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  1. Right, yeah, coco/perlite is not the best option for that then 😛. I think you can occasionally push it to three or so day without watering but thats about it. The advantage of pure coco/perlite is that you have more control and can change/fix things faster. The cost is that you need to be more hands on, at least once a day watering, EC checks etc. For me the benefits outweigh the downsides, actually I like fiddling so there is no downside 🙂, but it does not sound like it will work for you Ah, right. So the theory with coco/perlite is that 30-50% perlite with good washed coco (peat/fine bits removed is that that mix holds just the right amount of water but also oxygen. If you add other things to the mix then you are no longer in that sweet spot and all bets are off. But as above it did not sound like a good fit anyway Please let us know what you do decide on and how it goes? Its always interesting to see all the different techniques and I'm sure I'll try a different style sometime 🙂
  2. I went with pure coco/perlite and am very happy. I'd say do pure coco/perlite, once you start adding other things to it you are moving towards an soil + additives grow. I.e. coco/perlite has the ideal water to air retention you don't really want to mess with that. If you want to do soil + coco etc, then you should treat that as a soil grow IMO. If that is what you are interested in then take a look at the articles (podcasts too) at: https://www.cocoforcannabis.com/toc/#growing-cannabis I'm no expert, just about to finish my first coco grow. But I'm happy to try help / point you in the right direction if you need any help
  3. Diary update (2019/10/05) - flower day 66 (week 9) The buds are filling out a bit now, and there is a good strong smell 🙂. I do have some browning of the top leaves, which I think is a combination of LED burn and flowering. The trichomes are still mostly clear, I'd say at least 60% clear. Hopefully things progress quickly in the next two weeks.
  4. Hi and welcome 🙂 Start a grow diary when you do get started. There are lots of very knowledgeable people here who will help.
  5. Wow that is looking fantastic! Interesting, I'm just about at the 9 week mark. It should be interesting to see if I have roughly the same results
  6. Yeah, I've got two other plants also a bit closer to being ready, but I've extended that for another week. Waiting to see some amber before I start the flush. I prefer a slightly more sedative effect so that seems to be the best idea The chocolopes trichomes are still almost entirely clear, not ready yet
  7. Diary update (2019/10/05) - flower day 59 (week 8) There are still quite a few white pistils, so I think I'll give it another week and then start a two week flush There is some yellowing of the fan leaves. Also some Ca/Mg deficiency showing in the older leaves. I was relying on the foliar spray to keep the Ca/Mg issue in check and did not increase the amount of calmag in the ferts soon enough. But its not too bad, overall the plant is still looking really good. Mostly I'm struggling with patience 😛
  8. Hi, nope not as far as I know. He was very happy with his. I think it was just a bit mistreated, so hopefully a once off
  9. Thanks for all the help. High-jack away, the conversations are always interesting 🙂
  10. Right, that makes sense. I'll watch what happens now, Thanks
  11. Thanks @Dank, the pistils have not grown quite as fast as I'd expect/hoped this week. But not terrible I'd say. I guess its only a few weeks left may as well see how it turns out. I'm hopeful I'll still be ok Quite a few pods there, but lots of pistils too Thanks
  12. Diary update (2019/09/14) - flower day 54 (week 7) - I'm an idiot update Sigh, I guess this is called a learning experience 😛. In the grow area with the chocolope I had a Super Skunk Kush plant, just a small one that I had no space for, so I figured I'd flower it. It was looking pretty good, small but nice buds forming. However since I did not care about it much I was not looking at it very often.... And this morning when I did look properly one of the lower branches below the buds is covered in male flowers I suspect this changes the advice from @Totemic, @Dank, @CreX previously. I.e. they did not assume I was dumb enough to have left very happy male flowers in the grow room. But sometimes we learn the hard way. I'll take another look tonight when the lights are on and then decide what I should do. I think I'll just stick out the last three weeks and see how much bud I get. I would not be too unhappy with getting seeds out of this. But I'm not sure how much longer seeds take to mature than bud... Apart from that, the plant is still looking great 😛
  13. highchome

    Any thoughts

    😞 So frustrating. I just found this, so I know the feeling... I'm going to be checking plants a lot more closely from now on (https://www.420sa.co.za/topic/2119-highchome/?do=findComment&comment=32597)
  14. Diary update (2019/09/14) - flower day 52 (week 7) After being concerned about possible pollination last week, everything is nice and calm again 😛 About three weeks left now, I'm starting to get impatient... I've read in a few places that with coco/perlite a flush should only last ~5-7 days. So I'll see how things are looking at 9 weeks and decide if I want to give it an extra week (i.e. 11 total).
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