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  1. I'm not sure about the other questions :P, but yes definitely remove the boveda packs. They will at best do nothing in the freezer and worst case could break/leak (in theory) when you defrost them.
  2. @420sa this is the last one I have, from late October. If that is from too long ago I'll accept a forfeit, entirely my fault for not taking more full plant pics
  3. Quick summary Substrate: coco/perlite Nutrients: hortimix + calmag + silicone (towards the end of the grow) Harvested: about 70g dry weight Lights: bestva "1000W". (Pretty cheap lights, results were good though) Things I learned and would do differently I think I'll try a shorter veg period next time. The chosen female got massive during flower and 70g is quite a lot for what I use. Much less defoliation. I'll trim to keep leaves from growing on top of each other to avoid mold but I'll be less inclined to defoliate esp closer to flowering. I took off a bit too much this grow and a few branches ended up a bit naked More EC monitoring. I want to see how much I actually need to water. If I can keep the outflow within 300 of the in-flow then the watering is fine Automated watering system, should be easy enough I just need time to do it I'll be more cautious about estimated flower times. Plants can be unpredictable so I'll plan for that better. I've got a second cheap LED now, so I should be able to fill the room more effectively. More (4 to 5) smaller plants is the plan for next time. At some point I may look at better lights, but I'm happy enough for a bit. The hortimix ferts worked very well and ended up being very cost effective. No issues at all. I did *way* to much folia spray with calmag. I don't think I'll do any folia spray next time unless there is an actual issue to resolve Thanks again @Totemic, @420SA and everyone else in this grow + forum. I learned loads and am looking forward to the next grow now
  4. I saw an extreme DIY vacuum pump made using a brake bleeder. I've got no idea how effective this is, but it should at least be cheap 😛
  5. Diary update (2019/11/09) - Cure After six days of drying the buds were dry enough to star the cure. The smaller branches were snapping nicely. I've put them into glass jars with a boveda pack in each one. It was about 70g after the dry, I'll weigh again after a couple of weeks. Very successful harvest, I'm thrilled
  6. oic. My wife makes seedling pots out of newspaper. Biodegradable but... I'm guessing that wont work for 20l pots 😛 lol
  7. @Bakstein420 yeah the prices are a little crazy. But you can DIY it, e.g. see https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/2174-fabric-grow-bags/ I've seen easier versions two where they just use a cable tie to hold the bottom together :)
  8. Nice. I just finished my first indoor grow with coco/perlite and it has been great. There are different trade offs between soil and coco/perlite. I think to be a good soil grower you need to care about the soil, microbes etc. Take a look on the forum for the discussions the soil guys have about teas and composts etc. That was not really what I was after at this point so coco was an easy choice for me. The trade off is that its a bit more hands on and there is a bit to read about up front. But again in my opinion I think it is quite a bit simpler overall than soil. Its easy to correct mistakes and impossible to over water (yay!). You'll need a pH meter and an EC meter. EC meters are better than TDS ones, but TDS can work if you have to use one. There are many nutrient lines you can try, I used hortimix + silicone from hydroponics.co.za and have had good results. The one big change I want to make with my next grow is to test the run off EC more often. Thats good to see overall plant health and to check if I'm watering too little or too much (i.e. too much = wasting water). There is a lot of info around but I've found https://www.cocoforcannabis.com to be the best place to find very high quality information all in one place. Some good articles there, podcasts too if you are into that. Good luck, looking forward to seeing how it goes
  9. Looking forward to seeing the results. I pretty much made the same decision and chopped last night. Good luck for the next week or so :)
  10. Diary update (2019/11/01) - flower day 87 (week 12) - Harvest! I decided it was time and harvested last night. :) There have been no new pistils for a few weeks now, but also not many more new amber trichomes either. So all things considered I decided it was time Final height was about 80cm from tip to the top of the coco. Wet weight of harvested flower was 350g of bud and another 30g of popcorn. I've got them trying in a cardboard box with a computer fan for air movement. I'll keep a close eye on humidity as there are some dense patches. There are a number of things I'd do differently next time, but I'll post about that later. Having just spent hours trimming though, I'll say now that I'll loli-pop way more aggressively next time. @Totemic @420SA thanks for organizing the competition and the seeds. hanks to everyone else participating too, I've learned so much :) It should be an interesting few weeks now on as the remaining plants get harvested. (I'll post a some of what I learned and what I think I did wrong sometime after drying) Chopped: I'm surprised how good the plant still looks after a week of flushing (in coco). I'd have expected to see a lot more browning. (all of that growth at the bottom should have been lolli-popped, fortunately there was no mold!) One of the larger buds: also one with the most browning & some leaf burn After a nice close trim: Trimmed: does not look like that much here 😛, but I'm very happy with the results Drying: A few more to add, then its ready to dry
  11. Hi and welcome :) Where are you based? It may be worth trying a few cheap / bag seeds first until you are a bit more confident. But as its been said, there are many helpful people around here who will make help keep everything alive :)
  12. I had two small plants on the side of the chocolope and they were ready much sooner. However they took a couple of weeks to get from a the first sign of amber until I was seeing a good number. It seems like waiting for amber is not a fast process :). I've started my flush and will harvest this week even with less amber than I'd ideally like but meh, happy enough How are yours looking now, and progress?
  13. Diary update (2019/10/26) - flower day 80 (week 11) I'm not seeing quite as many amber trichomes as I'd like. There are more right at the top cola, but overall not that many. After having a better look and cutting a small sample I'd say no more than 2-5%. But I'm happy enough with where it is so I've started the flush and will be harvesting before the end of the competition. Fortunately with coco I only need a 4-5 day flush and I started last night. So I'm aiming for a mid-week harvest after a short blackout
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