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  1. Update: Week 6 of veg I'm finally starting to see good growth again, so I've just done the LST. The photos are from immediately after so everything is still bent down a bit from being pushed around. I'll take photos again in a few days. And yeah, hillbilly style with string and binders. I've found it easy to work with and adjust so good enough for me My biggest concern atm is what looks like precipitation in my res. I've never had issues before with hortimix so I'm not sure what I'm seeing that now. So far I'
  2. pH balance, add ferts and then correct again or know what pH drop the ferts will cause and correct up front for that? I did try putting it in the res on its own for 1 hour before the ferts. I'm going to have to try a few more combinations, and especially try ferts on their own to rule out some issue there (all of a sudden)
  3. Especially with coco its good to keep a consistent fert dosage. That way the plant is best adapted to take up the nutrients etc at a given pH and salt concentration. Switching between the two can work but not strictly ideal. I think if it continues to be an issue I'll try a grow without the silicon and see if its really worth the effort. How much difference that actually makes in practice, I can't personally say. Need to experiment a bit I guess 😄
  4. I'm seeing some sediment in my res after mixing. I've never had that happen before. This has not been my best grow 😛. FWIW this is what I posted on @ExoticCannabis2021 page: What I tried last time was, silicone in the res for ~1 hour. Then A, then B, then pH down, then H2O2. Got sediment even like that. Over the weekend I did only A+B (diluted separately first in ~5L) and H2O2, and the water is looking cloudy to me today. Sigh... Next I'll try just A+B and see what that does. This is all very strange as I've never had issues before. Also very odd that the res water started out clea
  5. Thanks! What I tried last time was, silicone in the res for ~1 hour. Then A, then B, then pH down, then H2O2. Got sediment even like that. Over the weekend I did only A+B (diluted separately first in ~5L) and H2O2, and the water is looking cloudy to me today. Sigh... Next I'll try just A+B and see what that does. (Derailing your thread, I'll post this again on my update :) )
  6. That is crazy. What were you using there to get rid of them? How are you mixing the hortimix & silicone. A+B in a res then adding silicone? I'm suddenly starting get sediment after mixing, esp after silicone (i.e. I'm expecting lockout). Pretty strange as I've never had an issue before so interested to hear how you mix
  7. Update: Week 5 of veg Huge improvement this week. I think they are now starting to grow at a more reasonable rate. Still no where near where they needed to be at this point. But I'm enjoying watching them recover at least. Plants were all topped, kinda sad removing the healthiest leaves, but all for a good cause :). I'll let them recover a few days and then think about LST Pics of before and after
  8. Update: Week 4 of veg These plants are really impressive. Despite my best attempt to poison them they are recovering really well. I'd still say that has cost be a good two weeks, but its fun to watch them recover whatever :) The old leaves are still droopy and are starting to yellow. The new leaves are looking nice and healthy
  9. Ah yes! I feel like i can compete for that atm 😄
  10. Update: Week 3 of veg - doh! This is probably an upsetting image, my apologies 😞 Repotted Probably worth talking about how I screwed up so far. I almost always grow from clones so my seedling stage growing clearly needs work. The ferts I was using for the seedlings had much too high an EC. I was diluting my veg ferts but was not diluting it nearly enough (or testing the EC ) That and being a bit distracted by non-cannabis things the last couple of weeks was enough to cause what looks like N toxicity. I've given the coco a flush and have have
  11. highchome


    Yeah these competitions are an amazing way to learn. Its the best and cheapest cannabis school around. Such a great community, thanks again everyone :)
  12. Yeah, I'll do that pretty soon, probably this weekend. Coco seems to need much smaller pots than soil, but even so they are due an upgrade now
  13. Update: Day 19 of veg Some pretty clear curling of the leaves today, and T2 (at the back) is growing quite a bit slower that the other two. I need to check the EC of my ferts, it would appear that its quite a bit too high at the moment. Fortunately I'm growing in coco so correcting this is pretty simple. I've flushed this morning and will test runoff until I'm happy before starting with the newly mixed (and EC tested) ferts. Apart from that the plants are looking healthy and strong. My night time temps are now around 17 so I'm watching to see if I
  14. I think using a bain-marie is easier than watching a thermometer. I.e. water in a pot with another container in the water, then the max temperature can't be above ~100C I see that https://ethanolsashop.co.za/ has a similar product for extracts. I'm still not sold on denatured / Iso for extracting. One day I'll create a thread so we can all argue :)
  15. Nice update :) Its going to be interesting to compare the three as they grow
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