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  1. Diary update (2019/07/23) Quick update, not much news. Plants are filling in well after the large trim and training last week. #1 is still a slow grower, the other three are doing well. No sign of gender yet <<-- #1 Smallest one by far
  2. I'm not seeing any roots, so I should be ok for a while it seems, but I'll see if I can go up one size and still have enough space. Thanks 🙂
  3. PAXI at Pep is pretty cost effective
  4. Yeah, I'll also vouch for it. Very simple and reliable. Just watch the reviews and then its pretty easy to get the hand of it
  5. So just short of two months to flower, makes sense. Is that just because you want them to grow a big bigger first? I'm not sure when we are supposed to select one of the plants as our actual competition plant. I've not seen any sign of gender yet, hopefully there will be some signs before I have to choose one of them
  6. I'm using coco/perlite, not sure what that means for pot size... Looking on cocoforcannabis, the recommendation seems to be 10 - 15L required. I guess if I see roots coming out of the fabric pots I should move to a bigger pot.
  7. What size pots will you be using for flowering? I'm currently using a ~8L pot, not sure if that is going to be big enough...
  8. Is everyone still planning to flip early to mid August?
  9. It needs to be in the water for ~8 hours, (twice). So even if you started with warm water you end up with it being pretty cold 🙂
  10. I did exactly that two weeks ago. Ended up with the sleeve of my jersey in the cold water and coco mix. Nice and cold indeed
  11. Yeah I can be a bit heavy handed with the trimming. But I wanted to open it up a bit with the training and then let it cool in again before flowering. I'm not sure if that was a great idea but it seems to work ok... I hope
  12. Diary update (2019/07/17) I finally did some training on plants 2, 3 and 4 (plant 1 is growing very slowly). I saw @PsyCLown using the clips and it worked out very well. Hopefully I'll get some idea on which are female in the next couple of weeks as I don't have much space now
  13. At the Crazy Store, about R40. Possibly also available at nurseries but they may be higher quality and harder to cut
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