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So here we go.. not sure if I'm early to the party but what the hel..


Will have some space in the tent soon and by the time these girls get flipped they should have the tent to themselves...

Grow nitty gritties:

1x1 Mammoth Pro 100 Tent

600w HID

Extractor fan and two fans for air flow..

The plan:

Will be starting the seeds in a tin with paper towel on top of the decoder. From there straight into Freedom Farms Seed Starter. I Have not used it before and is quite excited to try it out..



After the girls have been Veged to reach the required size, they'll be potted up into 5L pots.  Here is where I wil be testing a different soil mix for each.. 

#1 Will be grown in Freedom Farm Premium Classic & Diotomatious Earth..

#2 Will be grown in FF PC, DE and Super Frass 

3# Will be grown in FF PC & DE Mixed with worm castings, Organic Mulch potting soil and extra Perlite..

None of the plants will get anything else. Normal declorinated tap water only. This grow off will determine my soil mix for further grows. It also serves as a bit of a test on the Super Frass and FF Seed Starter..




With these mixes I am sure to have 3 way different results.. 

To all the contestants, good luck stay safe and above all enjoy.. This is going to be epic..


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Ah come on man, play with.. Out of this I am sure @Totemic Will select a foto for his Website for the Tortoni.. I'm not a growers arse but I enjoy it.. that all that counts..
Yeah please come on play with.
It's the reason I'm putting my pride out there.
As a newbie'ish I'm hoping to learn from so many different diaries running at the same time.
I'm hoping the light is the wooden spoon prize as I'm going into this with 2 x QB75's.

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1 minute ago, DamDave said:

Yeah please come on play with.
It's the reason I'm putting my pride out there.
As a newbie'ish I'm hoping to learn from so many different diaries running at the same time.
I'm hoping the light is the wooden spoon prize as I'm going into this with 2 x QB75's.emoji12.png

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I agree.. This will be my second indoor grow so I'm in for a major learning experience.. It's not about winning or anything, it's about the experience and what one learn out of it..👌🌱

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So it seems I am falling behind... I'm awaiting a new phone and it will arrive tomorrow, hopefully.. My phone decided to go for shit last week and the tablet I am using now takes real shitty photos.. So.. Go guys I'm on your heals.. Giving you a bit of a head start..😁

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Head start is over guys..😁 Got my phone and I'm on your heals..😝

Put the beans in a container on top of the decoder... Hopefully tomorrow this time things would of started happening.. Let's see..

Good luck with the germanation and I wish you all 100%germ rate..







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#Tortot 1&2 did some sunbathing again today.. Trying to curb the stretch a bit.. The 3rd bean has not yet germed and I decided to give it till tomorrow morning and then I'll just plant her somewhere.. But she's out of the selection for now..



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So #Tortot3 is a no show.. She'll be put in a pot and if she shows face good, if not, no matter.. I'm sure the 2 that showed up for the party will put out..😁. I will now do a weekly update on the two from now on.. What I realize now is that I will have to switch my light cycle to the evenings instead of the day as the temps and humidity spikes badly at night.. As I am new to indoor growing this is obviously the norm.. I just prefer it during the day as I will disturb them during the day and can not really get the space dark enough.. Anny sugestions welcome..


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2 hours ago, Stinger96 said:

I will disturb them during the day and can not really get the space dark enough.. Anny sugestions welcome..

I'm not sure what your grow area is like, but Panda Film (e.g. https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/black-white-panda-plastic-sheet/) is not too expensive and works very well. Its also great for DIY and odd shaped spaces because its plastic.

If you grow area is already reflective enough and you just need to block out light, then just a black plastic sheet works well as a light barrier and is a bit cheaper. (Needs to be thicker than a dropsheet BTW). 


I'm not sure how much that helps... Maybe give us an idea of what the grow area looks like and someone here will have a better suggestion

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Thnx yes it helps.. The thing is the tent is in a space that gets used ofted during the day.. I have plans but plans cost money.. Money is quite elusive to most at the moment..😁 I think I'm just a bit lazy or sometimes just to stoned or focused on something else to get it done.. In the meantime I desided to put up a Gasebo, 3x3 over the tent and the area I use for the grow and then close off the sides.. 

Thank you for your input.. Outside opinion alway help take the blinkers off.. 👌👍🌱

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Yeah, money... The cheapest option I can think of is cardboard. Ugly as all hell, esp if its in a used area but it will work. If you need it to be reflective then you can even paint it with flat white paint. 

Mostly people would advise against cardboard because of potential mold. But if its an option for you and nothing else is then why not :)

Managing light leaks is quite important to avoid issues when flowering though, so I'd say its probably worth seeing what you can do for as cheap as possible. Send a pic if you do use cardboard, I love insane DIYed things 😛 

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    • By StonerZN
      'Olla Bromigos!
      Getting started a little later this year than last, rain around this time in my neck of the woods played havoc with seedlings last year. 
      For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen 🙃

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      Little late but here we go , put seeds in water in clone area 23 hr's ago
      Temps roughly at 24 degrees 24/7, might dip to 21 degrees for 2hr's when lights go of .
      I see a taproot root popping, can you spot it ?
      Will update later how and in what medium il start it of with.
      I do have extra Tortoni seeds that's why there are 4 .
      Sent from my Hisense Infinity H50 using Tapatalk
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      Seeds arrived! 
      Lets get poppin'
      Exact same bottle of ExploGrow I used with previous grow off, been keeping me happy for almost 3 years now! 

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      Welcome to my grow diary 🙂  Dare I say this competition should be interesting 😃
      Seeds in water and to be planted out later today. Loved seeing the dark colours on the seed, very different to what I have usually seen 😎
      Good luck to all taking part 😃

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