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  1. There is also: https://www.420sa.co.za/forum/26-seed-banks-seed-shops/ Reviews & experiences of seed banks local and abroad
  2. Yay! So glad you safely received it! Thank you @The_StonedTrooper for making that happen and this whole setup you organised. And also a thanks from us to @Stefan and @Marzcannafor both of your contributions This endeavor is also a means to show that we should not stray from that which Canna represents (peace, sharing and caring), a community created through love and peace. Not sure the newer generation is familiar with Bob Marley, but the old-schoolers here should know what I mean. Let's try to have more of these giving back events
  3. After scanning the forum with the time granted to me, I managed to find two family members we would like to recommend (not sure if we are allowed to recommend more than one?): @Green @H2Ou In that order. Haven't been long enough on this forum to get to know most of the family members, so had to go on post related data. Thus, I hope the rest of you, that have been here longer, can point out more that could benefit from this giveaway
  4. Haha @The_StonedTrooper, was just checking out @Green and was wondering (as a contributor to the giveaway) are we allowed to nominate?
  5. Your most welcome to use our images! Wish you all the best of luck!
  6. @StickyD420 Jenna at Customer Support will gladly help you out with that. Anticipating your mail already
  7. @Cannabist We are usually giving away black cards (grinders) like in the image below (thought you were referring to those) Forgot GHSC changed their packaging to black cards (thought for a moment you were confusing us with them)
  8. Never mind that , was a bit slow on the uptake there
  9. @Cannabist I assure you they are fresh from the breeders We continually rotate our stock with Nirvana directly to keep them fresh and ensure viability The packaging (for international clients) has always been the same (hence it seems old) as it is the most discreet and safest way so far. May I ask what you mean by GHSC discs?
  10. @Adansonia digitata At this current stage, Nirvana is having trouble keeping up with demand on their regular seed stock, but this is a problem being worked on. Once a steady supply can be supplied to us, we will be stocking regular seeds
  11. Let me lesson some concerns here Unfortunately we do not sell in retail packs as we ship our orders the exact same shipping method used by Nirvana Seedbank for their international clients. Due to the discreet packaging used, our seeds are packaged differently. But rest assured, our stock is fully legit and you are more than welcome to verify our stock's legitimacy with Nirvana directly at https://www.nirvanashop.com/about-nirvana-shop/official-distributors/ Hope that clarifies some concerns some may have
  12. YES!!! Worm tea has amazing properties for Cannabis plants, have one farm myself and use worm tea as an additive in my grows
  13. No need to plant the Basil with your girl (they might end up fighting for nutrients), just putting the Basil bag next to your girl should be good enough (the scent of Basil is strong enough to serve its purpose)
  14. Yes, spray, or to be more exact mist the leaves. As for fertilizer, that would depend which soil your using and if it already came with fertilizer (which most do if it were bought). For example, if you are using fertilized soil from Just Cannabis, then no other fertilizer is necessary. If not, a liquid fertilizer additive to your soil should suffice (if the soil your using already contains fertilizer, which to me it seems it does). Here are some information on liquid fertilizers: https://www.leafly.com/news/growing/using-liquid-fertilizer-to-feed-cannabis-plants BioGrow also has a range of liquid fertilizers to look at
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