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Second Grow Diary, Photoperiod Edition, November 2023

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

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First time growing photoperiods, quite excited. 


Hiroshima by Renegade Seed Co. us.png.57f04d0bca60634875d2ad694f83cb31.png 6 Pack


High THC, and according to the product description should deliver "high yields of dense, rock-solid buds."  Hoping to achieve that.

Want to make one a mother and start learning to clone. The description says "These highly stable genetics produce two phenotypes at most." Should be easy to choose a winner to reveg.

They advise topping, which I am also looking forward to learning. Want to also try "FIM" a plant or two to experiment. 

Grow Setup

Same as before. Here


Lets go :-flyinghi

9 November

Seeds arrived. Also received a Promotional 2 Pack of G-Fawke.


10 November

Seeds into a glass of spring water. Onto a heating mat and into a dark cupboard to soak for 18 hours.


11 November

Seeds started showing roots. All 6 seeds popped, gently took them and placed them root facing down in Jiffy Preforma Plugs

Covered the holes slightly and into the ROOTiT Small Propagator they go. Heating mat underneath, and gently misted with spring water. Also threaded the hygrometer reader through a ventilation hole, to see the environment reading. 

I think this reading is fine for germination. Any and all feedback welcome.


Hoping for them all to push out effectively over the coming days. In hindsight I should have maybe done the paper towel method to get the roots longer, before putting them into the plugs. I've also previously had a failed germination where I watered a bit much, so just gently misting this time as to not drown/stunt the seeds.


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14 November

5 seeds pushed out of the soil. Not sure what happened to thee 6th, as it showed a root and the seed popped. Oh well.
The middle left seedling had the seed casing stuck, and stupidly I tried to help by prying the seed helmet off. Ended up taking off the one leaf. RIP. Not sure if it will make it.

Germinating the 2 promo G-Fawke seeds I got now, to replace the damaged and non-starter seedlings.


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24 November

This is where we are now. Planted into pots, and second grow light up. Opened two of the passive intakes at the bottom instead of an inlet fan. Trying passive intake and a bit of negative pressure this time. Going to wait a bit longer before feeding first nutrients. Would be interested to know when other salt nutrient users start feeding? Any input appreciated.


Back left Hiroshima in the last post's photo also died. I need to stop meddling. The line-up is now Hiroshima, G-Fawke both by Renegade Seed Co.  Also from a friend's personal seedbank I've added a seed labelled "Pierre's Black Mountain Temple" to fill the last spot.

Hiroshima #1, #2 and #3

Number  1 and 3 are healthy and doing fine. Number 2 struggled a bit straight out of the seed, one leaf shrivelled on the end. Not sure why that happened, but it seems to be recovering well.


G-Fawke #1 and 2 and the Black Mountain Temple are doing fine.



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12 December

Late update. 

Had some spidermite issues due to high temps and low RH. Got a spidermite spray from the brand "Buddi". Worked well, issue resolved.

Humidifer arriving tomorrow, to get that nice high RH for veg.

The plants all have very different structure and are growing at different rates. Will probably take cuttings from Hiroshima #1 from what I can see so far.

For the two larger ones I topped them now, as they reached three nodes.



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Did some cleaning of the bottom third of the plants. Cool to see how the one top became four. Right side of the tent was only topped once. 

How many times do you all top your plants? Just the main branch, or more than one?


Scrog has also been set up. Nearing the time to switch to flower, just want the net to fill out a bit.


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Big haircut. Back left still stretching like crazy, hope it slows down. Back right bag seed that I threw in isn't showing many pistils yet like the others, hope its not a male..
Humidity is now back down to a decent level after the big defol. Wanted to wait till week 3 of flower to do it, but the humidity was too much.

photo quality is kak due to whatsapp compression, which is how I send it to myself to post here 😄



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    • By Spaidan
      Hello growers
      I would love to have an opinion on this topic. Let me update you on what I have been working with. I have a one plant indoor grow inside a 80cm x 80cm grow tent. I use a 40l fabric pot with both Orgasoilux and Freedom farms soil (green bag). The bottom half I use Orgasoilux(20l) and the top half I use Freedom farms soil(20l). Throughout veg all I give the plant is Biodyne Environoc 401 (microbes), Molasses and water. This results in an extremely healthy plant.
      Once I flip to flower I start using organic bottled nutrients. In the past I have used Biobizz Bio-bloom, and more recently I have used Dirty hands inc - Bio-Phos (Jamie's brand). I give 3ml Bio-Phos once a week early flower and up it to 5ml every week mid to late flower. Plus a molasses feeding every 2 weeks and stopped using Biodyne microbes 1 week into flower.
      I was thinking about completely ditching bottled nutrients and going the topdressing route for flower. I was thinking of maybe topdressing a week before the flip with Jamie's elemental blend. I am just worried if it will provide enough for the plants through to harvest. I was also thinking of maybe using my own topdressing blend of Dry kelp, Gypsum, Malted Barley and Worm Castings. Would love an opinion on switching to topdressing for flower and if the elemental blend should be more than enough to take me to harvest. If you think I should just stick to bottled nutrients for flower let me know. I am going to include photo's of my 2 previous grows using the method I have stated above. Just trying to get the best quality flower possible :)
      Some thoughts of mine...…
      Topdressing vs Liquid Nutrients?
      Biobizz Bio-Bloom vs Dirty Hands Inc Bio-Phos?
      One topdressing enough 1 week before flip?
      Elemental Blend or my own flowering mix?
      My Grow:
      Medium: Top Half Freedom Farms soil (20l) + bottom half Orgasoilux(20l)
      Additives and Amendments: Molasses + Biodyne Environoc 401 Microbes + Dirty Hands Inc - Bio-Phos + Mycoroot (seedling)
      - Solo Cup + Freedom Farms soil + Mycoroot
      -Transplant in week 2 of veg to 40l
      (Veg Stage)
      - initial inoculant 2ml Environoc Microbes
      -1ml per litre  Environoc every 2 weeks
      -5ml per litre Molasses every 2 weeks
      -Stop Environoc 1 week into flower
      (Flower Stage)
      -3ml Bio-Phos every week (early flower)
      -5ml Bio-Phos every week (late flower)
      -5ml Molasses every 2 weeks
      -Stop Bio-Phos 2 weeks before harvest
      -Feed molasses until harvest
      Pictures below include TH seeds - Orangesicle + Trainwreck (darker leaves) and a photo of Orangesicle during veg

