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  1. A friend got one, although the power supply packed up within a year of use and good luck getting it swapped out. Otherwise his is good - but it is just a plain Meiju board, no UV or IR on his.
  2. PsyCLown


    Looks soo different compared to the other Tortoni's... I feel there is some strong Chocolope coming through in this pheno. Not a lot of Slurricane and I do not know the Gelato #33. Stacking very nicely though!
  3. So I have some of these tomato cages / plant support: https://gthydro.co.za/products/698-tomato-cage.html Most are new and unused, I think there are 11 or 12 of them. Not being used so instead of them gathering dust, I'd rather someone else be able to use it. R55 each
  4. @DamDave I have seen cinnamon being mentioned a few times, do you know how it actually works / what it does? I have read that it is a fungicide, so anyone wanting to use fungus to help with something may be better off avoiding the cinnamon. I am actually curious to try it out on some PM and see how it does... I might do just that, at least a single spray and see what happens compared to a single spray of some other remedies such as bicarb which is a contact killer.
  5. Unless they will replace the seeds which don't germinate at no additional cost to you, I do not see much of the appeal. If you're new to growing then rather get some bag seed and play around with that until you're confident enough to germ your own seeds and maybe start with some cheap seeds. How well will they package the seedlings and what happens if they die in transit? Whose fault is it then and who covers costs? Seedlings are super fragile, at least cuttings are typically larger and more established and hardier and often cheaper than buying seeds.
  6. Defy aircon has been sold. Only the DeLonghi is left.
  7. @Prom Buffalo are not bad at all and I too had to pick up a Buffalo parcel from a Shoe City before. lol Sometimes Buffalo have delivered to my door, other times pick up from one of the collection points. Still 100 times better than SAPO. I have used SAPO in the past, around 2018 and parcels were taking on average 3 months to arrive and you could go collect from the customs depot but was a bit of a drive and a mission - then shipping from China to SA became a lot cheaper via some couriers, such as Buffalo and SAPO got a lot worse, quickly in terms of how long parcels take to be received. For snail mail, SAPO isn't the worst and I have received quite a few letter overs the year via them and even sent some with the person receiving them. This was a few years ago, probably around 2015 / 2016. I recall receiving a parcel from the US via USPS and it arrived in 4 or 5 weeks and I was able to collect from my local post office back in 2014. If I could get this type of service, I would consider SAPO for parcels which are not important as pricing is really good.
  8. Any other courier is pretty much better than SAPO - pricing is often the bigger factor and I usually opt to go with the cheapest. The options are mostly limited by the site you are ordering from though, unless you plan on using a forwarding service.
  9. When you replacing the rest of the HID's? Also what tent is that, the pole in the middle must be a bit frustrating at times?
  10. The effects from cannabis, particularly being uplifted or couch locked... I haven't really noticed that much of a difference between strains. When you harvest seems to play a bigger role. The method one consumes it as also makes a difference, I find the high is more uplifting when taking a dab, not as couch locked compared to vape or combustion. Having something like a red bull or monster also helps take the couch lock away and makes it more neutral in terms of the way the high affects energy levels. I have smoked some bud and it's knocked me out, made me super sleepy and tired. The next day or a few days later smoke it again and its not all that heavy and doesn't make me nearly as sleepy... So the way you're feeling certainly plays a role as well (set and setting). It's not a strong stimulant which will give you energy no matter what. Obviously smoking less and not getting as high can also make a big difference in terms of energy levels and if you vape the temps you vape at etc. I have found that weed for energy is just not something to rely on, too finicky and more often than not doesn't give me energy. Just lazy and chilled, sometimes a bit sleepy. Regardless of the strain, I even grew a Ghost Train Haze which is a strong sativa which flowered for around 15 weeks and probably could have gone a little longer... Waste of flower time as far as I'm concerned. The terps were great and unique, difference between that and a heavy indica for me was little to none. Everyone's chemistry is different too though. So while I'm saying all of this, for you it could be very different. Although I do find it hard to imagine how it would be all that much different. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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    I recall something similar with some of the Chocolopes last time.
