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  1. @Chris Jay Thanks so much man :D A great book on Fungi with loads of easy to understand info: "Field Guide to Mushrooms & other Fungi of South Africa" by Gary B Goldman & Marieka Gryzenhout. Just reading over that book a few times will give you quite a good understanding on the ID part. Wow, no I never knew that about hemp. Very cool, super interesting, will def check it out!
  2. @Fridge That would be awesome bud :) Thanks everyone :)
  3. @Fridge feel free to message me any new info or interesting articles on fungi. I've been into mycology for the last few years and am always looking for new info. I used to be a nature guide and so always loved photographing animals. These days I just walk the forests for my own interest and fun/exercise, and I take just as many photos of fungi as I do of birds and animals on my hikes. Here are some of those pics. We have some truly amazing species right here in SA. As time passes, I find the smaller things in nature to be even more intriguing than the larger ones. @ORGANinc. the Red Stinkhorn (below) has been speculated to be mycorrhizal (as well as being saprophytic). No idea which plants they form a symbiosis with. They are so strange... smell just like rotting meat to attract flies so they can disperse spores. I dry heaved a few times when I smelled this one LOL.
  4. @Fridge Awesome, that is fascinating, thanks man :) Agree 100%. There is intelligence at work there for sure. Like something almost otherworldly. So many different species of fungi, all with different functions, without which life on this planet wouldn't exist. Pretty crazy how fungi are more closely related to us than they are to plants, too.
  5. Fungi are fascinating. So diverse and they can do so many things. Thanks for sharing @ORGANinc.. Something I came across the other day, you might find interesting, check out this video https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/video/slime-mold-navigate-maze/ There are certain slime molds that were able to navigate their way around a maze to get to a food source. Nature never ceases to amaze
  6. Great visual description. Nice one and thanks again
  7. Cheers bud. So is there any application for a wetting agent to go inside grow medium at all? Or strictly for foliar spraying?
  8. Hi guys. I've not worked with wetting agents before. Would I be correct in assuming they are useful for when trying to keep your medium as dry as possible, yet still offering the plants maximum hydration? So, would a wetting agent also work well for watering while having fungus gnats, as another example? Or should one be using a wetting agent throughout the grow?
  9. Thanks for this Prom. I used an Android phone and the Doggo app with my QB bar lights and it seems my estimations were fairly close to your findings on the Photometer Pro App, no idea how close the Lux readings will be between the 2 apps. Anyway, for Germination I had it on 15K - 18K Lux, Veg - 40K-45K and flower was around 63K (Max @ around 40cm away, guess I can move them a bit closer as they run quite cool). I'll fine tune that closer to your recommendations next time. Will also try out the app you work with. Cheers
  10. Some harvesting pics :D  These shots taken just before 48 hrs dark and cutting.

    Girlscout Cookies:





    AK x Critical Mass






    1. Psylecta


      Sick!! Nice grow

  11. This being my first real grow with using proper methods. Put these GSCookies into 48 hrs dark yesterday. Trichomes are just starting to go amber on these 3 girls. Top and bottom of these smallish plants in 5L pots are ripening at the same time, more or less so will cut entire plant and hang when ready. The red hairs are coming in faster now. I don't want my weed too stoney, though, so hoping 2 more days in dark before harvesting will be the sweet spot in. Fingers crossed :D 

    IMG_9866 (2).JPG



    IMG_9872 (3).JPG


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    2. Bakstein420


      They look like they in the harvest window so you should be good.

    3. oldsandals


      Definitely ready

    4. Teal Smith

      Teal Smith

      Thanks guys. Quite a difference from my original macro shots. It's crazy that the photos from yesterday are of the same plants, just taken of different parts of the bud


  12. Hi @zolrooker , I'was recently also looking for ways around load shedding... The eventual and ultimate answer for me was to use autoflower. They don't mind the on/off during the light cycle like the photo periodics. You could even leave them on 24/0, no dark at all if you wanted. Obviously they still need light to grow so on days where Eskom load sheds 3 times or more it can slow down growth alot unless you have power backup. I also installed a UPS. Looks like you're not going to go that route but if you do at some point, beware that AC fans do not run properly on square or modified sine wave inverters - they need Pure Sine Wave otherwise will become damaged over time. They also end up draining battery life way faster than they should. But PSW are pricey. The easiest and cheapest solution for me was to go with auto. Oh, and if you're near the coast it's always good to have backup for ventilation and air movement as PM can set in fast. Good luck, sounds interesting what you're planning. I like the IP camera idea to monitor remotely.
  13. Samsung LED LM301H + Epsitar deep red Expandable and dimmable 5x 140w boards running at 120w each Power: 0-600W (Actually I got the upgrade - 2 x 320W Meanwell drivers Spectrum: 3500K Voltage Range: 48V System Efficiency: 3.0J/W Dimensions of boards:1110mm x 55mm x 15mm Dimension of tracks/frame : 940mm Driver: HLG-600H-48B @StickyD420 Not sure if I'm allowed to post links? but got it from Online Grow Shop. Thankfully before they had their price increase!
  14. @StickyD420 They seem to be great but haven't started growing yet. The amount of light they emit is ridiculous. They are built well, though, and seem legit
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