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  1. What is your own method? Also got links to any specific videos?
  2. If anyone is wondering, the Tapatalk issues are being looked into as well.
  3. Going to be near impossible to identify what strain, however if it is just between those 2 then it can make life a lot easier. Which breeders? When I grew a critical mass, I do not recall the frost being on the same level so I am going to guess banana. But it is literally just a guess.
  4. So I was looking at a few places which stocked a particular item to see who was the cheapest and stumbled upon @TheGroBro and I recall @Chris Jay making mention on them in another thread and he stopped by their shop. Since I am nowhere near where their shop is based, had it shipped to me but the experience was great! Shipped the same day and when it arrived, it was packaged nicely and discreetly. Today, I was looking for a particular clone dome which was out of stock pretty much everywhere I looked, except for The Gro Bro! Needed to get a few other supplies which they happened to have in stock and once again - the same excellent service I got initially. Order shipped out the same day - now waiting for it to arrive but I am sure it will be packaged well and delivered discreetly again. So just a heads up and thank you to @TheGroBro If there is something you need which is stocked by The Gro Bro, you can go ahead make the purchase and know that the order will be shipped out quickly. They also use TCG, who I find to be a lot quicker than Fastway, MDS and the other couriers.
  5. I just did some chiro on the plants I put I to flower a week or so ago, works really well. No broken stems by accident, unlike with what I was doing previously. Now let's see how it goes and compares. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  6. So if tis "branded" seeds like these, then they would like you to think they're the breeders. Possible some of it gets outsourced to another company or person to produce the seeds though. The local seed bank would not have any control over it and it would not be their fault. They are just stocking a product and selling it. I had an entire pack of Dutch Passion auto's turn out to be photoperiods.
  7. What a great video! I feel its a must watch for any grower - especially a new grower who might not know this. I feel as if this Kyle Kushman and I do things in quite a similar manner, but there are somethings I will be trying for sure after watching this video. The chiropractic part is new to me, curious to give it a try though. I wish I had watched this video sooner, would have saved me time learning a lot of this myself or bits and pieces from others. @John Stonedwell A nice video with regards to how much to prune / defoliate.
  8. So probably a bit too heavy for most. Even some of these songs get a bit much for me at times. In the right club and the right mood 💖 Early hours of the morning jamming to this just before the sun comes up.
  9. @Naughty.Psychonaut You are 100% right, there is no best weed, best car, best shoes, best shorts, best t-shirt etc. It comes down to specific situations and preferences. There are times however, where majorty will agree that something is below average or just utter crap or wont deny that there is something better out there. With that being said, I still feel there is progress which gets made. New strains with more frost, more THC, perhaps more overall terps, different cannabinoid profiles etc. as well as new cars with more power and lower fuel consumption, extra safety features and the general technological advancements incorporated, the same applies to shoes and clothes and perhaps the Adidas 4D shoes are further proof to this as well as new technologies to help make fabrics look newer for longer and help them retain the qualities we want as well as incorproate some newer qualities and there are newer fabrics or ways to use the fabrics to achieve what we want - situation dependent. There might be traits we dislike from some breeders, perhaps even breeders we support by buying their seeds and growing them out.... With that being said, there was a reason we bought their seeds - even if it was just based on hype.
  10. A local suppliers, but who is the breeder? If the supplier is just that - a supplier - and not the breeder, it is then in no way their fault but more the fault of the breeder as far as I see it. My experience with autos has also been a bit all over the place to be honest. I feel one needs to be a bit fussier with the breeders and possibly do a bit more research and homework as to which strains are worth while and show consistent results.
