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  1. So I agree with what most of you are saying here, but I think the common thread is that everyone is different. I have a mate who is notoriously bad on cannabis. It just affects him the wrong way. And recently I convinced him to try some edibles, but being the big guy he is I opted to give him a 10mg dose over 2.5 or 5...and well it still didn't sit well with him. Eish! So it can often also just be down to the person. But I also feel like smoking it would be better in terms of the effects coming on. And for them to apply the same concept as edibles (just shorter). i.e. have a few puffs, give it 10-30min and then see how you feel and then you can always do more. I feel like that is more reliable than edibles for the first time where it can take hours based on numerous factors.
  2. Thanks 😊 Thanks, was looking for that thread, couldn't remember where I found it 😃
  3. Thank you! Thats some solid advice. I am still new to these little microbial life guys, but what you say makes a lot of sense 😁
  4. Hey hey all, So as some of you may know I have had my Bubbleberry and Bubba Kush in my DIY tent for some time. Sitting in 20l fabric pots with Freedom Farm soils and Biobizz (Grow and Bloom) nutes. The Bubba Kush got the boot to outside as it had some bananas, so I wasn't going to take the risk. The Bubbleberry is in week 7 of flower and started with the yellowing of leaves (yellow with brown/dark curling tips) already. I figured it was needing something and was not done yet, but considering the PH going in is as per FFs suggestion as well as nute schedule. I then decided to buy a bucket and an air pump and brew a tea. I used 2 cups of compost, 1 cup of worm castings, couple ml of bloom and 2 table spoons of molasses to 10litres of water. I fed the bubbleberry this and she seemed to like it as finally the buds are fattening a bit. They were only as thick as my index finger, but some are starting to swell now. My main question here being, can I feed the same tea recipe (fresh of course) again? I assume as I am really only feeding the microbes I can't really overdo it? I also took the left over mulch from my tea and top dressed the plant with it. Some recent pics attached for reference. Thanks!!
  5. Awesome post packed with a lot of info, thanks!
  6. Thanks for the explanation. So I ordered in May which was (to me) "post hard lockdown"...so maybe they resolved their issues? I don't know...not good business regardless based on that feedback, but I had a really good experience.
  7. What have I missed here? I order from them back in May (albeit it from their local seed site buyseeds.co.za) and even spoke on Whatsapp to someone. They helped me by supplying a variety of pics of options. I ended up ordering some others, and then even got a bunch of seeds for free. Order came promptly in less than 48 hours, service was great and attentive. No issues whatsoever. Has it gone to shite since? Why? I was looking forward to ordering again.
  8. I'm also quite keen to try Fastbuds actually. Been looking for some better auto genetics, and every seems to speak highly of Fastbuds. Re the OP and topic, just put it down to learning, I had issues with my first (last minute) outdoor attempts. My next grow has already gone a bit better 🙂
  9. Thanks a lot 🙂 Always nice to hear the feedback! Thank you kindly 😄
  10. Thanks bud, really appreciate it. Yeah the colours are crazy. Will definitely be trying her again at some point to see if I can get some better bud growth. So if you look at the 2 diary links I posted for the photos you will get the idea. But I followed 2 slightly different approaches. 1. The Bubba Kush. >> https://growdiaries.com/diaries/61752-bubba-kush-totemic-grow-journal-by-live-canna I topped her twice. I basically topped and then pulled down branches in hope the lower node would catch up, which it did. Then the lower node, on that (lower) node also grew up, whilsts I kept pulling down the uppermost node. So thats where I got the odd shape, but she is relatively flat. 2. The Bubbleberry. >> https://growdiaries.com/diaries/61754-bubbleberry-totemic-genetics-grow-journal-by-live-canna This lady I topped, and then pulled the first two growths (once grown a bit) flat as if I was basically mainlining her, but without the sticks on the actual branches. So purely by LST. Then all the lower nodes on those 2 main branches starting shooting up and I topped those again creating more branches and every time pulling down. Then at some point I basically let go, and let them rise up to create the shape she is now. You can see this all quite clearly in the grow diary. Let me know if that makes sense. Happy to help with what I have learnt so far in my first proper grow. I must say though, I feel like what I did to the Bubbleberry worked a lot better. But this is all plant and strain dependent also. The bubbleberry is IMO definitely more on the Sativa side, while the Bubba Kush is more indica dominent.
  11. Thanks bud! Agreed, it is definitely getting warmer! Yeah, I am looking at getting a 75W V2 from Grow Opz as soon as the funds allow, and that will also help, as my light is not the best. But I am going to run with it for now. Also now that it is getting warmer, I will be able to remove the heater soon and then I will have more space without worrying about burning the plants (literally).
  12. Live Canna


    Cool Cool, I have sent them a message now 😁
  13. Live Canna


    Are they still able to build the 75W? I see it is sold out on their site, but I would be keen on getting one in the near future.
  14. Oh and here are the 3 diaries should you want to see the full progress 🙂 https://growdiaries.com/diaries/61752-bubba-kush-totemic-grow-journal-by-live-canna https://growdiaries.com/diaries/63067-original-orange-bud-auto-bulk-seed-bank-grow-journal-by-live-canna https://growdiaries.com/diaries/61754-bubbleberry-totemic-genetics-grow-journal-by-live-canna
  15. Tall nicely trained one is the Bubbleberry. Shorter stockier is the Bubba Kush, and the the flowering small one is the Dark Devil. + pic of all of them in the grow area.
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