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  1. Apparently the Eisbein is great, but to get that you need to call them to make reservations.
  2. I did eventually get some Boveda packs post Lock-down thankfully and am curing with those. These humidity stones certainly aren't a tool for curing unless you cam spend ALOT of time checking RH. I placed a large quantity of water once and it totally made my herb wet again - yikes. It would be nice in a small smoker pack to reinvigorate old herb
  3. I've heard some good things and the people that head it up are super friendly and welcoming. @TheUltimateNoob It's deep South Check on your GPS - Between De Deur and Eikenhof.
  4. Thanks for posting this guys, what a save. I was on the fence about harvesting over the weekend but got forced into it by the sight of some White mold on a few of my leaves, they seemed to be in an easy enough spot to be cut away, further to this we were having our flat prepared to be painted and the wise guys scraped the wonderful old paint and my plants happened to be out in that area. Pretty irritated by the ordeal but just had to move on, @CreX sent me the link to this resource and what a save. I did a 3 wash as mentioned with room temp bicarb and lemon solution (very light nothing heavy h
  5. Thanks for the response and feedback @Ill_Evan abd @CreX so I'm guessing I'm still going to Boveda then? The video @CreX sent me also seems to be about rejuvenating old weed and keeping what I presume is already cured herb fresh for long periods of time
  6. I have found the Greengo marketed in the region of R20 per stone. I ordered mine from the following site (They are SA based) - https://thespliffking.com/ Price is very good I saw the RAW brand on Ebay or Amazon in the region of $6
  7. Hey peeps, so I was busy hunting high and low for the best deal on Boveda and other humidity control options as I am getting close to harvest and curing on my current grow. Along the way I stumbled upon a product called Greengo Clay Humidity Stone. I did some research and found some amazing information online and I also discovered a similar product that is marketed by RAW. This looks like it could be a long term solution if they work well and could mean that one would never have to purchase another Boveda. Tell me what your thoughts and experiences are. Once mine have arrived I will test
  8. Yo @Prom thanks for letting us all know. Praying for positive outcome to the situation. The hardest thing to earn is trust
  9. She seemed to still put on some nice growth even though she went straight into flower, the roots and stem look strong so I'm sure there will be some dense growth at those magical sites of bud formation
  10. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome. Sorry I missed the whole signing in and sanitizing story. Keen to have fun share some grows and hopefully one day mingle (in a sanitary manner) with some of y'all at a live event one day. I am currently waiting on the current outdoor grow to finish up and I have just popped in the Special Skunk Auto into a some Just Cannabis Craft Soil. Props to Biltong And Budz for the genetics. I do prefer Organic based herb, I know it takes longer but I feel the plant gains so much more, why would you want to rush old mother nature. If I can help or offer advice t
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