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  1. @Stinger96 interesting thanks. Fortunately I was able to harvest before there was any damage. I did a quick wash of the buds and will now burn the remaining mites 😛 If it happens again I'll consider that though, thanks
  2. @Oolong83 I'm not sure about humidity during flower, I did not know about that. I was a bit worried about mold if anything. But I think its a lesser of two evils situation, so I would have tried the humidity either way. However its seems like I have been exceedingly lucky. With extra air flow and misting daily they have not done any damage so far, and I'm ready to start a flush today. Very very lucky indeed. So after the flush I'll bleach the whole room and try treat my young clones somehow too... Let us know how yours go? How much damage did they do?
  3. Thanks @CreX. I'll check how close to flowering I am again. If its more than a week I will try the CO2 route. I still have a CO2 bottle from my aquarium plant days Thanks @Mambawana. I've increased airflow and I'm heavily misting with water for now to increase humidity. Hopefully I can limp through to harvest time and then nuke the grow room.
  4. @Oolong83 I just saw this, I've also suddenly gotten spiter mites. I guess they must be traveling around our area at the moment 😞
  5. Hi all, I've not been active here lately, also it seems I've not been paying enough attention to my plants. I'm in late flower with a four plants and I think I have about 2 - 4 weeks before harvest, I have amber pistils but not too many amber trichomes yet. Yesterday I noticed that one of the flowers was covered in web, so spider mites are having a ball 😞. What are my options in late flower? Pyrol? I think thats a bad idea in late flower right? H2O2? What percentage to how much water if so? Anything else? For now I've increased the airflow and sprayed the undersides of as many leaves as a can. I'll get a bigger spray bottle today and keep doing that. Thanks for any help
  6. LOL, my air pump was not working and I needed to make some clones. So I put the cuttings in ~5 cm of coco in a perforated ice cream container with a upside down container as a humidity dome. And I've had 100% success with the clones. Very easy indeed
  7. I don't understand how this is legal? I wonder how the CCMA would rule in a case like this. If you are allowed to use cannabis according to the high court then its not possible for a business/contract to remove that right?
  8. I'm not sure about the other questions :P, but yes definitely remove the boveda packs. They will at best do nothing in the freezer and worst case could break/leak (in theory) when you defrost them.
  9. I saw an extreme DIY vacuum pump made using a brake bleeder. I've got no idea how effective this is, but it should at least be cheap 😛
  10. oic. My wife makes seedling pots out of newspaper. Biodegradable but... I'm guessing that wont work for 20l pots 😛 lol
  11. @Bakstein420 yeah the prices are a little crazy. But you can DIY it, e.g. see https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/2174-fabric-grow-bags/ I've seen easier versions two where they just use a cable tie to hold the bottom together :)
  12. Nice. I just finished my first indoor grow with coco/perlite and it has been great. There are different trade offs between soil and coco/perlite. I think to be a good soil grower you need to care about the soil, microbes etc. Take a look on the forum for the discussions the soil guys have about teas and composts etc. That was not really what I was after at this point so coco was an easy choice for me. The trade off is that its a bit more hands on and there is a bit to read about up front. But again in my opinion I think it is quite a bit simpler overall than soil. Its easy to correct mistakes and impossible to over water (yay!). You'll need a pH meter and an EC meter. EC meters are better than TDS ones, but TDS can work if you have to use one. There are many nutrient lines you can try, I used hortimix + silicone from hydroponics.co.za and have had good results. The one big change I want to make with my next grow is to test the run off EC more often. Thats good to see overall plant health and to check if I'm watering too little or too much (i.e. too much = wasting water). There is a lot of info around but I've found https://www.cocoforcannabis.com to be the best place to find very high quality information all in one place. Some good articles there, podcasts too if you are into that. Good luck, looking forward to seeing how it goes
  13. Hi and welcome :) Where are you based? It may be worth trying a few cheap / bag seeds first until you are a bit more confident. But as its been said, there are many helpful people around here who will make help keep everything alive :)
  14. That's terrible. Good luck, please let us know what happens?
  15. Right, yeah, coco/perlite is not the best option for that then 😛. I think you can occasionally push it to three or so day without watering but thats about it. The advantage of pure coco/perlite is that you have more control and can change/fix things faster. The cost is that you need to be more hands on, at least once a day watering, EC checks etc. For me the benefits outweigh the downsides, actually I like fiddling so there is no downside 🙂, but it does not sound like it will work for you Ah, right. So the theory with coco/perlite is that 30-50% perlite with good washed coco (peat/fine bits removed is that that mix holds just the right amount of water but also oxygen. If you add other things to the mix then you are no longer in that sweet spot and all bets are off. But as above it did not sound like a good fit anyway Please let us know what you do decide on and how it goes? Its always interesting to see all the different techniques and I'm sure I'll try a different style sometime 🙂
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