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  1. My post wasn't in competition or in bad manner, I see how it can be considered as such and will remove them. No bad vibes hopefully,
  2. Wait, but there's more... If 40deg and you have no cooling, A, how do you cool if you want to? B, if air temps in the day get 30deg plus, then how hot is the light getting then? Would be interesting to see and test
  3. Precisely the juice we need to understand, That's some decent stuff, good show brother 🙌
  4. Impressive DIY For me, it seems like a lot of power for the light output, or is the camera compensating the light... What's the light meter say?
  5. On that note, my prize has arrived, and its soooooo hot🔥 No fault of GREEN SMOKE ROOM on delivery time, it was my error. So happy and grateful again to have been selected and chosen, and be here with you incredible people and plant🙌
  6. It does hey Bos? Also lekker name shortening, it's a nice👌
  7. To me, it appears he is watering only at the stem, and some roots are probably bone dry on the edges of the pot. An observation only... Welcome brother ✌
  8. I hear you, but give yourself more credit brother, there is plenty decent about this time too🙌 Those colours alone, call for a beautiful finished product and joint 💚💜
  9. Taking some dope pics man 📸👌

    1. StickyD420


      Dont know how to respond to the always kind response or comments from, what I can only describe as true family.

      Thank you Evan

  10. Pull that first plant, the male, unless you want to breed? Try not crack those pods, and bag it, inside another bag, far away from that other, quickly
  11. Hey there brother, Glad you have arrived, and we are happy to have you on board and already on your way to goodness. Definitely a Male the first shot Saxy second pic there👌 Added, it was confirmed here a while back, that the site MJS was unsafe for banking details and their seeds if they even popped, had half the time been crap or different to advertised.
  12. Flip, can you imagine trying to hold the thing up, while you put the uprights in 😮 You'll have to have a neighborhood party, and then supply them all with dank too, as they know now, and plus, it's not like you haven't got enough supply after that🤔
  13. I love that you took that the way you did, it was meant as so... Brother I always have a huge respect for you, and I do take notes, steel with my eyes and ears all the time🤜🤛 So happy I'm home here🙌
  14. Dying... Dead 🤣😂🤣 Added, imagine the extraction fans, and the fans for circulation, and then lights, and CO2, and humidity, and cooling and and and and🙈
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