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    Totemic Genetics - Chocolope (Outdoor Growoff 2019/2020)
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    Living organic soil
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    Nothing better than the sun
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    Blue cheese ; Afghan ; Gorilla Glue
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    KNF inputs (FPJ,FFJ,WSCa,WSCaP,Home made vinegars,LABS,IMO) , JADAM (JMS,JWA,JLF) , Fish emulsion , kelp extract , molasses
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  1. Thats a very efficient way of doing it thanks alot bro I was thinking something similar but have been struggling to find a good "male jail" , been contemplating building a small micro box for breeding but if its a small box and i flower out like 6 cuts of boys in there i think it may get abit messy too Lol i think finding a new environment for them would be A , thanks again for the input man
  2. Hey guys So I have been thinking about my technique of harvesting pollen, and though it is quite efficient, it takes quite a lot of time (which i dont really have lately) I have been cutting flowering stems off as they ripen and letting them dry for a day or so in a brown bag before giving it a litle shake and screening, mixing with flour for the moisture, sealed container into the fridge or freezer. I was just wondering if anyone here may have any simpler ways of approaching the task, something that doesnt require endless hours inspecting and snipping little branches while trying not to get pollen to fly all over the place
  3. Welcome chef ! Enjoy your time on the forum A whole lot of good info around here to scrounge through to learn all you need
  4. Thanks - I was thinking of doing something like that Stabilize the traits i like and create something entirely new
  5. I agree too that there is no better light than the sun Its all about patience hey i just love great tasting weed !! Even organic veggies and herbs etc seem to have a whole lot more flavour than store brought mass produced more than likely chemically grown product This seems really interesting bro - keep us updated on how that works out
  6. I cant say this for sure - but it seems to me , and a few others i have spoken to and read about , that having a living organic system usually provides you with a stronger / fuller terp / flav profile , while hydro / salts give you a faster growing plant ? Has anyone else experienced something like this ? I have only ever grown organic so cant say how my hydro plants turned out , but i have smoked some pretty bland salt grows in comparison
  7. Another relatively new member here - have had some delays on getting my setup back on track , but i too was very interested in making regular entries once things are running again Will wait it out and hope the comp is revived at some point
  8. I must say i love all of FOGFAs initiatives and what they stand for - i believe that clubs (with very good security) will be the way to go in this legal limbo period provided we can settle some sort of paperwork or recorded agreement that authorities understand the operations of the establishment and agree to leave us alone , and even beyond legal regulation, as has been mentioned, the clubs would just gain in popularity and end up as similar to a "bar" for the cannabis community I also think that having alot of small , closely grouped private clubs could benefit in raising the awareness and breaking the stereotype we are all trying so hard to by showing whoever needs proof that we can peacefully assemble without any harm or damage to people and property as well as the fact that information can be provided in return from clubs to writers of legislature as guidelines as to what does and doesnt work a wise man once said all it takes is one brave soul
  9. And dont worry about looking silly we all start somewhere
  10. @greenkush Agreed Sorry had a huge blunt for wake and bake for the fiances bday today and probably didnt word that correctly I gave my soil recommendation based on the idea of the grow being coco - but not sure if thats the final plan here
  11. Well again ive never really attempted any sort of hydro But yes starting in smaller pots - with soil atleast - helps me control the amount of water the seedling has around it versus over watering a huge pot with a tiny plant that cant use all that water I usually start my seedlings after a soak in polystyrene or plastic party cups , they get their first and final transplant to 20 or 25l after about a week or 2 Hope this helps abit
  12. Agreed ... you can have a 9 sq plant or 9 1 sq plants ? Minus some working space
  13. I second GLO - looks like mite damage
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