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Snapshot Of The Month Xmas 2020 - Sponsored by Biltong & Budz, Totemic Cannacraft & TheHighCo


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What's being given away?


1st Prize


11 Seed Pack of Bodhi Lotus Head (Regular)

Valued at R1800-00

Sponsored by Biltong & Budz



2nd Prize


10 Seed Pack of Chocolate Gelato F2 (Regular)

Valued at R480-00



10 Seed Pack of Tortoni F1 (Regular)

Valued at R200-00

Sponsored by Totemic Cannacraft


3rd Prize


A TheHighCo R500-00 voucher

Sponsored by TheHighCo




Simply reply to this thread with your entries. Please see rules below

Attach the images to your reply or embed the images from a 3rd party website such as Imgur or Photobucket.

Images embedded from Instagram or Facebook will not be accepted


Snapshot of The Month Rules:

  • Original images only please. If your entries are found to have been pulled from the internet your entry will be void.
  • Members can enter a maximum of 5 images each. Images entered this month may not be entered in future competitions.
  • Members can submit photos and/or graphics designs of their own
  • Once entries close, entries will be narrowed down to 10 nominees which will then go to a private poll with our Competition Voting Panel
  • Members can only come 1st in an SOTM once every 12 months or 2nd or 3rd twice every 12 months.

Entries are judged on:

  1. Overall originality -  What sets the image apart from others. 
  2. Creativity & Effort - was there a good amount of creative thought and effort that went into the image
  3. Wow factor -  does the image get attention.
  4. Quality and clarity - Is the detail in the image decent. Is the photograph clear, well focused and not blurry.


Entries close 10/12/20

Good Luck!


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18 hours ago, Stinger96 said:

On guard...



:-hilarious:-trip LMAO, glad to see im not the only one who's employed a personal bodyguard for their ladies

Has it got a name? lol - here's mine: introducing "Dik Frik", heard him while looking for males & found him climbing up a plant, he stayed in this pose for a good minute, if i had any mantises in the garden they probably eaten by now



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aaaaay lol for a Xmas edition im not seeing any festive shots!!

which i am in 2 minds about.... i mean... its the middle of November... barely early enough to hang our stockings!!!

but visit one shop lol... you would swear its xmas tomorrow!! 

lets see if we can get a merry vibe up in here ladies and gents!


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