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    Any Nas track is straight πŸ”₯poetic, deep, lyrical
  2. @CreXTell us the truth buddy... She's being growing all those plants for you, hasn't she. 😜
  3. That's some great prizes up for grabs. Let's see if this little guy can win something here. #Mantis
  4. Wow, 60 days seed to harvest 🀯 I wonder what the conditions need to be to achieve that.
  5. Thanks buddy, perhaps I gave you some new year inspiration to continue with your cupboard. πŸ˜‰
  6. @Bakstein420 Wow, that space is pretty tight, but your plant is looking respectable man. My cupboard is L185cm x W 90cm x D 40cm. So it does have a lot more room. Are you growing an auto?
  7. Thanks for the motivation and feedback guys, it got me thinking of some more ways to improve it.
  8. I feel that my cheapy leds are'nt sufficient enough to place at the bottom half of the cupboard and support the growth of the plants. So I kept the shelf in there so that the plants could be closer to the leds. I also mainly grow outdoors so the cupboard was meant for clones and seed starting.
  9. Thanks guys... Yip, there is definitely light leaks, I mostly grow outdoors also I had this cupboard collecting rust and daddy long legs and decided to let it house some cannabis instead.
  10. Thank you for the seeds @Totemic, The High Co and 420SA!!! Germinated 4 of them on the 26/10/2019 H2O only Potted them in coffee cups at first, but then decided to put them in pots. Using FF soil and some extra perlite on top. They all were growing great, found out that 3 were males and only 1 female. So the males were chopped. The only female is now choco #1 Shes doing great and moved her from grow lights to full sunlight on 11/11/2019 Started LST and potted her into 10ltr bucket on 20/12/2019 being feeding her seagrow, Epsom salts and had some pests so threw some Diatomaceous earth on and around her
  11. I do have some more seeds, I want to get some auto's soon as well. I've since got 2x bags of FF and seagrow. It's just that this one plant was the weirdest from the lot. The other 2 were males, so I only have 1 female and she's looking quite great. (I'm gonna do a grow report on her soon) Thanks for the offer of clones that would've been so much appreciated but I'm in JHB though. Peace and love
  12. Waddup good people Check out my steel cupboard, I've mostly used it for seed starting and I'm having a go with some clones now. (Clones are looking lank weird though)πŸ™ˆ I still need to cut a hole in the side or top for extraction, so I just keep the doors slightly open at the moment. Pics 1&2 before I cleaned,sterilized,painted So I'm using a "burn blanket" to contain the light inside. It doesn't get hot at all as I've got some cheapy china town plant leds and a PC fan for some wind. The grow cupboard worked out pretty well, I'll do a grow report and show you guys how my 1st plant looks. Peace
  13. Hey All, can you pls help me confirm this is a Male right?
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