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    Bag seed- Sativa dominant
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    Any that makes me stoned
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    100cm X 100cm Veg room(Mars Hydro LED and 2x flood lights) & 150cm X 100cm Flower room (bestva 1500W led and 2 flood lights...45L reservoir each their own air pump.3X 15cm USB fans :-)
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  1. @PsyCLown "Too early can also lead to a possible disruption in your REM cycle" very interesting ever since I smoke my own stuff I dont have groggy mornings so much.
  2. @Ill_Evan There no such thing as Indica gives me couch locked effect and sativa gives energy its all subjective. My same strain produced a harvest that i felt like made me lazy and my latest harvest is an energetic one.....same strain. Just like a wine, how its grown and at what latitude and altitude its all different factors.... my theory.
  3. @SuMi The girls look healthy man well done. Just remember they will double in size in flower.
  4. @Ill_Evan Well AK47 is weed, maybe the others are some secret strain we dont know about... I would love to try the rocket launcher.. light it up bra!
  5. And another one bites the dust! https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2019-11-20-watch-this-man-can-start-a-mini-war-raid-exposes-arms-cache-dagga-lab/ People please dont keep your guns next to your plants!
  6. @SuMi Welcome bud... hhmm I would advice not to aim for growing the biggest buds, growing big buds requires 100% environmental control or you WILL get bud rot and mold. Send some pics
  7. @Trailblazer420 Doing great man!.... I can just imagine how stoned you gonna be after your first puff!
  8. @trichomechaser wow man, you should send your images to National Geographic!
  9. @greenkush Great frosting man you grew that yourself? Did you get it from these guys? https://strains.cannamaps.com/slurricane/
  10. Am sorry I posted a "random" video that has nothing to do with cannabis my bad.
  11. @SkunkPharm I love my local pavement special, she hardy produces shit loads of buds and a nice high, can grow a bit out of hand indoor lol I had a peach hybrid strain... had to kill her midway flowering 90%covered in PM while my local strain next to it had none. Yes there are great strains out there and 20+% THC, but just like dog breeding when you over breed you get weaknesses in the genetic.... my opinion.
  12. Check this guy out, I was in total shock how he manhandled her, and relaxed watching him at the same time.
  13. @Trailblazer420 I was worried about low temps, done 0 here this winter re heating.... Best grow so far, just cloning takes longer.
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