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    Fastbuds Gorilla Cookies
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    Coco and living soil
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    Quantum board
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    Dinafem Dinamex, Dinafem Durban Poison
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    Tent 120/70/165, 220W - Samsung Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Quantum Board, heat matt
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    Budding Genius
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Vape and edibles

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  1. Weekly Uodate: Gave these thirsty girls a mixture of black strap molasses and Epson salts today. Everyone is looking mighty fine. Holding thumbs for no issues after this cold front hitting jozi tonight. T3 T2 T1
  2. On fire man! 👌
  3. I've also noticed what looks like pistils coming through.
  4. Update: The ladies are taking over the tent. I made a decision to switch T3 to GHE Bloom nutrients. She's only had one dose so far and still looking good. T1 and T2 are still on the organic Budding Genius nutrients range.
  5. Weekend update. I performed a little bit more defoliation of the lower parts and did a little training to spread out a bit.
  6. S33dFr33k


    nice view you have there @Pants
  7. S33dFr33k


    is this how growers get the plant to grow around a rock or stump for those decorative grows?
  8. Opened the tent this morning to a very chilly 15° inside. Frost on the ground in the garden. Everyone is looking good though. All ladies fed this morning. Started adding transition nutrients from Budding Genius on top of other nutes they're already getting. Fairy Dust: A premium bloom boost feed that increases flower size and mass. Stimulates flower development, resinous oils, and terpene production. Ingredients: derived from mono-potassium Phosphate, Potassium Hydroxide and a thiamine Hydrochloride. 1ml-1l Trance: A premium feed that promotes healthy vigorous growth. Ingredients: derived from marine extracts, liquid vermicast, chelated trace minerals, fish and seaweed extract, beeswax, amino acids and natural extracts. 3.5ml-1l Posted pics with and without the light on this morning.
  9. You're right 🤦 Will keep it on, just worried it lowers the temp too much. It's mighty cold in jozi these nights.
  10. Two days into the flip schedule and a little bit more defoliation. Ladies are looking good. I'm doing lights off at night but keeping the heat matt on to keep the temp up in the tent. Also turning the fan off during nights. This pic is with the lights on. Rest are without to show color. All the ladies. T1 T2 T3
  11. I did a little more defoliation this morning and set lights to 12/12 7am to 7pm. The flip is upon us.
  12. Wow, I didn't know you had to store it in a storage solution. Thanks, I'll look into it. You learn so much on this forum. Thanks again
  13. The darn thing is brand new. I bought it just before this comp. Also calibrated it too. Just so I understand which one do you see an issue with 1, 2, or 3?
  14. I always stick to 6 but lately I've been noticing that I need to put more PH down in the solution to get it down from 7. Maybe the PH down solution has lost its efficacy. How can I tell if the PH meter is faulty?
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