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  1. Just wondering what nutrients do you guys prefer. And what do you use as bloom boosters. I used bloombastic but it's very pricey..
  2. I know it outdoor season. But those that have indoor setups running multiple lights. What power backup system do you have?
  3. Should I use biobizz bloom with every watering as the instruction says? Is it not too much nutrients?
  4. The plants in the rear are showing these issues
  5. I do have a intake fan but I think my veg tent is stacked too much and air circulation is the problem aswell
  6. What you suggest I do Evan? Should I toss them in the bin? All the other plants looks good and healthy. Is just 4 of this one strains clones doing this texture on the leaves
  7. Hi I have 4 plants that look like this pic. Plant in the pic is the worse looking one. What can cause this? Is it heat stress? My extractor fan fan of for a day or two without me knowing. 250w MH in a 1.2 tent What you guys think?
  8. Is running multiple 600w HPS ballast worth running or would it just hurt my pocket?
  9. hello my fellow growers, where can i buy the qb288 boards from for a diy build?
  10. If I understand you correctly I can mix this all together? You can mix your own with your nitrogen from the pigeon, Bonemeal will add phosphate, dolomite lime for magnesium, gypsum for calcium and potassium sulphate to push the flowers along.
  11. im growing in soil havent added anything yet. will take some pics tonight
  12. so what yall think im better off buying nutes for flowering? i dont like the synthetic nutes
  13. hello my fellow green thumbs, as the title says im using pigeon poop to feed my vegging plants and the love it. i know its very hot but i use a mild mixture. thing is what can i use during the flower stage as the pigeon poop have to much nitrogen content. or do i have to buy flowering nutrient. i know bone meal and such but do you know of a good recipe i can use to flower my plants. thanx for your time..
  14. It's led select... Thanx bru
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