  11. @Chris Jay I get not everyone is going to suddenly plant shit on the sidewalk if it is allowed, at the same time I get why it is not allowed. I am not against what he is trying to do at all, he is doing what few would and that is taking initiative and action and trying to make a difference. As for the Durban guy and his car, it seems as if they're trying to make an example out of him. Because he appears to have some money as he drives a Merc, they feel he has no reason not to pay for the stuff he stole. Whether he actually has money, who knows. Is the car even paid off? I'd be surprised if it is. I am going off a limb and assuming he felt he could take advantage of the situation, everyone else is benefitting so why can't he? Unlucky for him, he got caught. Is him forfeiting his car for a basket full of groceries a reasonable punishment? I personally feel it is a bit harsh, but at the same time they're trying to show that eve if you have money, you can still get punished for doing a crime. We all know the reality is that there are soo many people committing crimes and far worse ones who get away with it because of who they know, who they pay etc. Runners and more so cyclists in the road, I fucking hate it. If its a wide enough ride and they stick to the side to not inconvenience me then fine. When they're far away from the side of the road and are in my way... WTF. GTFO! The road is for motorized vehicle, you have a fucking mountain bike and there is a sidewalk right there. Much safer for both them and the drivers on the road. Even worse when there are 2 or 3 of them side by side half way into your lane. No flickers, no side mirrors, no number plate.
  12. I don't know Cookies very well, however just because something is popular doesn't mean it's great. You can't be telling me 50 000 screaming fans are never wrong, they could be morons. Lol However clearly whatever they are doing is working for them, perhaps they've found a niche in the market. With time things change, what is popular and what people will continue to change as time goes on. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  13. Haha, I grew Auto Daquari Lime too. Was alright, could have been more potent though. Was nothing to write home about as far as I am concerned. Bag appeal was minimal though. Jut is perhaps too strong of a word, it could be worse and look like this... Even then I have seen worse weed. There is more to weed than just the way it looks, it does however play a role. I understand and agree that personal preference comes into play, part of why there is variety... But it feels as if weed from that other picture has been extremely difficult to come across... Why is this the case? Only recently have we started to gain access to more strains like this? Is it due to the laws? Have people been keeping it to themselves and smaller groups / circles? Have breeders been lazy and some of the larger ones not bothered to put time and effort in to get such strains?
  14. A link to the article for those who have not read it: https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/gauteng/i-am-not-afraid-says-cabbage-man-as-he-prepares-to-take-veg-garden-fight-to-court-fe8e5c1f-b1a1-43a8-8a28-34c88f517f27 He is trying to do a good thing and is taking the initiative and putting in the effort, yet at the same time I can understand that is everyone is allowed to do this - we would not have any sidewalks and it could quite easily lead to other issues. As an example, rats could come and start taking over the suburbs due to this food which is easily and readily available to them. People can no longer run, job, walk or cycle as easily or safely. A common ground needs to be found I feel, I like the idea of having designated space where food can be grown for those in need. Unfortunately managing this becomes an issue as we get those who are greedy or do not care and will ruin it for everyone. Perhaps it would work where an honesty system works. If there is a cannabis plant in public and it gets to flower and it is easily accessible. I am certain it will be harvested by someone pre-maturely in fear of someone else taking it down first and getting it before they could. Sort of like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
