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  1. Thanks buddy, it was a great learning experience growing out them cuttings. She done good outdoors, strong resistant to mould and pests. Looks and smells so tasty!
  2. Hey Fam Thanks for the nomination πŸ™, much appreciated πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š Have a dope weekend !
  3. Okayyyy, let's see what luck Feb brings... 🀞 She's a Critical Auto...
  4. Mr_Nice_Guy

    Hip Hop & Rap

    Any Nas track is straight πŸ”₯poetic, deep, lyrical
  5. @CreXTell us the truth buddy... She's being growing all those plants for you, hasn't she. 😜
  6. That's some great prizes up for grabs. Let's see if this little guy can win something here. #Mantis
  7. Wow, 60 days seed to harvest 🀯 I wonder what the conditions need to be to achieve that.
  8. Thanks buddy, perhaps I gave you some new year inspiration to continue with your cupboard. πŸ˜‰
  9. @Bakstein420 Wow, that space is pretty tight, but your plant is looking respectable man. My cupboard is L185cm x W 90cm x D 40cm. So it does have a lot more room. Are you growing an auto?
  10. Thanks for the motivation and feedback guys, it got me thinking of some more ways to improve it.
  11. I feel that my cheapy leds are'nt sufficient enough to place at the bottom half of the cupboard and support the growth of the plants. So I kept the shelf in there so that the plants could be closer to the leds. I also mainly grow outdoors so the cupboard was meant for clones and seed starting.
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