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  1. You kinda have to buy it in bulk, I cannot remember the quantity but I think it was something stupid like 25KG of each and there are 4 parts to it. If you want ease and convenience, Terra Aquatica TriPart is the way to go. Not cheap but works a bomb.
  2. I agree, I also think a big difference with cannabis is whether one is growing indoors or outdoors and if outdoors, is it in pots or straight into the ground? Although I guess the same can be applied to just about anything someone is growing.
  3. Looks good and not a terrible yield! 😄
  4. Yes, they go hand in hand. Microbes and fungi are often seen in "organic" grows, however at what point is a grow no longer organic? If you do a foliar with some CalMag or perhaps do a feed with some CalMag or something along these lines? Just because it is organic does not mean microbes and fungi are being used, on the other hand just because someone is using salt nutes, does not mean they are not making use of microbes and fungi. As well as just because someone is using some organic soil with microbes and fungi, does not mean it is an organic grow as other additives, supplements, nutes or sprays could be used which are not organic. They may go hand in hand, but they are separate and I feel people often see it as a whole and therefore often limit it to "organic" grows or soil grows. As long as it works for you 🙂 We both believe that fungi and microbes can be beneficial for a grow and we both make use of them. We just disagree on certain points which is completely fine and I guess this is kinda like religion in a way. lol
  5. @Prom Where did you get that silicone bowl from?
  6. Dab is awesome! So the screen is just there to ensure no trim gets into the final product and to only allow the butane which contains the goodness to pass through? Very nice! 😄 Do you have a heating mat for the vac chamber? That will also help get rid of any remaining butane.
  7. Very nice, how did you use the 20 micron screen? Also as far as I am aware, the extract is only referred to as rosin if it is pressed in a rosin press and no solvents should have been used either. BHO is what you used as it was a butane extract. Did you put the dab / BHO into the vac chamber afterwards as well? I have noticed that using sun and/or a bit of heat on a stove does not remove all of the butane and using a vac chamber afterwards would still be beneficial and help purge a bit more of the butane 🙂 Looks great though and being able to keep the butane in the tube and allowing it to sit for a bit would certainly help increase the yield 😄 Have you sampled any yet?
  8. PsyCLown


    So you're chopping after week 14? [emoji14] Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  9. I personally do not use copper soap, aq sf can be sprayed in veg as well. In veg sulphur sprays are what I typically do, normally just one before I flip to flower and then can do a preventative aq sf spray in flower on a weekly basis. If you have a PM issue, then perhaps sulphur on a weekly basis to prevent PM and then once in flower switch to aq sf, if you notice any PM then bump up the aq sf dose. If purchasing the aq sf and other sprays from Jamies garden shop, go for the 1L and not the 250ml. I have purchased both and suspect the 250ml is just decanted with a printer label stuck on and at times have not noticed the usual globs floating around like in the 1L version - so makes me wonder whether they shook the 1L before decanting into 250ml bottles. Also keep the aq sf in the fridge to help extend the shelf life.
  10. Ahh man, who remembers these guys. Understandably not for everyone. Jimmy Urine and his liberty spikes.
  11. Oh man, quite a long watch but has me intrigued. To work, or to watch?
  12. This makes more sense and would work well, just ensure the light can get to everyplace in the tent! Won't help if you have a PM problem already though, but there are sprays which can be used for that.
  13. You missed the point, even something like this will not be effective as the spores need to be exposed to the UV for an extended period of time. Simply passing through UV will not work and kill the spores. I believe it takes a while - probably varies a bit depending on the strength of the UV light and how far the spores are from the light. Google seems to suggest 10 seconds at a distance of 6" from the light, but then at the same time suggest 1 to 2 hours but I suspect this is if a UVC device was left in a room to sterilize the entire room so at a further distance. I am no expert in this though, but even 10 seconds is far too long as the air is being moved at a much quicker speed and you'd need it to be killed instantly basically - as soon as it is exposed to the UVC in order for it to be effective. Keep in mind that as soon as you open the door to enter the room, you're letting in air which has not passed through the UVC sterilizer and spores could get in this way and you could even bring some in with you on your clothes as you enter.... So do you feel it is worth it? Spraying sulfur or copper soap works very well in veg to get rid of PM and prevent it. Coppersoap should not be used during flower at all, sulphur may affect the taste / terps negatively if sprayed in flower. Typically most experience issues in flower and often towards the end of flower as the plant is getting older and weaker. Preventative sprays can assist, such as aq sf but I know not everyone is a fan of spraying plants in flower.
  14. I still feel it is a bit risky as the mold / spores would need to be in contact with the UV for an extended period of time as far as I understand it. Also the device would need to draw the mold / spores into the UV light, so if for whatever reason the spore lands on your plant and does not get sucked up into the UV light, it is useless and won't make any difference. Not to mention the spores / mold would most likely not end up chilling in the section with the UV light for the necessary period of time to be killed as it would be blown out just as quickly as it got sucked in. Not sure how effective UV B is at killing mold / spores, but it is not uncommon for people to run UV B in flower for a bit and that could potentially help a bit. Not 100% sure though - it is not the reason people run UV B. If PM is an issue, there are better ways to treat it and prevent it. Unfortunately this UV sterilization will negatively affect your plants in order to get rid of the mold / spores.
  15. I tried to reach out to them just over a week ago and no response, followed up today - hopefully I get a response. Although I know of people who have ordered from them before.
  16. San Pedro I believe. Peyote is a small cactus, looks like this: The active ingredient is referred to as Mescaline though. If it piques your interest, do some more research. Go down that rabbit hole! 😄
  17. Once again I think you got it mixed up with mycorrhizal. Not all fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with every plant. Some only with certain plants etc.
  18. How about a bit of a bump as more time has passed since vaccines have been open from ages 18+
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