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  1. Hi, So I'm noticing WPM on my plants and I'm in the last 2 week of flower. Its an indoor grow and i can only see it on 3 different buds. I am using bio build from jamies garden shop but what else can I use and what can I use if I decide to do a bud wash. Thank you advance for any advice given.
  2. I have been feeding 0.5ml fish mix and 2ml bloom in 2l water
  3. I usually gradually stop feeding fish mix and by week 5 is when i stop completely which is what i am at now and just feed bloom. The plant is in a 10l pot and i feed every 3 to 4 days depending on how dry the soil is by day 3
  4. Im using freedom farms and I'm kinda following the feeding chart also the leaves could be clawing because of heat issues, I have been struggling to keep my temps down but yes I think i am overfeeding as well. I am using biobizz bloom and fishmix
  5. Yo, What causes this yellowing on the top leaves during flower?
  6. So I should just worry about the middle leaves coming out and it's okay for the bottom ones to be turning yellow? The thing I'm worried about is that it becomes stunted and just pointless to grow, I have another clone that is probably twice the size of this one and has been growing really nicely so far. The other clone is attached below.
  7. Hi, So I bought two Clones from a friend but the one had yellowing leaves since the day I got it and it just seems to be getting worse. Can anyone maybe help me diagnose what the problem is
  8. Will do, thanks for the advice. It's much appreciated man
  9. Here's a pic of the plant that the leaves came from
  10. It's first week of flower, 2ml is too much for autos, I'd rather under feed and build up than burn the plant.
  11. They in their first week of flower now, okay cool I'll give them some cal tonight, I appreciate the help bru
  12. Aweh, So I'm using freedom farms green bag of soil and they have been in the pots now for 6 weeks. Pot size is 15l and I'm only using 0.5ml bloom per 2lt. It's autos so I'm being light on the nutes.
  13. okay thanks man, it's most probably from watering as I feed only once a week. I highly appreciate the help
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