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  1. Hi Guys Just want to let everyone know that the package just recieved! Super super stoked! I did not expect so many goodies and I am stocked on genetics for a while and the swag is a massive vibe 🙏 Thank you so much to @The_StonedTrooper @Stefan and @Marijuana Seeds SA for this amazing gift! It will be used to the fullest and I can't wait to get started on them. I will be sharing more and more pictures with the community once I am all set up and ready to rumble!
  2. Got it, I was spam sending messages to you as excited as I was :d sorry
  3. Thank you!!! I will make great use of this, I promise 🙏
  4. Found this thread and just wanted to add my 2c. Went to a seed drop at a very reputable growshop in Blouberg CPT, My GF got Osama Bin Gelato AUTO and I got a Simba Seed Critical + (both free seeds). The Gelato flowered very very fast and did not yield much at all. The smell was also very grassy and fresh grass type of smell. And I just cut the Citical + out of my tent for turning hermie. I am now mega pissed because I run a 2 x plant setup and I am fearful my Lemon Pie might have been pollinated as the budding rate has decreased and some pistols are going red.
  5. 1. Commander Frost 2. Loadshedding hurts 3. Praying to the Phoenix in the Sky 4. Twirly Wirly 5. " It's Purple Haze bro"
  6. So - 4/4 pop rate all from different sources : Trophy, B&Budz and The Grow Shop freebie (2 x Ripper Seeds Do-G, 1x TH seeds French Macaron and a freebie President seeds Osama bin Gelato Auto which I plan to gift to someone perhaps). The other 2 x were the testers. One is plug (bottom one) and other Checkers grow pod (top one). The plugs basically only get wet and retain a nice amount of water. It does not really double in size or anything like the pods.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I ended up trying the plugs and the grow pod. Both sprouted fine. I also bought some of the netting jiffy pods you guys spoke about for future use.
  8. Added my 2c. I might have been a little bit too sarcastic.
  9. I recently bought a 30cm "desk fan" from checkers. It has 3 x speed settings and oscillates. R279, the 40cm was R299 Its quite big but the foot piece is removeable so you can hang it with some rope or something.
  10. Thought I should throw some Monochrome shots in the mix. EDIT: It's the same plant, took some final pics before entry closes. GSC Clone from a friend. 1. "The Watcher" 2. "The brag shot" 3. "Donkertoring" 4. "Close-up" 5. "Creamy Cookies"
  11. The yiffy plugs or pods that enlarge?
  12. Hi Got a bunch of them and I think they might be quite good for germination / seedling? The bakkie is biodegradable. Should probably poke some holes in it.
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