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  1. A friend of mine asked for it about 10 minutes after I posted that . Sorry. Only updating now because of a house move. I'll close the ad now though
  2. Ingredients for STS. I've only made one batch so both are hardly used. About 8 months old and has been stored in a dark cupboard. Please DM me for details.
  3. I understand it starting up with the switch off. But waiting for one of the programmed time events before correcting seems strange, if that it what it is doing. Those chips are more than powerful enough to work out what the current state should be
  4. It really is insane. Its not just me though, I've tested in a friends place on the other side of town. So its definitely the municipal water in general. I'd guess that must be cause by the dams filling up with run off now during the rainy season. But even so its a crazy number and I'm not sure how to reasonably deal with it
  5. Wow this has been quite the messy grow for me. I'm glad I pulled out when I did. Also found out that my tap water now has an EC of over 1300 (https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/5960-very-high-ec-tap-water/). Most annoying There are some great looking plants, well done everyone (else :) )
  6. I'm in the Western Cape and for the last month or so our tap water has had an EC above 1300! Normally it was below ~300. Of all the things to consider when doing a coco grow, this is one thing I never though of. My clones/mothers seem to be doing ok enough with the water & hydro-mix. But my flowering plants are not happy at all, and various signs of unhappiness (e.g. some very dark leaves) With the ferts mixed to a bit below normal strength I'm at an EC of 1800. I suppose I should stop mixing calmag into the hortimix and hope that the buffering I did + whatever calcium is in that 1300 base EC will be enough to avoid issues. I guess there are not many practical options for me at the moment. But wondering if anyone else had experienced similar issues?
  7. Ja and I actually decided against using the DIY electronic timer I had made, becaused I wanted something more tested for the competition. LOL! (I think the sonoffs use an esp8266. My DIY one does too, so I really should have gone that way) The mechanical ones are also a total pain with loadshedding. So yeah, I'm going to move over asap. Thanks. Yes I think I must pull out, it seem the most reasonable option for me. I'll keep posting though, as it will be interesting to see how and when they finish now. It does a bit :) But at least now I know what is going on. My main goal with entering the competition was to learn more. Between the fertilizer and this its been more than worth it for me. So I'm chilled. Thanks everyone :)
  8. Update: Week 6 of flower (mechanical failure ) I've still been checking for light leaks / timing issues on and off. Today I had some time and removed the timer to give it a proper test, and mechanical failure... My lights are supposed to be on from 21:00 for 12 hours. But it looks like there is an issue with at least the pins between 20:00 and 21:00. Which means that effectively I've had lights on for 13 hours instead during flower. I think this pretty much screws up the comparison with everyone else in the competition. So I think I'm going to pull out. (@420SA how do I make that official?) I'm obviously miffed but things break... Between my fertilizer issues at the start and this its been a bit bumpy but I'm still very happy with what I've learned, so all good. @420SAI'd like to keep posting updates, what is the best option. Closing this and linking to a new grow diary? @TotemicFYI disregard my long flowering time in your feedback. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction there. Final pics then I'll comment more when I know where I should post further updates I'm considering moving one of the two competition plants and one other to finish flowering outside. That will give me space to flower the other three I have that are ready to be flipped Those three in the bottom right are the other three from @totemic's 2021 Summer pack (Chocolate Gelato, Palomino. Cherry Gelato CBD). Look at the size of those leaves compared to my other mothers/clones in my clone tent. Insane.
  9. Good luck @Batista. Please do continue to post updates, I'm interested to see how it goes
  10. Looking good. Also seems to be about as far as mine are now. Good news
  11. highchome


    Yay :) Yeah seems to be very much on the same timeline as my two
  12. Update: Week 5 of flower The plants are getting pretty big now. Flowers are starting to come along as well. I'll try get a few pics of these two outside in the sun tomorrow morning if possible. Hard to see the full plants like this
  13. Update: Week 4.5 of flower Ok, quite a bit more happening in few days since the last photo @TotemicI cant see any light leaks... With my lights on full, and all other lights off I cant spot any signs of light coming out or under the tent. Ideally I'd climb in the tent and do it that way round too, but its a bit tricky with the raised floor. Perhaps I'll try make a plan this weekend. I've also check the timer and it seems to be working fine, no accidental on periods. And when I randomly check during the day its always off during the times I'd expect. I wont rule issues out completely, light can be sneaky. I'll keep looking, but nothing obvious at the moment
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