  12. PsyCLown


    If she continues to stack and pack, not bad then - yield will continue to increase 😛
  13. I wouldn't flush with plain water, you could flush with the correct calmag dose and then give a heavy feed of normal nutes a day or two later and get some run off.
  14. Very different to the original, but soo awesome!
  15. @Hooper Lights are not something you want to skimp on, it is worth saving up and getting something proper from the beginning!
  16. So I do not want to start a debate as to whether one should or should not get it. So will be locking this thread. If you vote, it will be anonymous - other users will not be able to see who voted for which option.
  17. Hydrogen Peroxide is not very effective against root aphids unfortunately. Would have been a better way to deal with them otherwise.
  18. So I went to give my plants a foliar spray now to help boost them and get them back on track, and I am amazed at the change in the colour of their leaves and even the stems! @CreX came over last night to drop off some cuttings and he can attest to what my plants looked like, they had already gained quite a bit of colour back yesterday already and today even more so! On Sunday (4 days ago, if you include Sunday and today) is when I dosed the plants with the Imidacloprid, this is the change in the stems. Since Sunday, the growth has been quite fast, leaves are getting big and they're already greener than before. I think the below pictures taken of two different plants proves the fact. At this point, it really does feel as if the plants are much happier, getting the nutrients they need and the war against these root aphids has been won. 🤞 Feeding has been the same, no change in the type of nutrients or strength of the nutrients I have given the plants. GHE Tripart at the vegging dose for coco.
  19. So I have photos of when I first noticed the root aphid issue, not the best but thought to post them for anyone who stumbled upon this thread later on. May help them identify the issue, although pretty easy to tell if something is on your roots. You get some which are light in colour and some which are dark in colour, based on my research the ones darker in colour are a big issue and far more difficult to kill and seem to be resistant to more pesticides. They may also change colour as they grow, not 100% sure on this. I saw reports where Orthene was not working as well against these darker root aphids experienced in some tobacco fields. To date I have spent over R2000 on pesticides trying to get rid of these root aphids. The following is what I have tried: Bio-Insek Powder (beauvaria Bassiana & Metarhizium) - also contains diatomaceous earth along with the spores. Applied as a soil drench only. Eco-Insect Control (Spinosad) - applied as both a soil drench and foliar. Even tried doses upto 1.6ml per L Bio-Neem (Azadirachtin) - Applied as a soil drench at the recommended dose of 5ml per L and applied as a foliar as well (same dose) I then thought I might be winning the battle and continued to drench with the above mentioned products as a pre-caution. I even filled the bottom of my rooting tray with the mixture I used as a soil drench to help my new set of cuttings make it without these darn root aphids... End of last week however I took a peak into my clone dome only to notice roots, but one cutting which had rooted had root aphids, the other cuttings looked fine. I tossed the cutting which contained the root aphids in the bin along with all cuttings of that strain, sprayed some doom into the bin and took the bag outside... Very disappointed and frustrated, felt as if all the money I had spent, all the time and effort on applying these drenches was all for nothing. I even went as far as to soak the glue plugs in the soil drench solution with the above 3 mentioned products before putting the cuttings into the clone dome and I cleaned out the clone dome (top and bottom) with a heavy JIK (bleach) solution to ensure it was as clean as could be. Of course the dome went into the veg tent, which at the time I thought and hoped was root aphid free - they just took a short vacation, chilling in the coco it would seem. My plants in my veg tent did not look happy, the most purple stems I have ever seen and such light, pale, yellow leaves. It's shocking and very disappointing. Growth is extremely slow as well. After further research and more reading, it become clear to me that based on my experiences and the experiences of many other growers out there - using these organic pesticides is more of a money pit and quite frankly a waste of time. The fact that even some systemic pesticides such as Orthene are not effective against these root aphids was also a clear indication that I have a big issue on my hands. I read a comment someone had made somewhere stating that they took multiple pesticides (I think 10 in total, of which 2 were systemic) and mixed them at higher doses and put them into a small cup each. This person then proceeded to break off pieces of roots which were covered in root aphids from his cuttings