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    Cake Pops, Durban Poison, Amnesia Haze, Purple Haze, Buddha Cheese, Kali Dog, Bubba Kush, Exodus Cheese
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    Flexible - I've used many sorts
  • Favourite Strains
    Amnesia Haze, Durban Poison, Cake Pops, Blue Dream
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    Cuttings and cloning Station/Mother room, Indoor Veg area, Indoor Flower area, Flower Greenhouse
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    Organic nutrients
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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  1. Howzit everyone, I'm Ky, an experienced Horticulturist from the Ornamental Green Industry since 2014 I'm very excited to be on a local forum, and hope I'll be able to learn plenty from fellow growers I've only been growing Cannabis since December 2021, mainly for research purposes, and inevitably I became captivated by this fascinating genus! I've managed to grow a couple proper harvests and have been hired to apply my expertise at my place of work, which is pretty aweskme! I'm hoping to bring something of value to the table when it comes to the local scene, or at least gain awesome plant knowledge that I can use on my botanical collection! And, of course, I am eager to make a couple friends along the way!
  2. Howzit everyone


    I'm a pretty experienced Hort who's just looking for more plant knowledge. I'm looking forward to learning more of the Cannabis genus and hope I will have good info to share too.


    Very excited to be part of the South African community!

    1. Ill_Evan


      Welcome! Got anything growing at the moment?

    2. Kyky the Plantguy

      Kyky the Plantguy

      I do, got about 500 plants currently growing, although my personal collection was just harvested, taking whatever free time I get to trim xD


      Two seperate grows with the plan being for 4 seperate grows this coming spring, some of it is for research though, don't know if that counts

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