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  1. The one with the yellowing leaves is not a problem, it is not uncommon for some of the older leaves to yellow and sometimes even die and dry up a bit while waiting for cuttings to root. Once potted up, it can take a few days for the cutting to settle and start establishing its root again and getting nutes - at which point you will notice new growth which should be green and the older leaves will continue to yellow and die. You can cut the old, yellowing leaves off once new growth has started. The plant does not look stunted, looks as if a lot of new growth is going to be coming soon!
  2. @Smelly Joe Not sure about the mycelium, if it is consuming the pine then it must be some wood loving mycelium. Doubt it would do harm, but I am not mycelium expert.
  3. I think what it comes down to is, people / the community want to be able to do it on the cheap and not have it limited to those who have millions to risk and lose. Something more achievable for the average grower out there who does not have deep pockets.
  4. This is what I have noticed based on my experiences. 4 days, just seems way too short.
  5. 4 days is super fast... Dare I say a bit suspicious in a way, as if the plant had decided to start making sacs before you even sprayed. Lets see how it turns out. Perhaps you got lucky and the plant you sprayed responds very quickly.
  6. Organic is one thing. Salt nutes, microbes, fungi etc are separate.
  7. ...and this vape is going to a very good home where it will be used on a regular basis for sure! 😄
  8. @Smelly Joe It really is that simple, decarb, make butter and do some baking (pun intended).
  9. There are manufacturers who stock these boards and local suppliers who stock boards with 660nm and 730nm. Really upto you whether you want to go this route or not. Plain 301b diodes work great too without any additional diodes. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  10. Where the link at? Boris Brejcha has some awesome stuff!
  11. So you're hoping to the kill larvae in the soil with the nematodes and let the adults die off naturally, to avoid spraying and killing the thrips via a spray as you're in flower? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  12. Guidelines for now, ultimately a judge would be the one to decide if it ends up in court. If you are within the guidelines, chances are it would just be thrown out (I'd imagine, could be wrong). Realistically, not everyone has space to grow or the knowledge. There should not be anything wrong with you growing as you're able to and have the space to do so, then being able to share with friends and family and enjoy some yourself. Imagine your gran trying to grow some cannabis for herself, not something every granny is going to be able to do.
  13. @EastRandGrower Welcome and enjoy your stay! 😄 Make sure you are visiting via the webpage and not Tapatalk, then goto your name at the top right, click the down arrow, click on Account Settings and then select Signature.
  14. Buy them some Nandos so we can get our way! 😛 We're not unreasonable. We just don't want such restrictions. We're not trying to harm anybody.
  15. The right people need to be able to profit from it safely and conveniently... Us as the home growers are not the right people as far as the government is concerned. @The Grass Baas The limitation is still a limitation and can be very limiting depending on what exactly you want to achieve with your grows. As you stated, 8 flower plants = 16 veg plants. This is a combination, so someone keeping say 4 mothers (not a lot of variety, is it?) is then left with 6 flower plants or 12 veg plants... combination of both. This is if there are 2 adults living together, so if you're single and living alone... well fuck, even worse for you. Now you cannot share your harvests with friends and family as much due to the limit imposed. If someone wants to do some proper breeding locally, good luck doing so easily while abiding by these limitations. The frustrating part is that other substances do not have these limitations, the common ones being alcohol and cigarettes. Why can we not follow the guidelines of cigarettes? I fully understand not smoking infront of children and not giving any tobacco or cannabis to children (unless for proper, approved medical use and then it would typically be in an edible / oil form and they'd not be smoking it). Currently is there a limit to people brewing their own beers or growing tobacco plants themselves? As far as I am aware, no. The bigger issue is why is there a limit in the first place.
  16. It wouldn't be completely sterile, at least I do not think so. It is outdoors and bacteria can live in an array of different conditions. @Smelly Joe What says you?
  17. @Smelly Joe Are you not worried some other bacteria or fungus might get in that starch solution and contaminate it? I assume the BB and GSC are the original ones grown out previously?
  18. This is just going to boost the red a bit. It would be more beneficial if you were to get additional 660 + 730 diodes. This would boost red and photosynthesis.
  19. UV from LED is a waste for cannabis (for now at least). IR is often classified as 730nm and not 760nm+ The 660nm + 730nm leads to the Emerson effect Not needed. Can be nice to have if you want though.
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