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  1. @TrailBlazer do you need a driver with these or is that what the COB means?
  2. Diary update (2019/08/17) - flower day 15 - Balls! #3 has being stretching a lot. It is now at ~63cm at the tallest point, that is roughly 17cm in 5 days and its canopy is now about 65cm in diameter. . It now has pistils showing, yay!. So #3 is my competition plant My only other choco #4 was a sly male and is about to be destroyed. I've been busy this week so I only had a proper look now. I though I saw pistils, actually I still think I see them together with the balls... Is this a hermie? Hopefully I caught it before it could do any damage, #3 has only just started with pistils so here is hoping. Other than that the grow is going fantastically. I can hardly contain #3 at this point, I could easily have filled double my total grow area with this single plant if I SCROGed it 😛
  3. When I made the first version I looked around and could not find any solid advice on in vs out of the water. I ended up going with in the water because I was not getting enough bubbles to keep the stems wet. It has worked really well actually, so far I'd guess about 19/20 clones succeeded. I've got three more that I've just put into coco so hopefully that is another three successfully cloned. The did take really long to start rooting this time though, I'm assuming because its winter. I'd say about 7-10 days for the root nubs to start and then another 5 before there was enough of a root to justify planting them out. I do have a fishtank heater in the water, but that can only do so much. I think next time I clone a few I'll see if keeping the lid open sooner helps the growth get started. What are your timelines / process like?
  4. Nice example of scrogging too 🙂 That looks great
  5. Diary update (2019/08/17) - flower day 10 Starting to see some stretch I think, the remaining two (#3 and #4) are certainly filling out. #4 is now at ~46cm, so thats ~6cm since the last update. It may not sound like so much but the plant is now pretty large. I've got lights off from 09:00 - 21:00, so getting photos can be a bit of a pain but I'm going to try take both out tomorrow and get some nicer full plant pics #4 is also doing ok, from 30cm 5 days ago to ~35cm now Still no definite gender yet though, I would have thought I'd have see something by now. Hopefully this week... I'm still hoping that #3 is female as its about double #4 in size overall.
  6. Have you measured the height again recently?
  7. Its a dumb name... But its this thing, lots of small bubbles but not much splashing I've been using that, but even with a fish tank heater now in winter its taking about two weeks for roots to get going. The plants look really good the entire time though The previous lot I planted out into coco are all doing well. So it seems to be working well enough.
  8. I'm surprised you get as many bubbles using that as you do. I guess the one I tried was old, or perhaps its because I used a bendable diffuser rather than an air stone. I'll try with some good quality ones to see For my cloner I'm submerging the stems 100% of the time. When I was looking initially I could not see a definite answer on which way was better or why. If I sort out the airstones perhaps I'll try the next set of clones this way and compare results Its great to see different ideas, thanks for posting this 🙂
  9. highchome

    Any thoughts

    Yup, I would guess that changes things a lot. The 30-50% perlite is added to the coco to make it drain better / have more air. So the medium is always wet but there is enough air to prevent the roots drowning. Also the good drainage means that you are constantly flushing out build up (target ~20% runoff per feed + occasional larger flushes if needed). I think that adding soil will change all of that a lot, possibly you now have a good draining soil grow rather than a hydro grow with coco/perlite. Again there is no issue if that is what you are after but I don't think you can then follow the advice from the coco growers
  10. highchome

    Any thoughts

    Also many of the organics are not bio-available as is and I don't think coco is idea for the soil bacteria to grow in, esp with the constant watering. However I've heard a few people talking about it, though I've not paid much attention. I think some of the people at cocoforcannabis did it if you want to check. Also remember it has to be pure coco/perlite anything else in the mix (soil etc) could change things a lot. Personally I'd rather pick a lane and go with one of the well tested paths unless you are doing it just to learn I hear you 🙂, a great example of optimising for your situation. My daughter is a little older now, so I've got way more time that I did when she was small. I'd say that atm I'm spending 20 mins twice a day and ~45 mins a week max mixing ferts with coco/perlite. And I would like to automate the watering at some point so that should make it pretty easy. But that is exactly the kind of thing you can optimise for when selecting what works for you
  11. highchome

    Any thoughts

    Let me be the voice of dissent (though there are way more experienced growers here so you should probably rather listen to them...) I think it depends on you, your interests and which tradeoffs you want to make. I've gone with pure coco/perlite & inorganic nutrients and personally I've found that much simpler than the issues I was having with soil. I like having the control and being involved daily, and using the inorganic nutrients is extremely simple. The cost being daily (usually more) waterings and more EC & Ph checks etc, all of which I really enjoy With soil & organics you get a whole other set of things to think about, like how the soil bacteria break down the organics and make it bioavailable for the plants. So if you find that interesting there is so much to learn there. You get less frequent waterings as a benefit etc. Not sure that was helpful 🙂
  12. @420SA another vote for him to stay in the competition here. I think if you need to check why, then it can be handled offline. The rest of us don't need to know. If you judge it valid I can't imagine anyone having too much to say
  13. Diary update (2019/08/11) - flower day 5 Still no sign of gender but I'm still hoping that #3 is female, its a much larger plant. It can't be much longer now.... #3 is about 40cm tall now after a fair bit of LST. #4 is smaller overall, only ~30cm tall but also looking good PS it was a busy week so I've been off the forums a bit, possibly again this week 😞. Will try participate more though
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