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  1. Welcome and enjoy your stay! 😄
  2. Well done and congrats to all the winners! All well deserved! 😄 Was not easy trying to sift through the entries and pick the winners.
  3. Hermies? Eish, not ideal. It happens, but not something I come across all that often and I personally much prefer fems over regulars. You got almost a year at least until the next one though 😄
  4. If those are aphids, they're very small aphids. If we could zoom in, would be easier to tell for sure. @Totemic Quite suspicious actually.
  5. Cannot quite make out what pests those might be from that picture. Is your grow outdoors or indoors? Any damage to the leaves and any bugs on the bud or just the leaves?
  6. Welcome and enjoy your stay! We're a South African forum but happy to have some members from overseas! 😄 If you have a grow going, why not start a grow diary?
  7. I store my seeds in my fridge and do not have issues germinating them. I never put my seeds directly into the medium that, but that comes down to personal preference in terms of germinating seeds. Many ways to get it done.
  8. Errr.... Also 3 to 6 weeks to mature and harvest? Nope, most certainly not. Without a doubt far longer.
  9. How often do you playing during the week now that you live with your girlfriend? 😛
  10. Did you possibly spill some nutes on those leaves?
  11. @CreX 100% You get some really awesome board games and card games, good fun to play with friends. Munchkin is also pretty cool and there are many more. I have played Catan a few times, it is a lot of fun. Games can last for a while though!
  12. This is kinda part of the reason why I stopped playing games as well. As a kid, the games which were available at the time which I loved playing were very different compared to what is available now which literally feels like the same game you've been playing for the past couple of years just with different looks and characters. A lot of games have gone online and multiplayer too, which is cool and all but its soo repetitive and let's not get into the talk about how many hours some people spend playing and how good they are which can at times take the fun out of it... Counter Strike is like this for me - go around a corner and you're dead before you even get to see anyone. You need to keep up with the meta, find OP combos, know the tricks and tips etc. I did enjoy COD Mobile when I was playing it. I wouldn't mind an Oculus Quest 2 either. EDIT: What happened to games like Spyro, Croc, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Slug, Contra even Metal Gear Solid was cool, God of War, Devil May Cry. Strategy games like Age of Empires and Red Alert - those were awesome and it was something new. Now it just feels like much of the same from back then and it's kinda boring I feel. I use to enjoy the Warcraft 3 custom maps which were made, like the battle ships maps etc. That was super fun and exciting and by changing the map you could be playing an entirely new game! Gaming does not feel the same anymore. At least not to me.
  13. Sometimes one just needs to say FUCK IT! Light your joint and open that can of soda... and enjoy! 😄 What does not kill you, makes you stronger... right?
  14. So attached is the report from SC Labs, however they don't state all of the products tested and which failed or passed. Cellulose papers seem to be something one should stay away from though. SC-Labs-Report_Rolling_Papers_MKT00308.pdf
  15. @John Stonedwell Eish, how far into the grow are the Motherland Genetics plants?
  16. 100% I have said that exact thing in a different thread. As a consumer now a days, one needs to become the expert and do a full investigation before committing to something, otherwise you can end up being shafted and taken for a ride.
  17. One needs to ensure they buy from reputable breeders. People buying seeds in bulk and reselling, putting different names on these strains, using pictures from others and not of the actual seeds they're selling etc. IMO these strains / breeders / brands you want to avoid. Rather buy seeds from a breeder who has input into what is being bred and not just from someone who buys their seeds and resells (not talking about seedbanks, but "breeders"). Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  18. This is the issue, it's all proprietary blends. Lol If one is feeding the microbes in soilless, I don't see why it would differ much. Less organic matter but they're getting food still. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  19. I have seen it before, never tried it. My thing is, how does this compare to other microbe inoculations? Products like Biodyne, EM pro soil, ExploGrow etc? Perhaps a little off topic, but a lot of these products all recommend redosing throughout the grow - if one is providing feed for the microbes, surely they should be happy and thriving and multiplying and not require another inoculation? Perhaps it is for those who do not provide food for the microbes.
  20. Some interesting results. RAW and OCB both have some strong following! However RAW has a wider range and in SA more (maybe all?) of their products are available. I have never seen pre-rolled OCB cones being sold locally. RAW on the other hand, it is becoming very common - a lot of the vape shops and most headshops sell RAW and a large selection of their range too.
  21. As everyone else has said, the plant is busy re-vegging as the amount of hours of light is now increasing, so they will continue to veg until next year March / April and then will start to flower if you keep them outdoors. They're going to be BIG plants. Monsters of note as they are going to have a looot of time to veg.
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