    • By AfrikaansePotkop
      Hi everyone, 
      I am currently looking to purchase an indoor setup for myself. Nothing fancy or big. Just enough to be a new hobby. I am always willing to invest in more stuff later, just dont have the money right now.
      So basically my budget is Around R5k. I am willing to go over, but anything lower is always preferred.
      I got a quote form MarijuanaSA and want a few opinions on it, or just a whole new quote for those that are willing to make one.

      It seems to have all the important items in it. I can buy a few items that do the same at lower prices, like on takealot. I am looking at 0.8x0.8 or a 1x1 tents. What would be better? I want to grow around 2 to 3 plants at a time.
      Then, I would really like a cheaper light to use but just cant seem to find a good option that is less than 1k...
      So basically, I am asking for assistance in selecting all the basic items for my first ever indoor grow. Whatever saves me the most money and gives me enough items to get away for at least 2 harvests before investing more.
      I already have soil and pots from my outdoor plants.
      Any help will really be appreciated as I barely know what I am buying with indoor growing equipment.
      I have a small list of just a few items that I am putting together to use as a purchasing guide. Here it is for a general idea of what im currently looking at:
    • By Ziyaad
      Unit1 big setup
      X1 Mars Grow Tent 2.4m x 1.2m x 2m
      X1 Mars Hydro 1600 watt LED Features (actual power output 800 watts efficiency )
      X1 Quantum board 240w led grow light with meanwell drivers

      X2 Quantum boards 60v2 grow lights 3500k full cycle 60w each with meanwell drivers
      IMF Plastic Inline Fan with ducting
      Flexipot 8 System AQUAValve5
      Garden HighPro ProHanger x10
      X1 Metal Inline Fan HIT 200 with speed control and ducting
      X8 Freedom fabric Pots 20L
      X1 Reducer 200mm to 150mm
      X1 Sonoff 4ch switch for autonomy
      X1 sonoff humidity and temperature management
      X1 oscilting fan
      X1 industrial floor fan
      X1 Russel Hobbs eco heater
      Small setup 
      Mars grow 1mx1mx1.8m grow tent 
      X Hi, those are QB-60v2 light 3500K full cycle lights. 60W each
      X1 quantum filter 
      X1  Silent Series Fan Inline
      X1 Hydor ef intake fan 
      X4 freedom farm fabric pots 
      X1 Arctic air cooler 
      X3 Digital Timer
      X6 garden high pro hangers
      All items are in 100% working order practically new used for 2 grows 

    • By Orcanic
      Hi guys
      Going to try make my third grow my best so far.
      Strain: Joker CBD - https://www.trophyseeds.com/product/green-smoke-room-seeds-the-joker-cbd/
      Indoor Grow
      Nutes: GHE TriPart
      80 x 80 x 180cm grow tent 70/30 Coco Perlite Mix 240W Quantum Board x2 Clip on oscillating fans, x1 extraction fan Germination: 03/04/2021
      Vegetative: 15/04/2021
      Flower: 06/06/2021
      Harvest: --- (Estimated: 25/07/2021 - 08/08/2021)
    • By Spaidan
      Good morning growers. 
      Currently have two plants vegging in my indoor setup and I noticed this morning my one plants is start to show pistils?? The light cycle has has been on 18/6 since seedling and hasn't changed since. Was wondering why one of the plants is showing pistils while it's under veg? I thought pistils only come once u flip to flower under 12/12 cycle. Not very happy because I wanted to still veg out the plants for longer and recently just topped them. If anyone can give an explanation that would be great👌😉. Plants have been happy the entire time with no deficiances, problems or stress. I would say it's been a perfect grow so far. And they are photo periods not autoflowers. Is it possible for the plant to shoot pistils and show its sex while still in veg?? Or is it guaranteed flipped. Thanks guys would appreciate your knowledge on this topic
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