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  1. @GrowGuru afternoon guys, is it possible to get a bag or two GLO's soil? I would love to try it with the indoor grow off as I am about to do my final transplant before flowering starts.
  2. @Trailblazer420 should I just scoop some out and put it in a jar with the lid on?
  3. Yeah the eggs is about 1mm to 2mm in size, the eggs don't grow bigger than about 2mm in size but they do seem to be getting more, more places having this cluster of eggs. No damage to the plants or visible suffering * the soil smelled like mushrooms when I opened the bag
  4. They not hard, they disappear when rubbing it, and looks like they in a Web or hairy thingy
  5. No it is smaller than the perlite, it almost looks like eggs, they together in some spots Scooped some soil onto a piece of glass and took a picture from the bottom.
  6. Afternoon everyone, I have noticed these small white/ yellow balls in my grow medium, it was a bag of growers gold from earthdance I purchased. plants don't look unhealthy and haven't noticed any little critters running around.
  7. @Green Leaf Organics hey greetings,any of these bags left at growguru?
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