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  1. There is one that has opened in Springs too. One on the go in wichester hills alberton way not sure if it trading but shop is owned by skelms
  2. Yeah very few people abuse those. One seem heavy dose is enough for most people to feel the true power. But great step in the right direction. I know uk is slowly coming right too.
  3. Exactly it just got miss reported as all things. I remember a few things at school that were nothing yes a few spliffs and maybe poppers, but by time story got round a few many times and teachers got to hear it was a satan gay orgy.
  4. Not in all cases Ie i extract from bubble hash and gumby hash and dry sifts using ethanol. I would not call that feco oil
  5. Very nice indeed. I see the jelly melons in the back how you getting on with them?
  6. Those jelly melons will take over if not careful and remember gloves to pick em the hairs on the leaves similar to fiber glass
  7. Ran kabbalha again and yeah they are tired got one or two hoping will do some thing fingers crossed. But still keen and what you have planned. As for Mr knob captain wannabe his day is coming lol As for the cctv Ive heard of a few cases of pot pirates using drones to scout crops local to me.
  8. Mate I have plenty malawi hybrids for you lol
  9. Agreed you really has been run round with them way to much, very sad indeed not to such a generous guy.
  10. Busy running a flux at the mo have a thread up, Will put more pics when I can get my lazy ass into remembering to take pics more often. As stated above its more refined than mainlining and could not agree more there is a bit more to it. My first time running flux and its difo to mainling. Hope it works out and is worth the extra work. Proof is in the end result i guess
  11. Well done on both a awesome looking plant and the winning that light. Thank you growops for the kind sponsor will be in touch in the future for some lights for sure. Again well done on that lovely looking plant.
  12. Following this would really like to know what you come up with. Also looking for a nice cbd photo. Have a few places in a breeding project or to and some other ideas too.
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