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  1. Oolong83


    @zairek i found that my results improved a lot. So i am happy with the switch. That being said, i cant afford those top range LEDs that would definitely give the same if not better results. The cheaper LEDs (1000w china makes) tend to get the job done, but they kak after 2-3grows and you need a couple for desired results. Speaking as a amateur grower, im sure some of the big boyz will disagree and will be able to get descent results from cheapmade LEDs, but im not that good yet😂. The first 2 pics is with LED, the other 3 is with HID.
  2. Oolong83


    HEy guys sorry for late response. Thanx for the info i recently switched from led to HID running 1x 250w 1x 400w 1x 600w coming soon. So i recon i should be fine.
  3. Oolong83


    That was quick. Thnx man. Was about to install another breaker, now i can save that expense.
  4. Oolong83


    Hey guys long time. quick question...... would the regular 20amp breakers support more than 1500w without tripping? How much can they support. How much watts are you guys pulling on a 20amp breaker?
  5. Update..... they send me the veg nutes breakdown. N- 20% P- 17% K- 29% Ca - 15% Mg - 2% B - 0.03% Zn - 0.004% Mo - 0.001% This is for the veg part of the nutes
  6. This was the reply i got when asking what is in it and is it 100% organic. she also added the feeding schedule. Will wait for the breakdown from Amir. There is another way to prove the nutes are not harmful: We have live earthworms in all our plant bags and pots. We feed them alfalfa and they add work castings to the soil. We repotted a plant last week. After 7 weeks on Swampjuice the worms are still alive, healthy and happy. Earthworms are actually extremely fragile. They die easily. For me the fact that they are still alive and super fat, is proof that Swamp juice is 100% organic. I hope that helps until Amir Laity gets back to you. 🙂🌺🌺🌺
  7. What can you guys tell me about this? Is it really as awesome as everyone makes it out to be? Where can i get it?
  8. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    I think they looking good or what? Spider mite population has drastically reduced. Damage still visible on the leaves.
  9. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    They already looking better. Much less mites already. Guess the hectic cape town wind took care of them. Will leaving them outside to finish as suggested by @CreX
  10. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    What do you guys think about me moving all my indoor plants outside to help battle these mites? Most of my outdoor plants has started budding, so i assume they wont go into reveg? i cant get a handle on them indoors and they getting worse. So I'm hoping the outdoors will make life hard for them and maybe it'll get under control. My WW plants that i moved outside about 5-6 weeks ago are now completely mite free.
  11. Oolong83

    LED vs HPS

    Hey guys. My grow area is 1.5x2m Using fullspectrum led lights humidity ranges from 40%-65%(day and night) Temps go over 30 during the day some days up to 35. At night around 24-28 Feeding with biobizz bloom daily. This grow is clones of clones. As you guys mentioned in previous posts, for LED to be effective you have to get topnotch lights$$$. My light all cost around R1500 each. 300w pulling each. Also got a few LED down-lights(21w) to cover the edges of the grow. The current grow area i built within a few hrs, but skipped a lot of cnrs. So now i still have to seal it off properly and put intake air and out air vents. Currently just using a fan.
  12. Oolong83

    LED vs HPS

    @NPKGuy yo dude, i get you. Ive been struggling with this question of which is better. I only been growing with LED, but noticed the bud never solid, always airy. So im strongly considering switching to HID. So straight up, HID or LED for big solid buds?
  13. Oolong83

    Any thoughts

    Here are sum pics of under the leaves. There is sum shit there, but it looks mostly like dust and sand from heavy winds. Maybe you can spot something i dont.
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