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  1. Totemic

    New kid

    Do some reading on Google on the "food soil web" It will give you a new perspective on organics and what the goals of organics are. Feeding the microbes, not the plant.
  2. Totemic

    New kid

    Airstone gives a nice oxygen boost to the water and yes the chemicals do evaporate off quicker. But the water can really just stand. I just let my buckets stand in the sun.
  3. Totemic

    New kid

    Last 3 words of first paragraph
  4. Totemic

    New kid

    Or...since you are doing the organic thing. Chuck the lemon, bicarb, ph pen and all and just use tap water, aged for a day and nutes added. I havent checked pH for years. Really not necessary with organics. The microbes create the pH they want to live in.
  5. The simplest recommendation is wait another 3 weeks. Winter is well on its way. We are heading into a sweetspot now. Those temps already dont sound problematic. Cannabis likes growing in the range you say imo.
  6. If it didnt come with a label. Call it Cannabis. No way strains are ID'ed on looks. Genome map or cannabinoid map perhaps.
  7. Totemic


    Nah bru. Only after you stepped on it.
  8. Totemic


    Agreed. Most beetles are carnivorous. They eat anything they can find.
  9. Let her go. Shes not done.
  10. Even different phenos of the same strain. Point is each plant is unique.
  11. Totemic


    I can just imagine a bunch of bots taking over the forum and having long conversations that lead nowhere.
  12. I lost my whole crop of wild lettuce(i make a green tea that helps with pain.) to PM outdoors in January. I think this is after effects from our drought.
  13. Totemic


    And the raids are continuing. Ladysmith WC was raided after a marked money sting. https://www.son.co.za/Nuus/Suid-Kaap/cops-raid-shop-met-dagga-20190317 Its sad how convinced the franchise owners are that what they are doing is legal. So the story will probably unfold in drips and drabs.
  14. There are few things worse than harvesting a bud even a week early. Its a dissappointing smoke. Let her finish yes. I agree.
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