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  1. Will do that. I can always upgrade after my first grow and use the hps in winter.
  2. @CreX I am on a budget.
  3. But let's hear what the hps fans have to say about their preffered lights..;-) I know here is some of them.
  4. Led is good but what I don't like is the lights spread it's very little.
  5. Do you know what a 600w hps will cost to run for a month? 12/12
  6. Hi everyone, I know I'm opening a can of worms here but what are your thoughts on hps vs led? I know consumption of led is less and heat. Just would like to know what the people who use led or hps have to say about their preffered lights. I just want to figure out what I have to get hos or led. I don't what's to buy something then I'm not happy with the results. Peace and love to you all......
  7. @Trailblazer420 what temps are you getting in you grow area with those lights? And what size is you grow space. I've noticed with led light I have to use so something extra to get the temps up.
  8. @Trailblazer420 can I use a computer power supply to drive to 12v cobs?
  9. Thanks for letting me know bru.
  10. True we handle our own shit;-) and we have our own backup lol if you call saps they respond by saying they don't have enough vans to come out....
  11. Hawks wanna waste tax payers money to catch weed growers but can't do shit to the cunts stealing the countries money.
  12. I hope the law won't be to hard on them... After all it's just MARY JANE and not tik or heroin.
  13. I see they only allow a mximumum of 5 cobs per buyer.
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