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  1. Wait for roots to come out, before going to the final pots, you dont have to, but it helps with not overwatering now. Maybe try a smaller in between size pot before the 10 liter pots, for the root ball, and for watering, as you are like me, and love them to death with water.
  2. So happy you got a good light and part of the family too... Well, what size fabric pot you going next? You can go straight to a 3 gallon fabric from jiffy, just got to be super careful with your watering, and water only enough at once. Then up to a 10 gallon fabric later in say 1.5 months time. It's good to up pot to create a good healthy root ball, otherwise your roots will always go to their furthest point and then make home, usually at the bottom of the big pot, if watering till the bottom, and you'll get issues and not much roots.
  3. Adding: if you see stretching, then the light is too far away, if you are already at the point your covering not enough plant and cant come closer to the plants without missing the full area, you go bigger light.
  4. Looks good, You dont have to wait, it's up to you and thought you had a reason to start there first. Put it in the area you going to properly veg and grow in, then just bring lights closer and up pot as she grows bigger. Your light should be okay till around week 4 or 5, then go bigger from there. Also up to you and what coverage you getting at the required height
  5. There you go, that's what I meant, you good to go brother
  6. Brother, I was so busy focusing on the wet medium, and the first picture couldnt see the seedling correctly at its angle. Please watch the seedling and see if that skin / condom comes off, it sometimes will need help or you can wet it and it will help soften it. Not wetting the coco though. I honestly use a toothpick or tweezers to pull it up and release the leaves or what ever those first arms are called technically.
  7. Hmmm, I put Cinnamon on my seedlings this morning, as I like to see the soil surface of my seedlings. And when I go to enter my grow space now, the smell is of fruits, berries and umm pancakes🤤🤣
  8. @CreX saying what a few must already be thinking... Was my very first thought, sad world we are living in at the moment, you dont want to know the half of it.
  9. Thank you, you have taught me too and appreciate it.🤜🤛 Super happy it wont harm my mycoroot as I use it and benefits are huge for me. I've known about the Cinnamon and also Honey as a clone gel together, as I was out when lockdown started and used it for all 50 clones at 100 percent success rate. Shot again brother
  10. Can I share some good advice for a new grower on telling if it's time to water, Take another same size pot (hoping you do have a second) and fill it with dry soil only to the same mark as the other pot. Now lift it and gauge the weight, the planted pot must be close to that weight before you water, or as close to that. After a while you get the hang of the weight wet and dry and know just so easy. You can also tell if it wants water, as the plant will ask for it, when the leaves are hanging down straight and no curve, its thirsty for water, and if you see them hanging with a C shape curve then its heavy from water retention.
  11. That's my soil to perlite ratio. Excuse the small amount of bark, as it was in the previous shop bought soil I had, and added to my amended mix this time around.
  12. Haha, DamDave you make me laugh... I'm asking for my own benefit, learning and understanding😊 Not to question you, rather the idea. That Fynbos would probably like an acidic soil, off the top of my head, and busy helping a guy who sells Clivia's to overseas markets, and he adds pine needles to his soil for acid. The soil you using should be fine, just watch the plant and see if its happy, and just add perlite to the mix, lots of it and can even go 50/50 or more, it's up to you.
  13. Again, thank you this information @DamDave. Out of curiosity, and maybe @CreX @Ill_Evanand @Prom could share on, If you use Cinnamon, and from what I've read is going to get rid of fungus gnats by removing the fungus that they feed on, right. What I question and would imagine, is if you had Mycorrhizae fungi in your soil, and Cinnamon bark or powder, would it not render the Mycoroot process null? I question everything, and like to understand as much as possible.
  14. They should be okay, holding thumbs for you. With jiffy or coco, it holds water and air well, and with them it's best to water from the bottom, let it suck it up. You learning and doing just fine and that's what we are here for.
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