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  1. And they are up. Yeah!! One very stretchy lady haha
  2. So, Beans have been dropped. Good luck to all
  3. Okay, so to start this grow off, I will be running 1 x 240w led quantum board light 1 x 4" (100mm) extractor fan along with 2 other fans for circulation I will be using coco coir and perlite mix amended with worm castings and Elemental blend both from Dirty hands inc. I will be using this throughout the entire grow with the addition of a bloom booster when in flower. I will however be trying 3 different training techniques: # 1 - Mainlining # 2 - Standard topping probably around 3 times # 3 - will be left to do its own thing, will not top, trim or anythi
  4. Thank you. Still in learning process when it comes to weed, but i think i have found a system that works for me. So lets see. Let the games begin.
  5. And it starts, cant wait to get home and pop these babies.😀
  6. Good morning I am a chef by trade. I do 3d printing as a hobby and now also enjoy growing.
  7. What's cooking?

    1. ChefDylan


      Hey Bud!

      How ya doin, New here, just checking everything out and getting ready for the growoff. Very excited


    2. The_StonedTrooper


      Welcome, good to have you with us, we are all family here.

      Please make yourself at home, and look forward to seeing your grow and adventures.

      Good luck🤜🤛

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