and leave it in the cup with the pesticides and he wait a week only to find that majority were not very effective and the root aphids were swimming around having a pool party in the pesticides. The Imidacloprid was the one pesticide which stood out and was different and had killed all of the root aphids. How true this is, I cannot say - it is just some comment I found on the internet although it is a comment I can relate to. As mentioned previously in this thread, I kept the rooted cuttings in my clone dome initially and then used that as a way to test the pesticides. I dunked the cuttings into solutions of the pesticides and then monitored to see whether they were actually working on not. From what I saw, it took a few days but there was a reduction in root aphids most appeared to be dead but it did not happen over night despite the direct contact (full submersion) into the pesticide solution which contained the above 3 mentioned pesticides. I suspect the Bio-Insek did work as well as I saw some fungus on some areas of the glue plugs after a week or so, at this point I thought I was winning the war against the root aphids. I potted up the cuttings after getting rid of the root aphid carcasses, I dunked each cutting into the pesticide solution again (it was a fresh solution each time, I never let the solution sit for a period of time) - glue plug and plant and then put them into some fresh coco in fresh fabric pots which were either brand new and just unpacked from the box or which had been through a washing machine cycle. So fast forward back to me noticing root aphids on the new, 2nd batch of cuttings after I had thought I was winning the war... I then inspected some of the plants which were in smaller plastic pots which needed to be potted up. Upon very very close inspection of the roots coming out from the bottom of the pots with a torch, I noticed those mother fucking root aphids again. So it was clear to me that my attempt at getting rid of these root aphids had failed and the money I had spent was a waste and at best took out a small percentage of the root aphid population. I potted up the plants, the weird thing being that once the plant was removed from the pot, I could not see the root aphids anymore. Closely inspecting the roots of these plants, I could not find the root aphids (the coco was a bit wet, so it fell apart when removing form the small plastic pots and was put into the larger 20L fabric pots). So even when inspecting roots when transplanting, they are not easy to see. They can easily be missed, especially if one is not looking for them - this just makes it that much more difficult to notice you have these pests. Over the weekend and after more research and debate with myself, I decided fuck it and pulled the trigger and purchase some ProTek Complete 350 SC (Imidacloprid). A mere R170 for a 50ml bottle. Read the pamphlet, mixed it at 1ml per L and as I was about to dose the plants (I was actually wearing gloves while doing this, but upon further research it seems that is actually not needed. Not absorbed very well via topical application and the doses to cause any harm seem to be extreme doses. Like the entire bottle in concentrate form per KG of body mass. It is used as a spot on for animals, we all know animals lick and groom themselves - heck some of us may have even used it on our own animals without knowing) I saw a root aphid chilling on top of the one fabric pot, I picked it up and put it into a droplet on my gloves of the solution and as soon as it touched the solution it stopped moving. I think it died immediately, maybe not. I stared at it for quite a while waiting to see if it would move again and it did not. I then put the fucker into the solution just incase. I wanted it to die a slow, painful death and wanted to make sure it was dead. I continued to dose the plants in my tent with the solution of Imidacloprid. Now I know, some of you reading this will be shocked, horrified and disgusted that I have dared to use a systemic pesticide on my cannabis plants - fuck, not just any systemic pesticide but a neonicotinoid, Imidacloprid! Oh my goodness, the possibilities and potential health risks. Well shit, the decision did not come easily... but more on that later*. I got to one plant in my tent, which just so happened to have a piece of grass growing inside of the pot as well (random I know, not sure where it came from but whatever), I ran out of solution. I had started applying a bit over the portion with the grass. I needed to meet up with a friend so quickly stepped out, upon my return I noticed 3 root aphids chilling on the piece of grass, dead! I blew and they just fall down, lifeless. Man oh man, did this make me excited! I mixed more solution and then noticed the plant was a male (regular seeds), so it got the cut. I did drench the coco and leave it in the tent to ensure any and all root aphids inside that pot die as well. The plant which got the cut went into a bag and into the bin outside straight away. So it has now been a few days since I dosed the plants, there