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  1. Grow update: week 2 of flower Not much happening this side, getting some stretch now as she his getting ready to go full swing. I could not find my tape measure any where and the wife was not letting me use her sowing tape measure. Hopefully will find it tomorrow then I can give the high of my plant. Think she is about 40 cm. More or less an even canopy with minimum effort. Bud sites looking good and starting to develop nicely. Took her outside to show her the stars, and hopefully when she is done flowering she will return the favour and show me the stars! ✌ *I must say the guys taking part in the indoor growoff, you guys are rocking it, plants looking fabulous and such beauties, Good luck with the final few weeks and it's been a pleasure following your diaries and keeping updated with each other's grows.
  2. Sorry for missing update guys, had an unplanned trip to jhb. Grow update.. I was not able to water on schedule but there was no sign of stress, leaves weren't to droopy either. Tied down some of the branches that was growing wild. I missed switching to flowering last week but starting today with 12/12. Happy with the amount of tops, have some decent space for the stretch.
  3. Hey guys, sorry will do a decent update tonight. Here is some pictures though
  4. Grow update (week 7) Garden greetings everyone I have not been able to tend to the garden lately, but managed to get a few pictures of my contender for the competition. She will get a decent cleanup in the week and some Lst to expose all those inner branches. I will not take the fan leaves off yet, just bending and tucking away for now. This will be the pot she flowers in, hopefully not a bad choice, i just do not have time to do a transplant now. This has been such a pleasure to grow, i have done about 3 grows so far and it was some good bag seeds that I saved, but to see and smell this plant mature and grow and its beautiful structure is so rewarding, good genetics really makes a difference and it is clearly visible to me, I doubt I will ever grow bag seed again. @Totemic Dude well done, if you ever in the future need some growers to test your genetics, Bro both my hands are up! 🙌👌 I will update some pictures after the Lst.
  5. @GrowGuru afternoon guys, is it possible to get a bag or two GLO's soil? I would love to try it with the indoor grow off as I am about to do my final transplant before flowering starts.
  6. Grow Update week 6: Garden Greetings everyone. Nothing much to report, growing as expected, I actually forgot to give them nutes with the last watering but they actually doing so well and happy. Topping was not needed as the plant did it already. I will be adding some explogrow with the next feeding, first time using it so will be nice to see the effects. I have not noticed any signs of sex yet but keeping a close eye on things as I can do with some space in the cupboard.
  7. Good morning, Sorry for not updating on time. Will be able to do one this afternoon.
  8. Grow update (week 5) Having some good growth on #4, this one had the seed shell stuck and took a while for it to fall of, not sure if that can be the reason for stunned growth upwards. As you guys can see, it never made it past that node and just started pushing the side branches. The two that was not looking good have continued their downwards spiral.
  9. @SmokeyZeroAll going good thank you, yeah we havn't been home much during the day, the Mrs in jhb with the children and I'm helping out on the farm now and then. Plants looking happy except those two, one died and the other 1 struggling to stay alive, massive growth difference between them, not sure what caused it but at least it didn't effect the other 4. How's the DWC going, did you sort out the problems with the cold water?
  10. @SmokeyZero Sorry for the late reply, yes that was the one with the seed shell still attached, it has happened before but never had any influence on the plant or growth. This time it seems to have affected the growth as the plant is not getting any new growth upwards. I will add some pictures when I do the update a little later
  11. @Dank plants looking good and healthy, do you use HPS bulb or MH? Also what distance is your plants and lights from each other? I'm using 400 HPS and not sure of the distance that they should be?
  12. Grow update (week 4) Good afternoon, hope all is well. Grow update this week, some nice growth taking place and keeping a close eye on #4 seems to have stopped upwards growth Plant is healthy, the curl in the leaves might be a bit of heat stress as they are now under the 400 HPS. #5 & #6 not doing well at all, not sure what the problem might be as they all in the same soil and nothing different done to those. Leave yellow but new growth seems to be okay. Hopefully they beat this little flu or ebola they got going on and join the rest of the healthy society. Other wise winter is coming for them!
  13. @Trailblazer420 should I just scoop some out and put it in a jar with the lid on?
  14. Yeah the eggs is about 1mm to 2mm in size, the eggs don't grow bigger than about 2mm in size but they do seem to be getting more, more places having this cluster of eggs. No damage to the plants or visible suffering * the soil smelled like mushrooms when I opened the bag
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