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  1. Thanks bud, received and the seeds look great. 6 of them have already been chucked into some water.
  2. Not sure if this is in the correct section, but just wanted to give some feedback on my new order since they have been back. Cannabist went above and beyond, as per my usual experience with them, so thanks a ton! And I appreciate all the nice gifts etc, always exciting opening something unknown. Great service and site and I would definitely recommend them. Thanks
  3. Its a solid concept, with a 'herbal' infused execution 😆 Having played paintball, I think besides all these other very valid points, the one that stands out the most is that, as Crex says, to begin with you don't have enough gas I would imagine. But feck I love a good out of the box idea like this 🙂 As for alternatives, doing nothing, again as Crex said, is solid. Else, what about the soap and water spray trick? I know that works for a lot of pests. Something worth trying. Pyrol is out at this point, as is Neem IMO. I bought another product the other day, same company, called Vegol. Sl
  4. This is an awesome shot, I mean I want to smoke that. Desperately. 🤣 . But where is the pet? Don't tell me its a thrip or spider mite 😛🤣 I mean, I am baked. So maybe I miss read the description or I am not seeing this right. Forgive me if I am being a twat 🤣 I am keen for the comp. Will need to check my pics. Always have my stoner kitty helping me when I water and stuff 😆
  5. Thats a solid offer @Criptoe 🙂 Nice one @Cannabist 😎 In the beginning (when I was learning 'more' 😄 Because I am still learning every day and grow 😛 ) I just practised with a lot of bag seed, and that really helped me with the big mistakes. Then I bought some seeds 🙂
  6. Meh, Feck it. I bought another light 🤣 I am in. (Managed to sell some shit, so it made sense). Will fill in the form soon. Peace 😎
  7. Haha well done then! I really do need another light for a veg/mother area, then I will be golden 🤣
  8. I am possibly keen, but just started a new grow. And also have the next grow planned. But who knows, maybe I get more lights 😛 🤣 I take it everyone is kind of going to start around the same time? I'll be in for the next one then.
  9. You guys rock 😁 and thank you so much. Definitely a come back of note and really embracing that first bit of great service I received last year. Its great to see.
  10. Looks great and well done! I saw it earlier when I placed an order. Really looking slick 🙂 Will be spending some more time on the site
  11. I had a similar situation a few weeks ago. Where I usually dry trim, here I wet trimmed a fair amount away. This I felt, helped, as the plant was in such a humid room, it didn't need more leaves to add to that. And I found that worked quite well. I also had 1-2 days where I left the heater on a bit and off a bit. It raised the temps a bit but shot the humidity down for a while + dried them a bit. We had tons of rain, so I was more worried about mould hence the more drastic measures.
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