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  1. Thank you Totemic Got my goodies and some seeds, stunning packaging - I am excited to grow your girls. Whatever you do I wish you the best & I hope to find you in the industry in future.
  2. My freakshow has flowered and she is delicious, I was hoping to reveg but I am not sure she will survive the winter. I don't know if Covid broke my senses but I really dig the smell & taste, she was pollenated so I have some seeds to try again next season.
  3. LOL, my girls look terrible with the amount of rain this year - it's a mildew horror show. Milk & water spray work wonders but your girls smell of milk for a while after and the leaves have a visible film - I think my ratio had too much milk. PhuckOff was fantastic but it took over a litre per application so was getting dear... The auto's that made it to harvest were delicious, Good Wild Shark by Biltong & Buds has a sweet fruity flavor, just heavily stunted by the rain this season.
  4. I was a waiter at the time so around 20+ years ago? I smoked a lot but had zero knowledge so would have missed the detail.
  5. I've looked at the coils but too risky w a 5 year old in the house knocking it over, checked out the Magic Flight box's & G-Pen Connect. What do you rate for convenience when you don't want to break out a torch?
  6. I'll happily pay for a clone to be included, I'm in the outdoor game. A mate gifted me a baseball sized nug of Pineapple when I was a laaightie, it blew my socks off and I've been searching since.
  7. & here it is 757802137_HempandCannabisCropDiseases-Aguidetofielddiagnosisandmanagement.pdf
  8. I googled & found this resource: https://agri.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/agrinvgov/Content/Plant/Plant_Pathology/Hemp and Cannabis Crop Diseases -A guide to field diagnosis and management.pdf
  9. Hey all Any of you that ride out to Haarties check out Bruhouse on the way, Hekpoort Rd R563 Hekpoort, Krugersdorp, 1790. Cold drinks, hot food and great service. Their cannabis club has some lekker members & a very reasonable annual fee, was R300 this year. They have a 5 ton Bulldog press members can use with arrangement, I used and loved it so ended up buying my own press from SA Rosin Press (dead chuffed).
  10. I commented on their Facebook page & was called within 5 Minutes. This was a mishap & they are working to resolve now.
  11. I ordered on the 23 Dec, I didn't follow up until recently to give grace for holiday period. Website had no close or reopen notice. I've sent an email in addition this morning, just a response with ETA would be fine.
  12. I bought some seeds and soil around 3 weeks ago and have heard nothing back since the order confirmation. No replies via their Whatsapp or website contact us feature, should I be worried? I grabbed Forysian Dew and Critical Orange pips. I used Biltong & Buds last time & was very happy, plants still growing so no idea on final smoke.
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