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  1. Oolong83

    Help plz

    Just noticed my one led light not lighting up fully. Any thoughts on why and how to fix? @PsyCLown @Dank @CreX if remember correctly you guys build you own lights so maybe you got sum thoughts here plz.
  2. Hey guys thought of building a simple led light to cover a big area. Will be for clones and seedlings mostly. Did i do my calculations correctly?
  3. Am i understanding this correctly? If the pistils are white, they not pollinated. Brownish has been pollinated? What are cylaxes?
  4. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    She is budding, so no new growth. The other leaves are starting to show signs too. Ones that were fine before.
  5. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    You referring to the other plant? I flushed her and fed some nutes, still no change. Leaves still bleaching. Looks a lot like potassium deficiency, but she not responding to nutes
  6. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    Breaking news, just in..... the bitch been fucking around my back, lol. i just checked now, she definitely been pollinated, what is my next best action? Pull her and dry before seeds develop too much? Or let her go? @highchome @Smelly Joe @PsyCLown
  7. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    she is outdoor plant in wine barrel, didn't feed much nutes, only organic when i did. only been getting water over past week. So would a flush be necessary?
  8. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    its been 6-7 weeks now. i read that its best to harvest when trichomes are milky with a few amber ones. what do you look for when before harvesting?
  9. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    Here are some, as close as i can get, pics of the bitch that drove me crazy. What do you guys think, how long still? Looks close to me?
  10. @Smelly Joe i did the scrog net and to be honest im seriously considering not doing it again. As @Spaceman mentioned, it get hard to get to all the spots, cant take them out, i just think it makes maintaining ur plants much harder, i suppose if u got enough space then its not a problem. For next grow in looking at individual trellis for each plant, those round ones. Dont get me wrong, the scrogg net does wonders for keeping ur canopy even, but wont work for my next upgrade i got planned.
  11. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    Any advice here please. Is this potassium deficiency? How do i treat? Flush?
  12. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    To give you a better idea. I took some pics of random leaves on her that is showing signs of irregularities.
  13. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    @Smelly Joe how do i fix it? up the bloom nutes?
  14. Sjoe, close call ne? I know the feeling all too well. a friend pointed out something last night to me on one of my indoor plants that looked like a pollen sack, but after inspecting i saw it was only a pre-flower, but fora sec there those chills started, lol. Am i right in assuming this? What I've noticed? Balls hang down and pre-flowers point up? PS. Happy she still good buddy. Shes looking “NICE”.🤙
  15. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    I like what im reading. So im just gonna let her do her thing. Thanx everyone. I still need some advice on this one though Any advice here?
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