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  1. Still available yes. I was using it in a 90x90. I think 90x90 its perfect for flower and it could do more if used just for veg.
  2. Hey bud, It was my secondary light that I bought to start a perpetual grow. This was recently and then I found out about my moving plans. So I would say it only has a about 5-6 weeks on it. My first light is already sold (the older one). This is the newer version with the LED covers and overall better performance
  3. Details here under the 4": https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/metal-inline-fan/?fbclid=IwAR1pi_lEVuz6Rlplf5oEw3PPaF660UcAI1IdA02w0PPVRsk5EOwPPgbgc-4 I'll include some ducting for it also. It's definitely a powerful inline fan as I have it on the low setting and it is still overkill for the tent (also for sale) which is a 120x90x180
  4. Virtually new with no issues. It is a dual space tent with a main 90x90 (W x L) grow area and then a 30 x 90 seedling/veg/clone area (double story). I used it for veg. You can also remove the divider and use the full 120 x 90 space. 180cm is the height. Good quality metal poles and corners. Many holes for ducting as well as 3 vents that can be open or covered or partially covered (which is what I do - as they have bug screens on them). I have also attached the instructions where you can see it all.
  5. NOTE: Photo is of the rectangle one, I have the square. Same light, different config. Sunplus 200 (240w true, dimmable, meanwell driver etc) - Excellent light. It is set up in the square fashion and not the rectangle and is the newer version with the covers for the LEDs. Reference: https://www.phoenixskysa.com/product-page/sunplus-200 (but as said mine is square not rectangle, you can order either). Only used for a few weeks as an additional grow so it is virtually new and in perfect condition.
  6. Well done to all and especially the winners It was awesome to be a part of this! Thanks for all the organising, seeds and involvement!!
  7. And just like that, we are done Plant #1 and the chosen one is as per the pics below. I trimmed up one bud properly to see the bud structure. The rest was wet trimmed of all big fan leaves(final dry trim to come) post drying. So after 11 weeks of flower, she is looking grand. The plant I chose was slightly smaller than the other one, but I felt like the bud structure was nice, good colour, and frosty AF! This is some serious sticky icky goodness @Totemic Thanks for the seeds and the competition, and all the awesome peeps who participated. It's a pity I didn't get to dedicate more time, as I really feel that if I had not neglected them for weeks at a time, that I would of turned up even better results. But it's a testament to the ridiculously good genetics as they really shown through even with the abuse. Soil: Mix of Freedom farms and my own custom blend Nutrients: BioBizz Bloom and Grow as well as molasses and some banana tea at the end Light: Phoenix Sky Sunplus 200 (240w) Th pics don't do her justice really. Apparently 3 were excluded (+ my video) also as I hit the limit but there you go
  8. So I have decided today is the day of the chop. I checked trichomes over the weekend and the plant that I think I am going to put forward is #1 with slightly amber trichomes coming in. The rest is sitting with murky and some clear, but its time So will cut down later and post pics accordingly either later or tomorrow.
  9. So I took some nice pics last night Gave her a good feed of plain RO water 2 days prior to that and flushed a little. All 3 have popped out more now. Plant # 1 I think will be my choice, but I think I have a week or so left (will check trichs again tonight). Plant #2 is frosty, but colouring not as nice. Plant #3 is growing some bigger buds, but not as nice looking as #1. Plant #1 - Best looking so far I reckon. Beautiful bud colouring, pistils are darkening nicely, and leaves (although not seen in the pics so much) have nice colour to them too
  10. I should be done in a week or 2 max I reckon, and then they will get the chop. I will check trich's tonight again
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