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    Bag seed- Sativa dominant
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    Any that makes me stoned
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    100cm X 100cm Veg room(Mars Hydro LED and 2x flood lights) & 150cm X 100cm Flower room (bestva 1500W led and 2 flood lights...45L reservoir each their own air pump.3X 15cm USB fans :-)
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  1. @Totemic @CreX Awesome thanks guys! Good god I should check more often the air flow lol I did notice that one the one girl is smaller, roots seem fine.
  2. AArrggg two of my Dophin 8500 air pumps are fucked, excuse my French! They more as a year old and the rubber part is cracked.... This normal so soon,? I did not expect this from this brand.... Can i get these rubber parts somewhere?
  3. This is a bucay of flowers I want to be given! Made some Oil... Happy Friday... See you on the other side
  4. Breeding update: Pollinated my no name sativa with Purple Haze pollen 13 Nov. Got some nice seeds, cant wait so see the difference btw them, hopefully she wont grow as wild as her mom.
  5. @Ill_Evan So sorry to hear man... no one wanted to adopt them? All the best for 2020
  6. @CreX Yeah mine are also 6500k, Flash brand locally made and just for longevity i have a USB fan blowing on them. They work and they cheap! Recently I bought their T5 Led tubes to do my cloning, works like a charm!
  7. Hope everyone has recovered form NYE partying, I can finally relax myself did harvest yesterday, took me 5 hrs!!! But an overall good yield. Once again my Sativa girl grew out of control. Today I sterilized the whole place, and de-dusted the lights (wish they made it easier to clean the fans) The Sativa (generation 7) and Purple Haze (generation 2) clones are in their reservoir, and the flowering girls (generation 6) & ( generation 1 ) under the flowering lights, gave them some LST, well more of an high stress training this time. boom two days of work but all worth it. I've not tried flowering only under the cheap flood lights but I am impressed by how they grow during veg and the first two weeks of flowering. Good luck to all you growers out there for 2020!... Mwah
  8. @Ill_Evan hhhhhh me thinks 3 weeks plus two weeks cloning is enough... these bitches(excuse my French) grow way to wild! But yah i grow for quantity not quality.
  9. @CreX lol mine is 5l but was cheap R129 at Checkers. Yeah heard about the milk spray... just not sure if i wanna use that indoor.
  10. @Mambawana I use Neem oil in vegetative stage, but not to be applied to flowering plants as that it stays on the buds.
  11. @Mambawana What strength undiluted HP did you use? HP turns to plain water relative quick, as that its water with an extra Oxygen molecule.
  12. @Mambawana It kills powdery mildew any other unwanted pathogens and it also kills soft body bugs. In other words the place is sterilized, and no left over residue. Also if you have bad powdery mildew you can give your buds a quick wash in HP after harvest.
  13. @Mambawana Thank man... Been spraying b4 but with an hand pump, great for a forearm pump! Just spraying hydrogen peroxide so dont mind if it goes into the res. You gonna love this, I use 50% HP to 2l water lol dont worry so far ive not seen any burn not even on fresh growth.
  14. I never knew spraying your plants can be this much fun! This is i must have item! The girls on the left looking pretty NEED to go next door, they been way to long flowering under the white lights, aaannnddd Every time i keep loosing control over her! These MUST go asap into the reservoirs! i really messed up my timing this time lol Generation 7 clones on left. Purple Haze generation 2 right.
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