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    Coco perlite with dry amendments, Organic soil
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    Lemon Skunk, Amnesia Haze, Exodus Cheese
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    Biobizz, GHE, compost teas
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    Old skool zol, bong, pipe,

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  1. @Bakstein420 got more or less 60x60 grow area. And thanks for the link that website is very helpful Was looking at these lights from GrowOpz https://growopz.com/products/qb-130 https://growopz.com/products/qb288v2-clone-120w unfortunately sold out till further notice
  2. @Bakstein420 . I have some tools and wires laying around so Im quite keen to go the DIY route This one caught my eye. This should be enough to grow 1-2 plants right?
  3. @Crex you're probably right man. I should put up around 3k for a decent light. Makes sense that once that aspect is taken care of I can focus on actually raising my ladies. While searching for a decent light I came across many different brands, models and wattages. To be honest, its all rather confusing at this point in time. Does lets say a 1000w light really give you 1000w worth of light or is that just the max capacity of the light? IYHO, Is there any specific brand and model I should look out for that can be trusted? Im taking your advice and looking at it as an investment rather than an expense. Im going to have to smoke less for the next few weeks but all for a good cause lol Thanks for the help bro and the epic Goku analogy. ur tops man! its much appreciated. Jimmy
  4. @CreX thanks buddy! im not really sure. I want to start with 1 plant. maybe the hydroponic route with coco perlite mix in maybe a 25- 30l pot indoors and hand water? Still trying to figure out which LED light would be best for 1-2 plants though. budget of around 2k for a light will do my best to start growing by next week sometime. What strains would you recommend for first timer like me? @SkunkPharm Hospitality Management china. Was working as bartender travelling alot now I'm settling down as wannabe budtender and going back to my roots so to speak. lol
  5. Greetings all I'm quite chuffed to be part of the 420SA community. Been on the forum for a few weeks now. Mostly reading and things before attempting any actual growing. Much impressed by skill and knowledge of the lads here! Soon as I start my first grow I will let you guys in. Back to the books for me happy growing l!
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