has been no sign whatsoever of root aphids and the plants are starting to perk up and are already starting to get some colour back in their leaves! This shit is legit, it really seems to work! It is still early days, I know but from the reports I have read, people have gotten rid of their root aphids with a single application of this Imidacloprid. It is systemic and travels up the plant and continues to travel up the plant as they grow. So any root aphids which may survive or eggs which did not die on contact for whatever reason, should die shortly after sinking their mouthes / teeth / whatever into the flesh of my plants. I will continue to monitor these plants, but at this point in time I feel as if I may have actually, eventually, managed to get rid of these root aphids and am pretty confident I have. *Back to the possible risks of Imidacloprid with cannabis. I will be honest, my thinking was that if it is used on tobacco which is also smoked and if it is not very toxic when ingested, it does make me feel a bit more at ease using this particular systemic pesticide on cannabis. I understand that cannabis and tobacco are different, so it could be a danger in cannabis and not so much in tobacco. We all know that smoking is not good for us, period. Chances are we may have already consumed cannabis which has been dosed with Imidacloprid prior to us growing our own. Difference is, at least I know what is in mine and I can take precautious and it is my choice as to whether I decide to consume the cannabis or not (still undecided) and I can even send the bud to a lab to be tested. My grow is indoors only, so bees are safe. I will need to make sure I dispose of the coco responsibly as well to avoid contamination in nature as I understand this pesticide is a big issue for bees and fish as it can get into water supplies easily. I would not dose outdoor plants with this. Not that I typically allow my pets into my grow area, however if they did get in and chomped on my plants I feel safe that it would not cause much if any harm to them. I do not plan on continuing to use this pesticide either, it is a temporary effort to get rid of the pests. Only the plants in my veg tent were dosed, the ones in flower still have root aphids and will not be dosed with Imidacloprid. So that is a bit of an update and where I stand at the moment. I feel that if I were to let these plants veg, take cuttings and then flower those cuttings it would be safe to consume the bud from those plants as it would be over 3 months before those cuttings went into flower and I do not believe the systemic pesticide would be in very high quantities, if at all, in the plant still and do not think it would transfer to the bud. I do want to look at sending bud in to be tested to see what the results are for interest sake - bud from the plants which were dosed. I feel I could have probably gotten away with a lower dose of 0.5ml per L based on the pamphlet and the results I have seen so far. Even if the dose is not high enough to kill the root aphids, at lower doses it can disorientate them and cause them to wander and stop eating. I will provide further feedback after a bit of time. I documenting this for anyone who may run into this pest in the future and hope that it can help them out.
  20. Yes, if a plant hermies then any other plants nearby are at risk of getting pollinated.
  21. 6 seconds? Yoh, maybe if they give me 6 minutes. I doubt I could even pack a pre-rolled cone in 6 seconds. lol I can pack my vape in 6 seconds though.
  22. Even if they stay closed all the time, pollen can still get in. You walk around somewhere and pollen gets onto you, when you go into your tent it ends up pollinating your plant(s). Or pollen floating around and gets sucked into the tent via the air intake (passive or active). Heck, even if you are running HEPA intake filters as soon as you open your tent, the HEPA filter is bypassed and pollen can get sucked into the tent. The pollen can come from outside and travel into your house / grow room or get a ride on you via your clothing and shoes when you are out and about - even when your clothes are drying pollen could land on them and you put them in your cupboard, spread it to other clothes, put those clothes on and pollinate your grow unknowingly. Alternatively, it is very possible to miss a small nana amongst some big, phat buds! Shit happens, not the end of the world though. I am sure most of us growers have had at least seed random seed appear on their bud at some point and not know where the F it came from. Another example, someone who has males near him goes to the shops to buy some stuff and walks passed you or even ends up leaving some pollen on some products in the store. You come by and end up getting some of that pollen on you... You see where I am going with this? It can be near impossible to figure out where the pollen could have come from, but almost anywhere basically. I am not saying these are likely situations, but they are possible situations.
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