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  1. Controversial topic. Can anyone tell me if a plant knows the difference between organic or synthetic Nitrogen? Is there a difference in the molecular structure between them?
  2. CleanGreen


    Only one person!
  3. I want to breed my own genetics loving my sativa girl, very easy to grow and mildew resistance. But she is not the greatest resin producer. See that it is possible to buy feminized pollen online https://holyseedsbank.com/ Anyone done this before?
  4. @DeeJay Thanks man... Just realized that i got one from a portable cooler bag, will try once its summer. Right now am warming up my nutes lol
  5. At Least Fox news is open minded! https://www.foxnews.com/us/louisiana-coroner-claims-first-thc-related-death-but-some-experts-are-skeptical
  6. CleanGreen

    Death by THC

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/9276106/woman-39-killed-by-cannabis-in-first-ever-thc-overdose-after-vaping-marijuana-chemical-coroner-rules/ So yah folks there ya have it..... I want to go like this!
  7. I only defoliate the bottom 40cm once in flower. not sure if u wanna defoliate anything at the top with LED lighting. Also it looks Sativa dominant they tend to have more space btw the leaves and branches.
  8. Good example below... 9 weeks of flowering... what is she trying to accomplish! Cut that mutant off.
  9. @SkunkPharm Am not an expert but those buds look nice and round defs not needed 😉
  10. @SkunkPharm I did not feel the need to do this to my Indica dominant strain.
  11. So for example, the below cola the five buds coming of the main cola I topped off about 3mm. She is in week 9 flower.
  12. @SkunkPharm About midway to late stage flowering.
  13. So far I have experienced topping 3-4 mm of the buds/colas that are the pointiest leads to fatter buds.
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