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  1. Mambawana how should I test it and what do I look out for?
  2. My grow space is in my yard so I want to put the ballast inside the house. At the moment the ballast is inside the grow space. Running a bit extra hot some days. I have a Intake that bring fresh air to the ballast. Will have to make or buy a waterproof box to keep the ballast outside the grow space.
  3. Highchome made some fabric pots check his post
  4. Hi everyone what is the maximum length I can make my his bulbs cord from the ballast? I will need it to be 7-10m is that fine?
  5. So what is legal whTs not considered legal? I don't wanna break any laws.....
  6. Do I give the Epsom salt water daily or every other day? And thanks guys for the I put.
  7. Hi everyone I have this issue with this one White widow clown that have purple stems. I have the same clone that dont have this issue. I think it's a nutrient deficiency but which one? Any ideas?. Been feeding them kelpak and compost tea. The plant with the purple stems was in Coco purlite mix when I got it from highcome. I transplanted it in soil but kept the Coco perlite mix. I've read somewhere online this is common with Coco. Any of the more experienced guys that can give some info please.
  8. The guy that gave you that superskunks clone also have that Hermie issue? You getting me worried here.
  9. Highchome did all your superskunks Hermie? I'm worried tat the ones I got from you will also Hermie?
  10. Will do that. I can always upgrade after my first grow and use the hps in winter.
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