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  1. If anyone in Cape Town needs worms to start their own farm, they can hit me up. I've got a thriving population and will gladly share with the forum.
  2. Good luck to all the contestants, this looks like a fun competition with some great prizes.
  3. @Live Canna thanks for the tip. I'm down in the Cape Town area and the only time I used Lucerne it came in a big bale for horses. We put it into the compost pile and it made it really heat up. It's good to know that you can also use it indoors too. @The_StonedTrooperthe bricks I buy are supposed to be Pre washed and buffered but the EC starts off at 2.2 and it's only after soaking and rinsing it out twice that I bring it down to 0.7 Its a lot of effort it takes a long time to get it ready to use.
  4. @Live CannaThey are looking much better now. Was it Atami Coco that you used? I have used their blue bag and it was really good quality. I've had lots of problems with using the bricks though and it takes a lot of water to get it ready to use. How much alfalfa do you mix in and where do you get the it from?
  5. I only asked because I used the 50 litre bricks and the salts need rinsing out and then the Coco has to be dried before blending in the rest of the mix. How are the plants looking this week?
  6. All these tents look very tidy to me. This is my attempt at a bathroom conversion. 
  7. Hello mense, I haven't used greenhouse powder feeds because the price is our of my range. R1200 per kg is too much for my purse. It does look like very good stuff and I'm sure it will work well. I have used talborne pellets indoors and they do work very well. I put I on the top of my soil every 2 weeks throughout the grow. The problem I have with it indoors is the smell. The stuff stinks to high heaven and I think it has some urea in it, which isn't the best form of N for cannabis. For the last few years I have swapped over to Naturado granular ferts. Its R100 a KG from the gard
  8. Good morning, I use a lot of the same ingredients as you. I didn't add any frass, fulvic or alfalfa meal though. I have a couple of questions. What sort of Coco did you use and did you rinse the salts out of it? how did you buffer it?
  9. Thanks for the welcome. I can take some pictures when I take my clones, I just need to buy a razor blade and prep the cubes first of all. The seedlings are strong but all the clones have pests and mildew issues so there's plenty to keep me busy while I get them cleaned them up. @The_StonedTrooper cheers dude.
  10. Hello, I'm just starting a new project for the winter. I've managed not to kill some seedlings of a variety called Zain, originally from green gage. 5/6 have popped and are looking strong. Then I was given 3 clones of Big Buddha Cheese and the idea is to do a pheno hunt and find a potential mother plant. The other 2 clones I have are California Hash Plant x Blueberry from Dinafem. Apparently it's hardy and mould resistant and can finish in 7-8 weeks. I am just about to top the 2 hash plants and make a couple of clones from them. So far so good. Thanks for reading my int
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