  15. I feel this has lead to an interesting topic with some nice views and opinions. I do feel there are some traits which are not ideal when it comes to some of the popular, bigger name breeders out there. Perhaps even some of the smaller breeders. The breeders aren't necessarily able to cover costs themselves and for most it is a business, so at least one of the goals is to make money and profit. Understandably so. Without the old there wouldn't be any of the new. Without people breeding in the manner they feel works best for them, we may not have ended up with some of the strains we have today. I am of the opinion that there is no breeder out there who only has fire strains, at least according to my preferences, however a strain I dislike may be cherished by another grower. Variety is important in this regard. I have yet to come across a strain which ticks every single box I want, there has always been a compromise of something and it may continue that way until cannabis starts being genetically modified and released to growers. Whether this will happen, who knows, I feel it is likely considering the way things have gone with other crops people grow in large amounts. It is likely easier and quicker to modify something in the lab then to try and breed selectively for particular traits. This is another tangent though. @Golden-Goose Although these big brands may be focusing more on marketing than breeding, they still need to at least try put out some fire stuff - especially if their pricing is on the higher end. No matter how good the branding and marketing is, if their strains are consistently shit then people will eventually learn and stop buying from them. It does feel as if there has a meta with cannabis. Certain strains or breeders getting hype for various reasons and one I think we can all attest to is Slurricane by In House Genetics. A lot of people know of Slurricane, whether it is really slurricane they end up growing or smoking who knows but is has become a very popular name. The same applies to some other strain names, white widow, skunk, chemdog, OG Kush, GG #4 etc. It happens quite a bit with some of the older strains actually, at least I feel this is the case. Which kinda takes me back to one of the points which lead to this conversation - people using the popularity behind these names to sell their products. ie. cheaper seedbanks making their own version of chemdog or white widow for example and selling the seeds for a lot less and making it more accessible to the masses compared to the original breeder of these strains. Heck, even Purple Punch - a quick google search will bring up multiple "breeders" with this strain. Whatever you want to call it, I feel what these breeders are doing by working off the popularity of the name and just trying to get a piece of the pie is wrong. I have no issue with people using popular or good strains, but at least use good cuts of these strains when breeding and put some effort into it. Like you get Purple Punch: and then you get Purple Punch: Also how many cuts are available or how accessible are some of the true, proper old school strains? Perhaps @Golden-Goose would have a better idea than I do. I suspect some of those cuts are likely gone or kept by a very select few people who likely do not share it. The same goes for some landraces, such as Durban Poison. A question for me still remains, for some of these popular old school cuts - have they continuously been bred and kept evolving and improving with the times? Something like White Widow, Chemdog or GG4 ? Are they available in their original form still and how does that actually compare to some of these newer strains? I feel a lot of these breeders who try and copy these older strains may have fucked the original breeder over as a lot of that the cheaper stuff grown which claim to be the same strain is mighty disappointing and this in turn can lead to people thinking those are shit strains in general and it was all hype. I myself am perhaps in this boat. What blows my mind is, if stuff like this was available in the 90's Why have people still been growing jut like this: 30 years later and the above is still common amongst growers. As far as I am concerned, weed like this is below average.
  16. @DankFiend What about looking for a used one on an aquarium forum? There is also one for sale on this forum: I reckon pull the trigger and get the proper equipment and be done with it! 😄
  17. This is true, at what point is it no longer a pollen chuck? People take time to select specific cuts to breed together and then release as an F1, is this a pollen chuck? They sometimes pick a nice cut of a specific plant and then breed it with a variety of their existing strains - is this a pollen chuck? Seeing lines past F1 is not very common now a days, it feels as breeders do not mention how far down it has been bred either and I always assume it is just an F1. As you have said though, does it really matter as long as the buyer gets some awesome dank at the end and is happy with their purchase. Everyone is looking for different aspects in their bud and strains they choose. Variety is always nice as well.
  18. Poll closed, new one is here: This is for the year 2021.
  19. So I did a thread like this with a poll last year and since we end up spending more and more each year - thought why not update it on a yearly basis. So just equipment, not the actual running costs like electricity, nutes, coco and also not including seeds). The names will not be publicly displayed, so you can vote with confidence as I understand this could be a touchy subject if everyone could see the names of the voters.
