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  1. @TheUltimateNoob Thanks, awesome system. Thanks for sharing
  2. @afternoon blazer Thanks Man, agreed. But good to see whats available and budget if needed. Waiting for Mr TheUlimateNoob to show us his system.
  3. @afternoon blazer Currently just one as a trial run and then want to expand.
  4. Need to ask an further question, how accurate is these meters on moist levels . Maybe not the correct thread but just wondered if one can use this as an indication to water the ladies.
  5. @PsyCLown Thanks, As a newbie still getting the hang of it and having already over watering my girl maybe its a good option and one less thing to worry about. I`m waiting to see what @TheUltimateNoob can show us to see what will work best. The Blumat system is not that expensive if you take in consideration that you girls will grow perfectly so definitely worth the investment or follow a DIY route.
  6. @awildmeme Welcome !!
  7. @Weedomics Welcome , and enjoy the ride 🙂
  8. @StickyD420 @Ill_Evan Thanks gents, I like to be in control , maybe a bit OCD some may say. So like the recommendation, will be looking into this definitely.
  9. @PsyCLown Does automatic watering system work well , is it recommended?
  10. Basically do the same as @Ill_Evan let it stand for some time before use.
  11. @Ill_Evan When i purchased my nutrients from Futurama i think, they asked my PPM reading and recommend hard. Im in Randburg.
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