years and continue to evolve. Having a market place for growers to sell is great. Bullshitting the masses into settling for all the terribly grown landraces at worse than street prices, and then go riding on strain names......Meh. The way forward for growers will not be canapax. It will be even smaller craft style co-ops. Like many here, I have been around decades in defiance of these laws, smoked all the originals....DP, Gold, and Rooibaard. None of these strains are around anymore. NONE OF THEM. If you go to Swaziland you will see almost only badly grown dutch hybrids these days.
  3. Totemic

    My Intro

    Welcome to the forum bud.
  4. Totemic

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Enough of this snowflake. I have some real business to attend to while he builds this aircastle for himself.
  5. Totemic

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Anyone who proposes to be conducting business on an international scale nogal, most certainly does not don this demeanor. Your pride is your nemesis.
  6. Totemic

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    You will fade away and be humbled fluffball. Right out the door and we get this...? You are transparent af.
  7. Totemic

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Talk and attitude is cheap. Run seed to harvest grow. Run a thread. Show week by week how your lights are legit and for the price better than the rest. Repeat it next grow. Include a few random testers. I mean someone who is random. Someone who has a proven track record. Not your buddy. Then speak to the owner of the forum. Discuss how youd like to really be a proud service provider to a long before the law changed group of people and help kickstart South Africa into world class Cannabis supply status, instead of trying to make a quick buck. #JustSaying
  8. Totemic


    Try Tinder. This is a growers forum. Not the hookup corner. Welcome to the forum though. Do you grow? Would be lekker to see if you do so please share with the community.
  9. Been browsing the enormous bud website. Do any of you know any of the 4 guys behind it? I haven't heard of them. Cant find much info on the enOrmous bud nutes. I assume its a sugar beet and mollasses...
  10. And so start the gimmics. Ill stick to tried and tested ways passed down from the guys I learnt from, and will pass it on here.
  11. Totemic

    Online store now open

    I would most definately put my soil up as available in the future. Problem with soils are their weight. That is why I have posted how I make mine. If you grow organics long enough you develop your own soil that works for the way you grow. My soils are heavy for example but then my plants are getting full sun and can cope with the "heat" of the soil. Most of veg my plants run a dark emerald green. But yeah, Im keen.
  12. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    For sure. Seeds are a 2-3 month mission. And that mission starts this month.
  13. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    The choco finishes mid May to June Outdoors. Indoors a much earlier harvest can be anticipated as the choco finishes after 11-12 weeks.
  14. Totemic

    420SA GrowOff's

    That works for me. Seeds should be ready by end April.
  15. Totemic

    Friend or foe?

    Perske tor. We made kites out of these as kids. Tied a piece of sewing thread to a back foot and they did the rest. Its not a friend but not a concern for your cannabis.