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  1. Hi, yes that seems to be what people suggest. Mine are pretty short (early flip) so I may not need to do them upside down, but same principal yes. I'm not 100% sure if that kills all the eggs too... It should at least help control things until flowering is done, and I suppose that I could do it for several days in a row to break the cycle.
  2. Thanks! Yeah drowning the little bastards has a certain appeal too. I guess I'll give that a go instead.
  3. Hi all, I've just spotted spider mites on my flowering plants (still in early flow) . I've used Biogrow Neudosan before in veg and it was very effective at getting rid of the mites. I seem to have picked them up again after a move, seems like from some outside plants and a me not having a proper intake filter (idiot!). They claim that Neudosan is safe to use "on crops up to the day of harvest". The active ingredient is potassium salt of fatty acids, and from everything I can see should be completely safe e.g. https://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehipm/pdf_insect/insecticide ac
  4. Thanks! Interesting, I was assuming it needed to be sealed for winter with Polyethylene, what % shadecloth do you use?
  5. I'm considering building a small-ish greenhouse (mixed flowering plants & maybe some cannabis clones) but I'm not entirely sure where to start. Does anyone have any tips or advice they would like to share? Firstly I'm in the West Coast and the wind can be fairly intense at times. I can protect it to some extent by placing it near a wall but wind is something I definitely need to account for. Summers are hot, winters wet and cool. As for size I'd ideally like something at lest 2mx2m, possibly bigger depending on cost. Polyethylene seems to be the best bet as a co
  6. @Wulf indeed :). However then its worth noting that the driver and LED used in this light is very well respected here on the forum and elsewhere. So if you are in a hurry you can assume that its a good product and only compare on price knowing its going to work well. (And for build quality and price... this is the best deal I've seen locally) Good luck
  7. @Wulf I think there is quite a bit of info on the forum about LEDs, hopefully that can help a bit. What may help you here is to note that this light has "Samsung LM301B" LEDs and a "Meanwell XLG-240-H-AB" Driver. (The QB/Samsumg LEDs are very popular at the moment and I got them based on what people here have said). What is then unique to each provider is how its build, the heat sink, dimmer, power meter, hanging kits etc. The LM301B LEDs themselves are the same across the various providers, which means if you want to see how well they work for plants in general that is an easy way to do
  8. I switched the light on full, my seared retinas can confirm that the light is working just fine :).
  9. I've been away from the forum for a bit, so first post in a while . Hi everyone :) I just purchased a 240W Quantum Board from @Light It Up and I'm very exited to start using it. (Unfortunately I'm moving soon so I probably will have to wait two weeks before I actually can 😢) The experience with @Light It Up was excellent. They answered questions before I had purchases and were quick and friendly. The delivery was amazingly fast and everything was packed really nicely. Very impressive. Once I've moved and setup a grow area I'll start a grow diary. I can't wait to see how
  10. Hi, sorry late to the thread. I'm all out I'm afraid. The last ones I tried did not germinate that well anywa Looks like you may have sorted something out though, good luck :)
  11. Useful, thanks! Although I can't seem to find any of these at and of the local stores at the moment.
  12. Does anyone any have a guess for timelines on it being law?
  13. Just saw this: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/sas-cannabis-law-is-heading-for-parliament-heres-what-a-previous-draft-allowed-2020-8 (1kg home, 40g to give away. 10 seedlings / 7 immature plants / 3 flowering) I've got no idea how reliable that is as an indicator though
  14. Two days in, can confirm! 😛 The Dynavap is still great value for money & very portable, but its going to be the arizer by default from now on for me.
  15. I went with the Arizer Solo 2. Thanks for the thread @PsyCLown I ordered it yesterday and it arrived today, vapestore.co.za is awesome. It looks like a fantastic vape, very solid and well made. Remarkably fast to heat up too, I'm impressed. I'm pretty sure I'll still use the dynavap occasionally and I'd still recommend that as one of the best, (most compact & portable) and cheapest options. The Solo 2 is great for ease of use though and being able to set the desired temperature is a huge benefit. I'm very happy with this purchase.
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