  20. Maybe we do it as a yearly poll? We done one for 2020, we can do one for 2021 now. Then one for 2022. lol
  21. Looks like a beautiful plant to trim! Not a lot of leaf at all 😄 We want more pics though!
  22. As time goes on, the amount I have spent on grow equipment just keeps increasing. Perhaps a bump is in order 🙂
  23. I think it also comes down to what you are looking for in a strain. I will agree, just because a strain puts out frost does not mean it is super potent or full of terps. I grew a bagseed plant which which put out some decent frost, infact here is a picture of it. Not on the same level as in house genetics, but for bagseed it certainly surprised me and puts out more frost than a lot of strains people are still buying, even some more expensive ones. Tasted like nothing and the potency was not there. I honestly expected a lot more from it. During flower it smelt great though. With a lot of the in house genetics I currently grow, frost is there but yield takes a knock. The high is very pleasant and does change between strains but the terps are very similar, especially once smoked they taste very very similar. Some are a bit different but for the most part the ones I have grown out are quite similar indeed. Potency is good too though. Without a doubt In House Genetics chuck pollen, as do a lot of other popular breeders. As you said, it does feel like it is a game about pushing as many lines as possible and it works off hype. I feel Ethos are worse though as they do the exact same thing but their strains are really overhyped. They sell you on a beautiful description, sometimes include some nice pictures and what you get when you grow it out is far from what you expect. Not much special most of the time and Ethos might get lucky on one or two of their lines. Heck even @Totemic does a bit of pollen chucking at times to get new strains out. Breeding and not releasing F1's and waiting until they are bred further is a very time consuming process. I feel a breeder does not necessarily have a choice if they want to get some of the newer strains into their mixes in a timely manner. Is there anything wrong with pollen chucking? Well, this is perhaps another topic on it's own but it has its appeal and uses for both breeders and growers. As a grower I do not really want to see this amazing strain and not be able to buy it for a couple of months, more realistically years. As you have said, a lot of strains can seem quite similar. What has stood out from the rest is these super frosty strains. It is visual and you can clearly see and tell whether it is different and do not rely on someone else stating that the terps are amazeballs and the high lasted as long as the plant flowered for. Compound Genetics have some, In House Genetics have some, Relentless Genetics have and others as well - unfortunately trying to get some of these strains locally is near impossible and they are often limited runs (Compound Genetics particularly), however I would expect the terps to differ a bit between these super frosty strains but unfortunately do not have much experience yet due to not being able to get said strains. I think I may have asked this before in another thread, also don't misunderstand - I was not and am not taking a knock at Golden Goose or the strains you sell - far from it. Although the strains you guys sell are a mix of the old school stuff with some newer ones, is that correct? What is the appeal for you behind these strains which you stock versus just the new stuff? Stuff which is put out by some of the breeders mentioned above who have become quite popular and who have put out some strains with that "next level" frost. What is your view on some of the guys like BeLeaf who do a lot of growing and chuck pollen between two great cuts he comes across? I think maybe the industry has changed with cannabis being legal in a few places and more people growing their own and people are now easily able to grow their own and share what they have and what they are growing and what they have found. They can do so legally in a lot of places as well, combined with the internet - someone finds a keeper, it is easier to share it and document it and ship it off to others to make use of. It no longer relies on a small group of guys who grow out thousands of seeds to try find that one special plant and then trying to make the most of it. Not as many people buying seeds or wanting to buy seeds as well, so releases could take longer I feel - not if a breeder can only release a strain after say 2 to 3 years of breeding they're going to have a limited amount of strains to offer. Are most of the strains from your side not F1's?
  24. I agree. The climate has been changing, CO2 levels would be higher now which is better for the plants. Breeding has lead to strains which put out higher THC and more frost as well. What is the appeal behind these old school strains? I know peeps like @Golden-Goose focus on a lot of the old school strains, perhaps with a bit of a modern twist. As you said, to me it feels like a marketing thing as companies have gone and taken the status behind some popular strains and ended up with their own version of said strain, which when grown out from their seeds is nothing like the original might I add, and sell it in hopes that people will buy it based on the name and the fact that it is easily available and cheap. I feel a lot of the dutch seed guys have done this. It might be nostalgia as well if there is someone from that era who use to smoke. Think that the weed was better - perhaps more potent or the terps were better or whatever the case may be. Often this is not the case though, it is a known fact that us humans are not good at remember detail accurately over a long period of time and what we recall as memories from our childhood for example can end up being quite different to what reality was as the years go on. With weed and substances, there is also the novelty as well as set and setting which need to be taken into consideration. The first few times you smoked weed, the effects may have been very different and I know for a fact this has happened to me. I used to get the giggles a lot and now I almost never get them when smoking. I do not feel this is the weed I am smoking now, but more the fact that the novelty has worn off. You get a fast car, it is awesome but over time you get use to the speed and it becomes normal. Similar concept. You may also associate smoking with some fun activities you did when you were younger, that may affect the way you recall the weed being. Tolerance I feel can also play a role. I recently took a break from smoking for the month of August, not that I felt I had built up a big tolerance but smoking after the break, it hits a lot harder again. Go from smoking and building up a tolerance on shitty outdoor, to smoking some good indoor and you notice the difference! Landraces can be fun to play with I guess, the old school strains I can understand from a collection point of view but in terms of them being better. I do not feel that is the case and need to disagree with it. Life goes on, things improve with time and weed has improved in multiple aspects over the past 3o+ years.
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